Junior School Sports Day 2017

November 17, 2017

Fun, Sun, Sport & Macarena….

Junior Sports Day 2017 was another fantastic event on the Pedare calendar filled with fun, sun, sport and dancing. The weather was hotter than we were used to. All the students participated eagerly throughout the day displaying great support for each other with lots of cheering and good  sportsmanship, the sea of Community tops were bright and colourful. Outside of the competition students participated in line dancing to the Macarena song lead by Ms Clifton. The cloud cover during the relays didn’t stop students from cooling off under the sprinklers amidst screams of laughter.


  • 1st Surrey: 12.001
  • 2nd Eldergreen: 10.617
  • 3rd Greenwith: 10.516
  • 4th Hillcott: 10.37
  • 5th Brooklyn: 10.119

Congratulations to Surrey who were the overall winners on the day.

Thank you to the parents, family members and friends who came along and supported the students. We hope you enjoyed the Day.