Life Learning

The Junior School offers an engaging, dynamic and student centred curriculum

At Pedare, we believe in developing young people with a strong sense of self-worth, knowledge and self-discipline who serve others and make a difference in our community. For this to occur we understand the need to foster partnerships with families. When these relationships are nurtured, we see students grow to be compassionate, act with integrity and make a difference in the community they serve. Pedare Junior School offers a vibrant and compelling education for children from Reception to Year 5.

“We believe learning should be based in real-life application, allowing learners to engage with new areas of discovery and exploration.”

Great schools and teachers have always known great teaching is about a person’s curiosity being awakened and about exploring possibilities. Our School Motto is ‘Let your Light Shine.’
This phrase is taken from The Sermon on the Mount – ‘Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.’ Matthew 5:16 NIV. When we let our light shine, we let others see our true colours, they are beautiful and we are blessed as teachers to be in a position to guide, observe and grow our next generation of leaders who will change the world for the better.

I am fortunate I see this daily at Pedare, with both students and teachers displaying values of compassion, excellence, faith and integrity.


Head of Junior School

Personalised Learning

The Junior School is a place of warmth, focus, stimulation and achievement with three main priorities: Education, Values and Safety.

As an International Baccalaureate School, our philosophy and approach are based upon the teaching and learning principles of guided inquiry. Guided inquiry enables our students to integrate information across traditional subject areas and apply the accumulation of their knowledge in a cohesive and effective way. Learning at Pedare Junior School is structured in stages that align with the Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum. In the Junior Primary (R, 1 & 2) a solid foundation is laid with skills and proficiency in literacy and numeracy as a significant focus. While in our Middle Primary Years (3, 4 & 5), our program further builds on this, growing student’s capacity for independent and inquiry learning. Through Units of Inquiry, students are provided with opportunities to be creative and curious, to think critically, to expand their capabilities, develop confidence, and become deeply engaged with their local and global communities.

Reaching Potential

At Pedare, we welcome all students with a wide range of abilities and as part of ensuring all students reach their full potential, we provide both extension and learning support programmes.

A key to both support or extension is being able to know each child through assessment and early intervention strategies. From these baselines teachers and coordinators can create relevant and engaging learning opportunities enabling students to learn at their optimum rate maximising student growth and self-fulfilment.  

Junior School Curriculum


Extra-curricular and opportunities beyond the classroom are an important and exciting part of learning at Pedare. We offer a range of opportunities aimed at developing every mind, body and heart of students. Supported by staff, students engage within cultural, intellectual, sports and music activities together building partnerships, understanding and respect for each others personal qualities beyond the classroom.


Engagement in the Extra-curricular Programme enables students to discover their strengths and talents, and to learn about commitment and goal setting. Our programme is about developing character, connecting with our community and having an appreciation of service and fellowship. Students have the chance to enhance their leadership skills, resilience and well-being.


Students are encouraged to develop leadership qualities in all areas of their life. We encourage independence in preparation for their schooling and their future. There are many opportunities for leadership:

  • Teachers Helpers
  • Year Level Assemblies
  • Student Voice Council
  • Community Captains
  • Junior School Captains


At Pedare, we believe each student should have the opportunity to experience the joy and fulfilment gained by learning and participating in music.