Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 1 for 2021

The Vine Issue 1 – 2021

February 5, 2021
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Mr James Tamblyn


It was wonderful to welcome our students for the commencement of the academic year last week. I’ve spent time with each year level and have been most impressed with the settled and organised manner in which the year has begun.

I encourage you all to speak to the relevant staff here at the College should you require any support or clarification. One of my central beliefs about an exceptional education is that relationships are at the core. Strong connection between students and teachers, complemented by regular communication between school and home, are imperative. If you need any support or have any questions, please ensure you reach out and allow our staff to support you as required.

On Thursday we recognised our highest performing students from last year’s Year 12 cohort. 2020 didn’t make it easy for our graduating students. The uncertainty and unpredictability that the pandemic presented makes their achievements even more meritorious.

Those students gaining an ATAR in the 90s, along with their families, joined us at a special assembly to formally recognise their achievements. My thanks to all parents and staff who contributed so significantly to the success experienced by the Year 12 graduating class. We wish all our graduates every success and happiness as they embark on their post-school journeys and look forward to following their progress with great interest.

Please click here to view the results achieved by our Class of 2020, 90+ Club members.


Mr Andrew Whiteman


A warm welcome back to all our families and students as we prepare for another school year at Pedare. The year has started very well with students returning with a positive mindset for the year ahead. Last year was a year like no other; and again, I want to congratulate the Pedare Community for the way that we overcame the challenges of 2020 together.

Our Year 12 students have been receiving positive feedback from their teachers on their attitude and willingness to focus on their studies. This is now the benchmark for these students, and we want to support them so that this can continue throughout the year. Year 11s are also experiencing some change with different combinations of subjects and new teachers. Our Stage One offerings are varied, and I am pleased with the number of students also enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET). We welcome Year 10 families to the Senior School and look forward to the next three years ahead together. Over the coming weeks, we will meet with the Year 10 cohort to ensure they have all the relevant information about the requirements and expectations of Senior School, including the SACE.

As has been previously communicated, Home Group teachers will be contacting parents at the start of the year. We truly value our pastoral care system, and the Home Group teacher will be a valuable avenue of support to your children over the coming years. If you have any questions relating to specific subjects, please do not hesitate to make contact directly with individual subject teachers. All teachers are available by email or phone and you can arrange a suitable time to meet if you have any concerns.

This week we celebrated the outstanding achievement of our 2020 90+ club members. Last year, ten students achieved an ATAR over 90, placing them in the top 10% of the state. These students expertly navigated the ups and downs of 2020 and managed to remain focussed and achieve a very high standard. Two students were awarded merit awards, Meg Carlin in General Mathematics and Liliana Carletti for English.

We were so pleased to announce our 2020 Dux of the College was Soniya Panakkal. Soniya achieved an ATAR of 98.3 and demonstrated that with hard work and a commitment to your studies anything is achievable. Well done to the entire Year 12 cohort of 2020 and we wish you well for the future.

Upcoming Dates:

  • College Swimming Carnival – Thursday 11 February at Adelaide Aquatic Centre
  • Year 12 Meet the Teacher night – Wednesday 17 February at 7:00pm in the Chapel
  • College Athletics Carnival – Friday 12 March at Tilley Reserve


 Mrs Lauren Brooks


The beginning of the new school year can often be greeted with great trepidation. From our students we see amplified nerves, anxiety and excitement. Who is my teacher? What class am I in? Where will I sit? Who will I play with at lunch? Will I fit in?

And for us as parents it can often be an equally daunting time, as we eagerly await to hear the news of how our child’s first day went. And all we really want to know is; Are they happy? 

We have a wonderful culture in our Middle School that feels warm, welcoming and happy. Every student is important and will be cared for by our teachers. Our teachers will come into school each day with an open mind, continually working to support and motivate whilst encouraging students to strive to be the best version of themselves. I ask all of our students to come into school each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to take on the challenges our teachers set for them.We appreciate our responsibility to challenge our students with moments and experiences that encourage vulnerability, uncomfortability, risk and failure. It is through these experiences that provide us a platform to support students in finding happiness even on days that may feel hard; where students must find a way to adapt, cope and thrive.

The first week back at school can be really challenging for some students, especially being new to a school. It was incredibly heart-warming this week to see new friendships being formed and seeing students cope better each day, as they found ways to thrive in this new school environment.

Thank you to our amazing staff who go above and beyond in supporting new students transitioning into our Middle School. In our first few days of classes, we have been talking with students about our high expectations and what it means to be a part of our College. I encourage all new and returning families to reach out to your child’s teachers and support staff, should you have any questions or areas you feel we may be able to support your child. I also encourage parents to attend our upcoming Information Nights to hear specific cohort details and meet your child’s teacher.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Year 6 Information Night – Monday 8 February at 5:00pm in the Chapel
  • Year 7 Information Night – Monday 8 February at 6:30pm in the Chapel
  • Year 8/9 Information Night – Tuesday 9 February at 6:00pm in the Chapel


Mr Randall Pearce


On Wednesday 27 January, we welcomed in the new school year, with 52 new Reception students and 22 new students from Year 1 to Year 4. We also have 19 new Year 5 students and included a third Year 5 class for the first time. I am proud to share that we have 345 students who are now enjoying their first school days of 2021 in the Junior School. It was wonderful to see the many smiling and excited faces hearing about their summer adventures and sharing in their hopes and dreams for the 2021 school year. It has been such a positive start and I thank all for their involvement.

