Pedare’s (Specialist Programme in Netball)


The Pedare Specialist Programme in Netball (SPIN) allows students to develop specific netball skills whilst maintaining a focus on academic excellence. It is an integrated educational program focusing on the essential elements of Netball, building (transferable skills) for successful performance across all sports. The program is endorsed and supported by Netball SA through access to resources, coaching and professional development.


The SPIN+ component of the programme is available for students in Years 3-12 and provides a unique opportunity for talented netball players to combine academic achievement and sporting excellence.

AIM Pedare’s Specialist Programme in Netball aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their technical and tactical skills while improving their understanding of the game through specialised coaching. The programme will provide a holistic approach to student development, encompassing a strong focus on health and fitness as well as developing their personal skills including leadership and interpersonal relationships.

How is SPIN embedded into the school curriculum?

Through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme* (PYP) & Middle Years Programme (MYP), Physical Education teachers are able to foster the development of Netball skills, knowledge and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  • In Years 3-5 Netball lessons are embedded into the curriculum focusing on mastering the correct technique of basic skill and space awareness.
  • In Years 6-12 a dedicated Netball unit of work will be taught for approximately 5 weeks as part of the Physical Education/SHAPE classes taken by Pedare staff.

These units will focus on developing overall health and fitness, mastering the correct technique of basic skill, creativity, space awareness, decision making, change of pace, reading the play, developing communication skills and empowering all players to grow their own leadership skills.