2016 SACE Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 on their excellent SACE results. We thank all the students for their efforts and achievements during their time at Pedare.

Academic Achievements for 2016

Pedare’s history of academic success continues strongly for the Class of 2016 with very pleasing academic achievements. Since 2010 Pedare has an average top ATAR of 99.9 and in 2016 these strong academic results continue.


Trophy Top ATAR of 99.95


certificateGovernor of South Australia Commendation


  • 27.4% of eligible students achieved an ATAR above 90
  • 28.7% of all subject results were an A grade
  • Median ATAR of 79.1 (50% of students were in the top 20.9% statewide)
  • 4 students achieved 6 A’s (as already mentioned Ryan Wood achieved 8 A’s)
  • 5 students achieved 5 A’s
  • 6 students achieved 4 A’s



Ryan Wood with an ATAR of 99.95

Congratulations to Ryan Wood for his outstanding academic, achieving the highest score possible of 99.95. In 2016 Ryan has received merits in Chemistry, Physics and Specialist Mathematics. In addition, Ryan also received merits in 2015 for German and Mathematical Studies.

During 2016 Ryan also studied German at The University of Adelaide where he received a High Distinction.

Following these results Ryan is one of the 27 South Australian students to be awarded a Governor of South Australia Commendation in 2016. In total Ryan studied eight Stage 2 subjects over two years and achieved an A+ in all eight of his subjects.

Along with Hannah Doyle, who also achieved a high ATAR of 97, Ryan was one of Pedare’s Academic Captains for 2016.

Ryan is keen to pursue a career in Chemical Engineering and participated in Pedare’s Open Day demonstrating various science and chemistry experiments to tour groups.


Merits are awarded to students who achieve an A+ and are in approximately the top 2% of results in that subject

  • Ryan Wood – Chemistry, Physics, and Specialist Mathematics (German and Mathematical Studies from 2015)
  • Hannah Doyle – Religion Studies and Research Project (English Communications from 2015)
  • Amelia Combe – Psychology
  • Nozhat Hassan – Research Project
  • Benn Shephard – Psychology
  • Jordan Stapleton – Workplace Practices
  • Sakura Tatewaki – Japanese (Sakura is a Year 10 Student)

ATARS Above 90 (90+ Club)

  • Ryan Wood – 99.95
  • Nozhat Hassan – 98.55
  • Benn Shephard – 97.1
  • Hannah Doyle – 97
  • Madeline McCandlish – 96.65
  • William Fay – 96.15
  • Matthew Pullin – 95.95
  • Guergana Sedeva – 95.9
  • Rachael Whittington – 94.65
  • Jasmine Collier – 94.4
  • Melissa Pullinger – 93.75
  • Rebekah Morton – 93.6
  • Amelia Hunt – 93.35
  • Amelia Combe – 93.15
  • Liam Alchin – 92.85
  • Ellen Finley – 92.4
  • Madison Simmonds – 92.1
  • Hyemin Yun – 91.65
  • Xinbo Zou – 90.55
  • Courtney Elliott – 90.05

Other Achievements

Chantel Saunders

Pedare Year 12 Chantel Saunders
Chantel Saunders

Chantel Saunders has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM). Chantel will attend the ICHM campus in January to start the four-year program, leading to a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Bachelor of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association). Chantel is one of four Australian students from 40 applicants to be awarded a scholarship to ICHM in 2017, after rating highly in a written assignment and panel interview. Other winners are from Queensland, Central Australia and an Australian-born student living in Hong Kong.

ICHM’s program is made up of four academic semesters, 1500 hours of industry placement and proficiency in a second language. The paid industry placement program could take Chantel anywhere in Australia in her first year and anywhere in the world from her second year.

“ICHM is different to a traditional university in that it includes lengthy industry placements so that we can put into practise everything we have learned on campus,” says Chantel.

ICHM is widely regarded as one of the best hotel schools in the world and the majority of graduates are now in five-start hotels throughout Australia and overseas, many as general managers. Since it was established in 1993, ICHM has awarded scholarships worth in excess of $2.5 million.

Callum McGing

Callum McGing
Callum McGing

After returning from the World Chinese Language Proficiency Competition in China recently, Callum received a six month Scholarship, including return air fare, to study at any University in China. Callum and his team received an Outstanding Award and the only team in Oceania to receive the award. Callum was also a guest speaker at the Chinese Language Teachers Association of South Australia, held at the University of Adelaide, where he spoke about his experiences and language journey at Pedare. Pedare’s Oz Asia Club also attended the evening and performed the colourful Water Sleeve and Fan Dance for the audience.

2015 SACE Results

Year 12 Academic Results for 2015

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 on their excellent SACE results. We thank all the students for their efforts and achievements during their time at Pedare.

In the College’s 30th Year it is a pleasure to let the Pedare Community know of the academic success of our current Year 12 students in their final year with us. The SACE results were released today and the outcomes for all Pedare Year 12s is very pleasing. Whilst the highest achieving students are listed below; a very pleasing aspect is the outcome for students who have improved their results from C grades to B grades or B grades to A grades since the beginning of the year.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support that Pedare families provide to the students during what can; at times, be a challenging year for Year 12 students.
The strength in the Pedare academic results comes; in part, from the work of our passionate teachers who have guided the students during their time at Pedare. Many students have been with the College since Reception and I thank all the staff for their ongoing commitment to excellence in learning.