At assembly on Friday 19 February, our newly elected ‘Pedare Student Voice’ students will be inducted. These students are selected from each class to represent their peers to help improve Pedare each day through their actions and ideas. At this assembly, I will also share a simple message or theme for the year, that I hope will resonate within our community.

“It is cool to be kind!” I believe that every act of kindness is also an act of courage. Gestures both big and small can make a big difference to other people, animals, the planet, and even yourself. There are many ways you can be kind. Kindness can be contagious. Making a choice to be kind to others can have a ripple effect that can positively change the world. Students at Pedare care for others, support one another, listen and work together to improve their classrooms and school.

At last year’s Thanksgiving Service, I shared Rana DiOrio’s picture book ‘What does it mean to be kind?’ This book explores the theme of kindness and what we can do to be kind. To her, being kind is about following ’The Golden Rule’ that is treating others the way you would like to be treated. Being kind means having the courage to treat others the way you like to be treated.

I encourage our Pedare community to continue to be a place of kindness, show your friends what it means to be kind, spread the word – if we can be kind to each other, and to ourselves, our world will be more loving, caring and harmonious.

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2021 working alongside you as we share this immense privilege of guiding our next generation of learners and leaders.


Many children and teens have grief and loss experiences. It can often be hard to know how to support them and even harder for young people to know how to support their peers. If a young person in your life has experienced loss and grief, Kirrilie Smout from Developing Minds recommends the following 12 steps.

  • Information giving: helping children and young people understand what has occurred and what will happen next.
  • Help children and young people to notice and understand their (and others’) experiences of grief.
  • Being understanding/accepting of “normal” periods of functioning during grief.
  • Provide reassurance about “secret” fears and sources of guilt.
  • Helping children find appropriate ways to remember and acknowledge their loss (or to make meaning from it).
  • Help children develop a plan for “waves” of intense grief.
  • Help with managing tasks of daily lives.
  • Assisting with returning to routines and activities.
  • Keep an eye on any unusual or severe symptoms or challenges.
  • Provide hope and encouragement to young people.
  • Help children and young people have support over the long term.
  •  Self care.

For more details about how to follow these steps, please click here.

If your child or young person would like more information about how to support a friend experiencing grief and loss the following link from mylemarks may prove valuable, please click here.

Remember that the pastoral care team is also here to support you and your young person as needed.


Join with other members of the College community to mark the commencement of Lent, a time when many Christians around the world prepare for Easter with a season of reflection and repentance.

Rev Tim Mannix will lead the service, which will include Communion and the opportunity to receive the sign of the cross in ash for those who value that tradition.

There is no need to advise your attendance in advance.

Start and finish times will be punctual, and all aspects of the service will adhere to Covid-safe practices.

For more information and enquiries please click here.


Ash Wednesday Services for the Junior School will be held on Wednesday 17 February in the College Chapel.

As an Anglican and Uniting Church school, Pedare celebrates Ash Wednesday with in-school services for all Junior School students.

During these services, students may choose to receive a symbolic Ash Wednesday craft activity to complete when they return to class.

College Chaplain, Mr John Morton and Rev Sue Page will lead the services.

Parents and caregivers are welcome to join in this service along with their child’s class.

For more information and times of services for each year level, please click here.


CLASS OF 2020 90+ CLUB

We are exceptionally proud of our Class of 2020 for the way they navigated the challenges of this year. 80% of all grades achieved were As and Bs, testament to their resilience and commitment.

On Thursday 4 February, ten of our 2020 Year 12 students were welcomed into Pedare’s 90+ Club at the Celebration of Achievement Assembly. 

We congratulate Soniya Panakkal on being the Dux of the College who achieved an amazing ATAR of 98.3. Once again, our results were outstanding, with 100% of students completing SACE; 7.5% in the top 5% of the State with an ATAR of 95+; 15% were placed in the top 10% of the State with an ATAR of 90+; 27% of all grades awarded were in the A Band.

8 students received an A+ – Liliana Carletti (English, Research Project), Megan Carlin (General Mathematics), Nazeeba Abdullah (Psychology), Sky-Marie Kendrick (Workplace Practices), Soniya Panakkal (Research Project, Mathematical Methods), Amelia Redding (Creative Arts), Maya Smale (Visual Art), Cooper Sutton (Psychology, General Mathematics).

