Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 10 for 2021

The Vine Issue 10 – 2021

July 30, 2021
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Mr James Tamblyn


My thanks to all our community members for your support through the recent lockdown. As we continue to adapt amidst the ongoing uncertainty created by the pandemic, we are strengthened by the knowledge that we are part of an incredible community whose unwavering support of each other is a constant on which we can rely. 

I commend our students for their resilience and focus whilst learning from home. From our Mid-Year Receptions in their first full week of school to our Year 12s in their final semester, the College is very proud of how students have responded and engaged. 

I wish to again recognise the efforts and expertise of our staff who adapted incredibly quickly to take learning online. Both teachers and general staff played integral roles in facilitating this program so successfully. We are blessed to have such a talented and committed staff who are so invested in the wellbeing and learning success of our students. 

And to our parents, thank you once again for your patience and flexibility as we adapt events and activities. As a community, we are committed to involving parents and families in the life of the College as much as possible. We thank you for your understanding of the temporary measures in place as we follow directives to keep each other safe.


Mr Andrew Whiteman


A warm welcome back to all our students and parents from the extended school holiday break. The three-week holiday provided a wonderful opportunity for students and staff to take a break from the busy routine of school and a chance to feel refreshed at the start of Term 3. Little did we know what was to eventuate last week! Congratulations to all students for their engagement in the remote learning program. We have received positive feedback from our Senior Students and will once again use this feedback to improve our online offering if required in the future. 

The time has come for our Year 12 students to set a new goal for themselves in their academic journey. Forty days of school are all that remain for them this term. The serious business of achieving academic success is now in their hands. Now is the time to sit down, reflect on strengths and weaknesses, and set a new aspirational goal. This week, they were asked: What do I need to do to ensure 2021 is a success? Is it working fewer hours at my part-time job, is it committing to a study regime, is it being proactive in my study lessons? To reach their potential in their final year of school, these questions must be answered honestly by each student. Please make contact with the individual subject teachers if you require any information about the progress of your child. 

In the coming months, we have some VET training that has always been popular with our Senior Students. Students often complete these short courses as a way of improving their opportunities for paid work. Please email Debbie Hollister on if you have any questions regarding these upcoming courses being held in ONE+:


 Mrs Lauren Brooks


We are really proud of all of our Middle School students for the manner in which they engaged in our recent remote learning period. We thank our community for your overwhelming support during this time, and it was just wonderful to see our students return to the College this week. 

There have been many inspiring events surrounding the lockdown period which has been a timely distraction, to watch brilliance from the comfort of our own homes. Earlier on in the term we saw billionaire Richard Branson fly into space, champion tennis player Ash Barty take out Wimbledon, and of course, the Olympics, where we watch extraordinary athletes on our TV screens each evening. 

These examples have provided some inspiring conversations within the Middle School this week. Extraordinary people are just ordinary people, who are doing extraordinary things. The Olympics especially provides us with daily examples and stories of athletes who have a dream, a passion, endurance and an assailable work ethic. I thank our Middle School teachers who have been providing such authentic lessons and contemporary pedagogy through some great stories and events throughout this period.


Mr Randall Pearce


It seems strange to welcome you all back to Term 3 considering the interrupted start we had, but I would like to share a warm welcome back. It is so great to have the yard and classes full of excitement that young people bring. We truly miss these personal connections and relationships that make Pedare such a special community.  

This term will be a little different. I wish to share my sincere thanks for the patience and understanding as we work our way through the next level of restrictions and what this means to our commonly held Junior School events. Communication to our community regarding this will follow shortly.  

I have always planned to share about my love for the Olympics in the Vine and laboured over whether it is the right time to share. After a weekend in lockdown, I have to admit that my love affair with this special event was rekindled.  

