Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 11 for 2019

The Vine Issue 11 – 2019

August 2, 2019
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ADVANCED NOTICE: Please be advised, Friday 30 August will be a STUDENT FREE DAY

Mr Mike Millard


Mr Mike Millard


Welcome back to Term 3 for students, parents and staff for what will be an exciting term. There are many events in Term 3 for all students to be involved in.

The Junior School will come together to enjoy the Disco, Book Week, and the Father’s Day Breakfast.

In the Middle and Senior Schools there is a range of activities such as Science Week, Careers Day, University Tours, Quiz Night, Leadership Training, and the annual Prayer Breakfast for school leaders at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The College events for this term will culminate with the biannual Foundation Day Celebrations which will include a special assembly and the much-anticipated College Dash on Thursday 26 September. Brooklyn Community will be looking to defend the title that they have held since the inception of this event in 2015.

ONE + Talent night

This event was held on Tuesday 30 July and it brings together 4 representative performers from each of Golden Grove High School, Gleeson and Pedare. This year Pedare’s competitors were Charlie Corney, who sang Waving Through a Window; Jonathan Ruigira, who sang This is Me and I; Aavi Puri, who sang Landslide; and Adele Jansen, who shared her piano talents with a medley from Pirates of the Caribbean. The competition was won by Renee Cram from Golden Grove High School who performed her own original piece. Some wonderful Art work from all three schools was also on display in the foyer during this even. Congratulations go to Pedare’s Lachlan Thornton who won this competition.

Holiday Netball trip Great

During the winter holiday break two Pedare Netball teams travelled to the Gold Coast to compete in a large school competition. This was a significant commitment by the students, teachers and families. Congratulations go to the Year 8 & 9 team coached by Mrs Karen Zerner, which won their division.  There were many days of competition for the teams, but they also enjoyed the rest days which allowed them to have surfing lessons, visit the “Worlds” and to spend time at Pacific Fair indulging in a little retail therapy. My thanks to Mrs Hayley Mayer for all her organisation for this extended event in Queensland and to Mr Willis and Mrs Zerner for accompanying this group on tour.

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


Welcome back to Term 3 and, although a little cold over the break, I trust you had an enjoyable and relaxing time. This term we have a number of events and exciting opportunities for our students. For current Year 10 and 11 families, the first is the 2020 Subject Information evening being held next Monday, 5 August at 7:00 pm in the College Chapel. This event will present information about the subject offerings for Stage 1 and Stage 2 and we look forward to parents and students discussing their options for these final two years of schooling. Parents can also chat with teachers in an informal setting about specific subjects. Students have also had a presentation and are beginning to have conversations with their teachers about next year. The Information Night will be followed by two evenings of subject counselling where families will be able to book a time to speak with a subject counsellor to enrol in subjects. If you have any questions relating to specific pathways or subjects, please contact Mrs Debbie Hollister at the College.

See below the link to the Senior School Curriculum Handbook on the College website, where all subject offerings are explained, including the assessments types and weightings of tasks.

The Handbook also contains important information from the various Universities and prerequisite subjects that must be studied. It is a good time to review the Semester One results that were received at the end of last term when making decisions regarding future subjects. The comments provided by teachers may also help when making these decisions.

I would like to thank parents for their support of the current mobile phone policy. The policy was implemented to improve the teaching and learning opportunities for students inside the classroom and to improve the interactions of students throughout the school day, particularly during break times. Students have taken this policy on very well and there is much more talking and movement at recess at lunch which is really positive. Students are conversing with each other and building their social skills that will be important later in life. There is still plenty of time for screen time outside of school hours. A reminder that if you need to contact your child urgently, please phone the College Office on 8280 1700.

We look forward to the official opening of One College on One Campus on Tuesday, 13 August. The Minister of Education, The Hon. John Gardner will be here to officially open the new buildings along with several other invited guests. Students are enjoying these new spaces and putting them to good use.

