Life Learning

In the Senior School, our aim is to develop independent students who are responsible and accountable for their own behaviour and learning; with skills to equip them to meet future challenges, and a desire for knowledge and understanding that will remain with them long after they have left Pedare.

Our learning pathways provide students with a variety of different opportunities within the curriculum, that can be tailored to their particular career aspirations. We aim to provide a safe, friendly and positive atmosphere that encourages and supports our students, whilst also recognising their developmental needs as they approach young adulthood.

Senior School students are encouraged to develop their self-awareness as well as positive relationships with others. Our expectation is that graduates of Pedare will be well-prepared and willing to contribute to and make a difference in the wider community.

Personalised Learning

As well as completing the requirements of the IBMYP, Australian Curriculum and the SACE, Senior School students have the opportunity to study subjects tailored to their individual learning needs and future pathways.

These include:

  • STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics) for students who have been identified as benefiting from extension in these areas.
  • Vocational and Educational Training (VET) courses; Certificate I, II, III and Diploma, within the College, as part of the One+ Campus and with external providers.
  • Cross Campus study, whereby students can elect to study a subject not offered at Pedare.
  • Courses such as First Aid and Barista training which provide our senior students with skills to enhance their employability in part-time work.



Wellbeing & The World Beyond School

In Senior School, we aim to offer our students opportunities and challenges to help achieve success in their final years of school, and prepare them for the world beyond school. Our focus is very much on our students becoming independent learners who take ownership and responsibility for their learning and the goals they hope to achieve.

Our curriculum and pastoral care programmes deliver a wide range of activities that are designed to help our students make informed choices about their future pathways and to develop essential life skills.

Across Years 10, 11 and 12, these include:

  • Service Focus: Student Leadership, Cross-Age Tutoring, Community Service activities.
  • Academic Focus: Maximising your Learning, Effective Study Skills, Exam Techniques, Subject Counselling
  • Career Focus: University Presentations, Career Seminars, Work Experience, VET.
  • Life Skills: Interview Techniques, Goal Setting, Driver Education, Safe Partying, Employability Skills, Personal Development, Positive Relationships, Health and Well-Being, Teamwork


SENIOR School Curriculum