It started many years ago. I can remember way back to 1980 and Moscow when I was 8 years old. I can remember the Olympic song which my parents bought for me on vinyl and I fondly remember singing a version of Moscow, Moscow… 

My next memory was 1984 and the Los Angeles Olympic Games. I remember as a class we had a ‘sports mad’ teacher who booked out the school’s TV room. We watched the opening ceremony, there was a man with a jetpack, Carl Lewis won 4 gold medals on the track and South Australia had three athletes that won gold medals. Mike Turtur in the 4000-metre team pursuit in track cycling; Glynis Nunn in the Heptathlon; and the tuna fisherman from Port Lincoln, Dean Lukin, in the Super-Heavyweight division for weightlifting.  

Of course, I could reminisce, but I think it is important to reflect on the Tokyo Olympics now. Traditionally, the Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words: Citius – Altius – Fortius. These words mean Faster – Higher – Stronger. In Tokyo, I have seen a fourth word added… TOGETHER.  

I am unsure if this fourth word is official but when we think about COVID, lockdowns, and restrictions; togetherness is what we need. Togetherness is what binds us in our community, family and friends.  

The Olympics provide us with great memories, and maybe we will have children who will remember Kaylee McKeown and Ariarne Titmus, and their gold medal wins for many years to come. Who knows it might spark an interest, a passion, and we may see a Pedare student striving for Gold in the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.  



Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning (R-12)

After an extensive recruitment process, we are delighted to announce that Lauren Brooks, currently Head of Middle School at Pedare, has been appointed as Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning (R-12), a new role at the College from 2022.


Lauren is an outstanding educator who has led our Middle School with distinction since 2019. She has a background in, and passion for, leading academic programs in schools. We congratulate Lauren on her appointment and very much look forward to her contribution to this significant leadership role at the College from next year.


– with thanks from THIS WAY UP

At times like these, it is easy to see how this pandemic can be getting on top of your mental health and wellbeing. The following tips below can help you to navigate these times.

Acknowledge your experience and the way it makes you feel. Try not to compare yourself to others

Balance what you think and talk about. Whilst it is important to stay up to date with the latest health advice, make sure you also have a break and focus on other things that are important in your life.

Plan activities to bring you joy. Every day try to include one activity that is fun or relaxing and one activity that brings you a sense of achievement or satisfaction. Be creative

Reach out if you need to. Help is available. Talk to someone you trust about how you feel. If you or your family need more support, please reach out to the wellbeing Team here at the College. 


Other supports available:


Joanne Murby, Your Wellbeing Team


College Bus Services

Pedare and Gleeson College, together with Kanga Coachlines, will be trialling a new app called ‘BusMinder’ during Term 3. As a parent, BusMinder will enable you to view the real-time location of your child’s bus, their boarding location, and whether your child is on board. Ticket payments will be able to be completed digitally through the secure BusMinder app and can be easily topped up at any time.

BusMinder creates a safer, more secure way for students to travel to and from school, using the latest in GPS and smart card technology,

Further details to come.



Junior School

During Term 1, nine Year 5 students were selected to enter the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee, a national online spelling competition. Tu, Lainie, Cooper, Bhavish, Ashlee, Aaren, Tegan, Dakota and Natalie all participated in the Spelling Bee from within the classroom at Pedare. We were very proud of all of their efforts this first time competing in the Bee!

Congratulations in particular to Aaren, Bhavish, Tegan, Lainie, Cooper and Natalie, who successfully made it through to the State Finals which were held online once again, during Term 2. These six students tried their hardest and correctly spelled some very challenging words!

In an absolutely amazing achievement, Natalie progressed through to the National Finals. Throughout each stage of the competition, Natalie was competing against students two to three years older than her, as she elected to enter the Year 7/8 level. In the National Final, Natalie scored a very impressive 15/30, which resulted in her placing 7th in Australia! Congratulations Natalie!