The 2015 Dux of Pedare is Alexandra Schutz who achieved outstanding results of ATAR 99.90 including a merit in Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics and Physics (having already gained a merit for English Communications in 2014 which she studied whilst she was a Year 11 student). Alexandra was one of our two Academic Captains this year. I am pleased that there is now a great incentive amongst our Year 12s to see if they too can make it into the 90+ club. 18 students became members of the Pedare 90+ club by achieving an ATAR of over 90.

Year 12 Academic Results

DUX OF THE COLLEGE:  Alexandra Schutz with an ATAR of 99.90


(awarded to students who achieve an A+ and are in approximately the top 2% of results in that subject)

Alexandra Schutz – Specialist Mathematics,Physics, Mathematical Studies, English Communications – Studied this subject while in Year 11

Madeleine Hughes – Mathematical Applications, English Communications, Psychology, Biology

Julia Blackman – Physics, Mathematical Studies

Victoria Drysdale  – Research Project, Biology

Jack Steen – Geography, Biology

Ryan Wood – German, Mathematical Studies – Studied this subject while in Year 11

Adam Dewis – Mathematical Applications

Hannah Doyle – English Communications – Studied this subject while in Year 11

Kristy Thurgood – Mathematical Applications

Initial Results Highlights

  • 7% of the eligible cohort were in the top 1% of the state ie achieved ATAR of 99 or above
  • 14% of the eligible cohort were in the top 5% of the state ie achieved ATAR of 95 or above
  • 25%  of the eligible cohort were in the top 10% of the state ie achieved ATAR of 90 or above
  • 33% of the eligible cohort were in the top 15% of the state ie achieved ATAR of 85 or above

ATAR’s Above 90

Alexandra Schutz: 99.90

Julia Blackman: 99.75

Victoria Drysdale: 99.70

Madeleine Hughes: 99.70

Jack Steen: 99.20

Bryce Colman: 98.55

Adam Dewis: 98.00

Kristy Thurgood: 97.40

Callum Penley: 96.40

Andrew Schomburgk: 95.20

Joshua Ellis (College Captain): 94.20

Luisa Migliarese: 94.00

Travis Bury: 93.45

Mitchell Howland: 93.25

Bradley Hill: 92.75

Martin Davis: 91.65

Laura Kretschmer: 91.10

Luke Gierus: 91.00

Additional Awards and Achievements

Pedare Students Top the State in Four Subjects

The College is very proud that Pedare students achieved the top result in four Year 12 subjects last year:

Geography, German, Mathematical Studies and Specialist Mathematics


Alexandra Schutz – Top result in state for Specialist Mathematics & Mathematical studies

  • Awarded Andy Thomas Scholarship, Principal’s Scholarship (Adelaide University)
  • Mabel Tapp Prize for achieving the SACE highest academic merit in Mathematical Studies and Specialist Mathematics.

On Friday 6 May, I had the great pleasure of attending the University of Adelaide Scholarship presentation to see Pedare’s Dux from 2015, Alexandra Schutz, being awarded the Andy Thomas Scholarship and the Principal’s Scholarship for undergraduate studies at the University.

The Andy Thomas Scholarship is the most prestigious awarded by Adelaide University. In February 2016, Alexandra was invited and applied for this scholarship as she was keen to study mechatronics, allowing her to explore Engineering pathways and apply her love of Mathematics in more depth. The scholarship is given to students who have shown leadership qualities and extra-curricular involvement during their studies. It is for students who achieve a very high ATAR in Year 12 and who have enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in the areas of Mechanical, Mechatronics and Aerospace.

Three years ago another Pedare Old Scholar, James Hughes was also awarded this prestigious scholarship. The scholarship covers the student’s tuition fees for the 4 years of the degree plus they are provided with an additional $6000 per annum for education and living costs.

Jack Steen – John Lewis Medal and Prize –Top result in state for Geography

Success at Pedare in Geography continues as Pedare has received the John Lewis Medal and Prize for Stage 2 Geography. Over the last six years Pedare students have won the award three times under  Year 12 Geography Teacher, Andrew Penny. Previous winners were Ryan Steen (Jack’s Older Brother) in 2013, and Matthew Bowie in 2010.


Ryan Wood – Goethe Institute Award and Prize – Top result in state for German

Ryan Wood, who studied Stage 2 German in Year 11 2015 and now currently continuing his Year 12 studies, received the Goethe Institute Award and Prize for the highest marks in Stage 2 German. Ryan Wood is currently studying German with Adelaide University, while completing his Year 12, Stage 2 studies. Ryan is the second student under the teaching of Susan O’Connell, Pedare German Teacher, to win the award. In 2012 Silas Nann also won the Goethe Institute Award and Prize.


Other Scholarships awarded to Pedare students at the end of 2015

Julie Blackman – Scholarship to the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania to study Naval Architecture

Nozhat Hassan – National Gallery of Australia Scholarship

Nozhat Hassan, who studied Stage 2 Art in Year 11 2015, was awarded the National Gallery of Australia Scholarship providing her with the opportunity for a week of intensive art study in Canberra during January.
Nozhat was one of only two students chosen from South Australia to participate in the National Summer Art Scholarship 2016. The scholarship program provided her the opportunity to engage with the staff at the National Gallery of Australia, as well as other arts professionals, artists and peers. We look forward to her utilising her knowledge and experience in her role as one of Pedare’s 2016 Art’s Captains.

Swarnima Yadav – National Youth Science Forum

Swarnima Yadav, who was invited to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra at the end of 2015, a program which enabled her to engage and learn from a wide range of scientists and professionals in STEM careers.