In Week 3, Year 12 students will attend a presentation on the University entrance and the SATAC application process. Each student will receive information from several Universities which they can take home to review as they consider their pathways. We trust that students will do their research and, even if they are considering a ‘gap year’, that they still apply for university and then defer their enrolment. Our Year 12 students have 5 weeks of school before their trial exams and I know there are some feeling a little stressed. We encourage you to talk with your children about ways to manage their stress. If you are at all concerned please contact your child’s teachers and or their Community Coordinator to speak to them directly.

I look forward to seeing parents of Year 10 and 11 students on Monday night.

Mrs Lauren Brooks


 Mrs Lauren Brooks


Welcome back to the new term and I do hope all of our students were able to have a rest and enjoy some downtime over the holidays. It has been fantastic to see all students return with such positivity and enthusiasm to begin Term 3.

At the end of Term 2, Year 8s gathered as a cohort to present their United Nations speeches in the Mallee Arena. After investigating the Conventions of the Rights of the Child, students planned and presented a mock speech to the United Nations Assembly. Many of them chose to speak about an issue or event which they felt the UN should commit more to funding and support. It was outstanding to see Year 8s speaking in a formal manner, showing empathy and understanding of global issues and becoming aware of the possibilities that taking such action can have, while raising necessary awareness.

Our Year 9 students have had a very busy start to Term 3 beginning the final phase of their Community Projects. It has been pleasing to see the significant effort students have demonstrated throughout the process. This week, Year 9s also enjoyed their Outdoor Education experience at Camp Willochra, in the local community of the Southern Flinders Ranges. Students underwent an intensive program that challenges them physically and mentally, whilst having lots of fun making lifelong memories.

New Mobile Phone Policy
We thank the Pedare community for their positive response and overwhelming support of our new mobile phone policy which we introduced at the start of this term. Students are no longer able to use or access their mobile phone during the school day (including recess or lunch time) and have adapted well to the change.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


Kiss and Drop 

Following on from previous communications regarding Kiss and Drop – During the school holidays, more signage has been installed to assist with understanding of where to park in the Junior School carpark. Please do not park along the yellow line / pathway next to the white picket fence, this is planned for cars to be able to move into the kiss and drop dotted section where it is safe to drop and collect children. Also, I request that our community observes the Tenison Place Early Learning Child Care Centre staff parking and under no circumstance park within this zone.

Pedare Student Voice

With the move to One College, we have been provided with the opportunity for the Junior, Middle and Senior School to align common practices. This has resulted in the Junior School now appointing PSV class representatives only once a year, which is consistent with both the Middle and Senior Schools. It also allows Mrs Hanna to have a consistent group of students to work through their ideas and service-oriented programs and provide a deeper level of engagement.

Student Captains 2020

As we have moved the selection process of Junior School Captains into Term 4, an information session for Year 4 parents will be conducted after the Year 4 Assembly on Friday 25 October between 9:30 and 10:00am. (Week 2 Term 4).

Book Week / VIP Day

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or a duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” – children’s fiction author Kate DiCamillo

This term, the Children’s Book Council of Australia celebrates its 74th Book Week. I have been drawn to wonder whether, after 74 years, this is still relevant today. In asking myself this question, I am aware that too many people view Book Week as merely a ‘dress-up day’!

At Pedare Junior School, we see reading as a precious gift, and as such, should celebrate and acknowledge this gift. We are fortunate to have a wealth of reading resources, passionate staff including Teacher Librarians, Class/LEAP teachers and Parent Volunteers who provide programs such as Minilit, Reading at Pedare (RAP), Pro Literacy levels and assistance to find the right book. These are all strong examples of how reading holds a special place within our curriculum.

Each and every day is filled with opportunities to expand our reading horizons, whether this is within large or small groups, before school, during breaks, in classrooms or at home in warm and cosy reading places.

Building individual reading skills and habits is so important, as are the benefits children receive from being read to.

As the cleverly named Paige Turner blogged on, reading together:

  • builds relationships
  • creating deeper bonds between child and parent
  • provides new experiences
  • awareness building about the world outside home
  • improves communication
  • building greater vocabulary
  • speech patterns and enunciation
  • improved concentration
  • story time providing an ideal incentive to build concentration
  • a lifetime love of books.