Marika Brown


Middle School

On the last Friday of Term 2, all of our Middle School students in Years 6 – 9 participated in Pedare’s inaugural Science Fair internal judging competition for a double lesson. Science Fair provided our students with the opportunity to apply scientific processes to problems or questions that interest them. For the weeks leading up to the Science Fair, students posed questions, researched and formulated hypotheses, carried out research, analysed their findings in class. They then presented their findings to the different judges. On the day, the Middle School was a hive of activity as students and staff alike engaged with the posters which were presented for judging. The Science Fair was a fantastic opportunity for students to work on their time management, communication, risk-taking and creativity. Congratulations to all students who won a judging prize or have been selected to progress to the next round of judging at One+ on the 6th of August.

Samantha Ireland

Please click here for the full list of 2021 Internal Science Fair winners.


The Year 9s are studying the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution. 9D Lego Masters built models representing the 3 phases of British landscapes at this time – the pre-Agrarian Revolution landscape, the Agrarian Revolution, and the industrialisation of the cities.

Rachael Young


Happy faces being back at the College together. Despite the uncertainty around us and mask-wearing requirements for Years 8-12, everyone seems to be excited to be back for the face-to-face lessons. We thank our families and staff for the ongoing support, dedication and flexibility shown over the past week.
A big warm welcome back!


In Reception, we have been learning about all the different communities that have come together for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Today is Green and Gold Day and we have enjoyed watching some exciting swimming races. We learnt the “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” chant and made posters to encourage our Australian Athletes. C’MON AUSSIE!

Kimberley Capper


On the sixth day of remote learning during the state lockdown, students were ready to remotely hear from their Home Group teacher in the morning. I decided that my students and I could do a fun activity where we take photos of our pets, or something else in the household, in order to find a mascot for the Hillcott HPA Home Group. This meant that students got some time away from their devices with their pets, and we got to see some very cute animals. One of the students, Joshua, decided that he would truly get into the spirit and dressed up his dog in some Hillcott attire. I think we found our mascot!

Natasha Paget



The Pedare Extra-Curricular Team are excited to bring you a new portal, containing information and links all in one location to our Sports and Clubs program.

The Portal is updated regularly to bring you the latest news, announcements, updates, results and more of Pedare Extra-Curricular activities and events.




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is a group of Christians who seek to serve Jesus in everything we do. Whether you are just visiting, or looking for a Christian home, we aim to be a loving and supportive family for you. We meet at the church at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 6:00pm in person. If you can’t join us just yet, we’ll continue to stream at 8:30am and 10:00am online using Zoom and YouTube  Service times are 8:30am and 10:00am.

Please contact Dave Brown on for more details, or check their Facebook page for links.

If you are struggling and would like to talk with someone from the church during these trying times, please phone 8264 3736.




Tea Tree Gully Uniting – Banksia Markets


Tea Tree Gully Uniting host the ‘local and friendly’ Banksia Markets on the first Saturday of each month from 8:30am to 1:00pm at 600 Milne Road, Banksia Park. Stalls inside the hall and in the car park include produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, tools, bric-a-brac and lots more. A BBQ and delightful Devonshire Teas are available. There is also 50% off of items in the BIG shed. For more information contact the TTG Uniting Church website a




St Mark’s Anglican Church


St Mark’s Anglican Church currently have a 9:00 am traditional service. Please email to advise if you will be attending either service for COVID-19 requirements.

For further information and updates about St Mark’s services, please visit the website at or visit their Facebook page




Golden Grove Uniting Church


Golden Grove Uniting Church, corner of Crouch and One Tree Hill Road, Golden Grove, has a traditional service at 10:00am on a Sunday morning.  Also, on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, we have a cafe style church, which is a relaxed contemporary worship service at 6:00pm in the Church hall.

On a Friday morning for parents/carers and children from birth to 5 years we have a mainly music programme starting at 9:30am. This is a fun, interactive 30-minute music session followed by morning tea and free play.

For further information, please contact the Office on 8251 4298 or by email:  you can even check our webpage: