2017 Academic Achievement

Absent from photo: Alexander Barclay, Daniel Broer, Jemma Campbell, Ethan Hadley, Casey Martin

Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Whilst the highest achieving students are listed below a very pleasing aspect is the outcome for students who have improved their results from C grades to B grades or B grades to A grades since the beginning of the year. This affirms our commitment to excellence in learning for each student.

Thank you to the parents who supported, encouraged, and challenged the students as they journeyed through their final year of formal schooling.


24% of eligible students achieved an ATAR above 90

29.8% of all subject results were an A grade

Median ATAR of 81.6 (50% of Pedare students were in the top 18.4% of results statewide)

77.7% of all subject results were B grade or above

100% of students achieved their SACE

3 students achieved 6 A’s

6 students achieved 5 A’s

9 students achieved 4 A’s

2017 College Dux

The 2017 Dux of Pedare is Michael Yang who achieved the outstanding result of an ATAR 99.4, including merits in Mathematical Methods, Psychology and Specialist Mathematics.

Yang, Michael


Merits are awarded to students who achieve an A+ and are in approximately the top 2% of results in that subject

  • Michael Yang (Mathematical Methods, Psychology and Specialist Mathematics)
  • Xueying Sun (Psychology, Research Project)
  • Kane Abraham (General Mathematics)
  • Charlotte Armitage (Psychology)
  • Georgia Rohrsheim (Food Technology)
  • Isobel Cassidy (Geography – lsobel was a Year 11 student studying a Stage 2 subject)
  • Noshin Hassan (English – Noshin was a Year 11 student studying a Stage 2 subject)

90+ Club

Yang, Michael

Michael Yang – ATAR 99.40

Fulcher, Oliver

Oliver Fulcher – ATAR 97.45

Nam, Andrew

Andrew Nam – ATAR 96.75

Sun, Xueying

Xueying Sun – ATAR 96.55

Abraham, Kane

Kane Abraham – ATAR 96.45

Clapp, Ryan

Ryan Clapp – ATAR 95.45

Wright, Denali

Denali Wright – ATAR 94.10

Begbie, Ciara

Ciara Begbie – ATAR 93.75

Arbery, Sarah

Sarah Arbery – ATAR 93.65

Schomburgk, Lachlan

Lachlan Schomburgk – ATAR 93.65

Graham, Curtis

Curtis Graham – ATAR 93.20

Armitage, Charlotte

Charlotte Armitage – ATAR 93.10

Tear, Pal

Pal Tear – ATAR 92.50

Bunkenburg-Lee, Franziska

Franziska Bunkenburg-Lee – ATAR 91.85

Truong, Connie

Connie Truong – ATAR 91.30

Caeran, Nathan

Nathan Caeran – ATAR 90.95

Abdullah, Aneesa

Aneesa Abdullah – ATAR 90.25

Moodley, Laila

Laila Moodley – ATAR 90.10

Goldie, Lachlan

Lachlan Goldie – ATAR 90.05