Pedare - 2017 Junior School Musical - What a Knight

Pedare Junior School Musical – What a Knight

August 25, 2017

Join Arthur and the knights of the Round Table on Camelot’s craziest quest in this hilarious musical adventure!


A castle full of colourful characters, including precocious princesses, a talking dragon – and not forgetting Merlin and his magic mirror, so buy your tickets and join in the fun.

When young squire Watt Cobblers is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin’s new apprentice. But trouble is never far away, and soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin has lost Excalibur, King Arthur’s daughters have been kidnapped and his brave knights have turned into chickens. Watt and his new found friends Dusty Dragon and wayward Princess Alice set off on the biggest quest of their lives. But can our unlikely heroes rescue the princesses, save Excalibur and defeat the evil Black Knight?

The answers are found in this magical production, where everyone is guaranteed to sing a lot, dance a lot and laugh a lot… at Camelot!