Application for Membership

Under the Constitution of Pedare Christian College Incorporated, members of the College are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings. You are automatically an eligible member of Pedare Christian College if you are:

  • A parent of a present student of the College
  • A Member of the College Board
  • A current staff member

Optional membership is available with the following conditions:

  • For parents of a past student
  • Old Scholars who are members of the Pedare Old Scholars Association
  • A former student not a member of the Old Scholar Association but within three years since being enrolled at the College
  • A member of Pedare’s founding or participating parishes.

Membership is $5.00 for a twelve-month period starting 1 January each year, and entitles you to not only vote at meetings, but to also receive regular communication from the College, including our fortnightly newsletter, information about upcoming Open Days and Tours, invitations to community events and notification of the College Annual General Meeting.

Application for Membership

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