Congratulations to the following students:

Soniya Panakkal (98.3) – College Dux 2020

Pathway: Bachelor of Medical Radiation

Maya Smale (98.2)

Pathway: Bachelor of Teaching Physics and Maths

Liliana Carletti (97.9)

Pathway: Bachelor of Creative Industries

Cooper Sutton (97.0)

Pathway: Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)

Nazeeba Abdullah (95.5)

Pathway: Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Jeffrey Chen (93.8)

Pathway: Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Megan Carlin (92.85)

Pathway: Bachelor of Teaching – Psychology

Phoebe Armitage (91.05)

Pathway: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Neel Puri – (90.2)

Pathway: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Adelaide Uni)

Baxter Nickolai (90.15)

Pathway: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Adelaide Uni)


Liliana Carletti

  • Merit: English

Megan Carlin

  • Merit: General Mathematics

Some other highlights of the Celebration of Achievement Assembly was Class of 2020, Cooper Sutton’s meaningful and amusing overview of last year, which included some great advice for our current Year 12 students on how they can embrace this year to make it a success and one to remember. Also soloist Maddie Maltby sang a stirring rendition of Adele’s song Remedy, and Class of 2020 students, Soniya Panakkal (Dux for 2020) and Maya Smale presented badges to the 2021 Academic Captains Holly Schutz and Shannon Taylor.


This term, Stage 1 Business Innovation and Drama students are collaborating to create an innovative series of short video commercials for the Modbury Bowling Club. The first step in the process was for students to meet with Jose – the president of the bowling club, learning about the sport, the club, their existing marketing and their current marketing goals. Jose also gave the students some coaching as they had a turn at bowling on one of the newly renovated synthetic surfaces at the club. Students were able to document details that will be important in creating their commercials, like positioning & movement, settings, props and costumes. They also developed an understanding of the profile of current club members, and what new customer groups the club is targeting. Working on creating a solution for a real customer is a very valuable experience for our students and we look forward to seeing what they are able to create.

Mrs Kirstin Davenport – Senior School Business Teacher

“Visiting the Modbury Bowling Club was beneficial for our Business class, as it allowed us to get an insight into what we would be advertising.

Many of us had not played lawn bowls before, so this was a great chance to learn the rules of the game and to be able to watch people play at higher levels in the state competition.”- Brianna

“Our trip to Modbury Bowling Club was informative and opened up our minds to what we thought was a ‘boring sport’.

We all had fun and got to ask lots of questions to officials at the club. I enjoyed getting to have a shot at lawn bowls and learning about the rules and regulations of the game and the club.” – Emma


On Wednesday of Week 2, Year 10 Geography students looked at the concepts of population distribution (where people are located across the earth’s surface) and density (the average number of people per square kilometre). Students’ understanding of the concepts was tested as they used M&M’s to show the distribution of Australia’s population.

Students were asked to place 24 M&M’s where they thought Australia’s population is located across a map of Australia. A number of misconceptions about our population were changed. Finally, all the M&M’s were eaten for a fun and enjoyable way to learn about Population.

Mr Andrew Penny – Learning Area Coordinator, Humanities


From Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 February, Year 8 students enjoyed an exciting time on their Outdoor Education experience at Little Eagle Campsite on Hindmarsh Island. Students were given the opportunity to try kayaking, surfing and team building activities in their various groups, with many experiencing them for the first time. Camps are always a wonderful way for our students get out of their comfort zones and build strong relationships with their peers.

Although the weather was a little dreary, students were still in high spirits with smiles all round.


In Term 3 of last year, some of our 2020 Year 5s were involved in three action groups. These groups worked hard to raise funds and awareness of causes close to their hearts.

Group 1: Isabella Winder, Allegra Portakiewicz and Ella Pring supported the RSPCA and raised $130.

Group 2: Sienna Gunn, Olivia Williams, Aimerance Ruigira, Samaira Bath and Madeline Weeks supported WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and raised $115.

Group 3: Jordyn Carr, Kacie Duff and Chanel Surace supported UNICEF and raised $35.

All funds raised have now been distributed to each organisation to allow them to continue their fine work. Many thanks go to these students for their work, dedication and commitment in making the world a better place.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:



Week 1


  • Primary 1 – Pedare vs Tango 5 – Won 16 – 11
  • Primary 2 – Pedare vs Gemini 2 – Loss 6 – 9




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is a group of Christians who seek to serve Jesus in everything we do. Whether you are just visiting, or looking for a Christian home, we aim to be a loving and supportive family for you. We meet at the church at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 6:00pm in person. If you can’t join us just yet, we’ll continue to stream at 8:30am and 10:00am online using Zoom and YouTube  Service times are 8:30am and 10:00am.

Please contact Dave Brown on for more details, or check their Facebook page for links.

If you are struggling and would like to talk with someone from the church during these trying times, please phone 8264 3736.




Tea Tree Gully Uniting – Banksia Markets


Tea Tree Gully Uniting will be hosting the ‘local and friendly’ Banksia Markets on the first Saturday of each month from 8:30am to 1:00pm at 600 Milne Road, Banksia Park, starting from this Saturday 6 February. Stalls are inside the hall and in the car park and include produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, tools, bric-a-brac and lots more. A BBQ and delightful Devonshire Teas are available. There is also 50% off of items in the BIG shed. For more information contact the TTG Uniting Church website at




St Mark’s Anglican Church


St Mark’s Anglican Church currently have a 9:00 am traditional service. Please email to advise if you will be attending either service for COVID-19 requirements.

For further information and updates about St Mark’s services, please visit the website at or visit their Facebook page