Even in our digital age, reading is still an essential ability for communication and learning, and children who learn to love reading have a pastime that will engage their imaginations and intellects for the rest of their lives.

Children’s Book Week encourages children to enjoy new authors and books, and is celebrated in the Junior School, on Friday 23 August with our Costume Parade / Assembly and picnic lunch with families.

During our Book Week, which takes place from Monday 19 August to Friday 23 August, Mrs Denton-Brown has organised children’s author Tania Ingram to visit Pedare on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August for all Junior School students.

The Book Week parade focusses on acknowledging ‘book characters’ with dress-ups, helps bring reading alive, provides precious memories and allows both child and adult alike to have fun. So, start planning now about which character from a treasured book you want to come dressed as for this fabulous event. For more information about the Book Week celebrations, please click here.

I look forward to seeing you on the 23 August at 8:50am.


At Pedare, regular student attendance is a high priority. To maintain a standard of excellence it is important that students attend school regularly and arrive at school on time to ensure that absence does not have an adverse effect on their learning and well-being.

The College sends an SMS to the parents of students who are not at school by 9:00am, where we have not received notification from parents. We will follow up with parents any absence that remains unexplained.

We understand that there will be times when students are unable to attend school fro reasons including illness, injury and unforeseen personal circumstances. On these occasions:

  • parent notification must be made to the College before 9:00am by emailing or phoning the College Office on 8280 1700.
  • an absence due to illness for 3 or more days will require a medical certificate.

In the event of a family holiday during term time, parents must complete and submit an ‘Application for Exemption from School Attendance’ at least 4 weeks prior.

If your child needs to leave school early for an appointment, please also email or phone the College Office.

All communication regarding student absences should be made to or phone to 8280 1700. As teachers are busy engaging children in their learning environments at the start of each day, this will hopefully prevent you from receiving an SMS after you have already advised that your child is absent.

All students arriving late or leaving early, must sign in or out at the College Office or Junior School Administration.




Have you purchased your ticket for the long-waited Junior School Disco, to be held on Friday 9 August, 6:30pm – 8:00pm?  You can now book at:

For more details about this exciting event, please click here. Please note: the venue this year is the Dame Roma Mitchell Centre, Adey Place, Golden Grove. (Adjacent to Golden Grove High School).



It has been an exciting start to the term as the Reception Ready students officially began their schooling at Pedare. They have been very busy learning, playing, painting, building, visiting the library and most importantly, forming new friendships. We have been so lucky to have some beautiful sunny days so that students could explore and play on the new Junior School Playground.

Some student comment:

  • “I love doing Art and playing with the magnets.” – Lilly
  • “I love playing with the cars and going to the Library.” – James
  • “I love singing songs and reading stories in group time.” – Austin
  • “I live making a story on the feltboards.” –  Zoe
  • “I love seeing Zoe and Lukas.” – Finn
  • “I like playing with the Lego and Duplo.” – Carrie

Mrs Sharon Booth – Teacher, Reception Ready




This term, our Year 3 inquiry unit is “survival of a species is dependent on the environment.” On Wednesday, 31 July, we walked to Wynn Vale Dam where students had a chance to observe living things in their natural habitat. Students hunted for living things in the trees and dam and found many different species of flora and fauna. Year 3s have been learning to observe like scientists and sketch what we see, and the students had the opportunity to practise these skills whilst at the dam.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and have returned to school with many great questions to help guide our inquiry.

Some student comment:

  • “I wonder why some of the black ducks have white beaks and some have red?” – Miguel
  • “I think I saw a pregnant duck. Its tummy was big, and ducks don’t normally have big tummies.” – Isabella
  • “I saw a t-shirt that wasn’t supposed to be there. Maybe the fisherman caught it and left it there?” – Jobe 
  • “I saw people walking their dogs” – Keith
  • “I found a beautiful living thing that was a flower bush with red flowers.” – Jas
  • “I saw a blossom tree on the walk, and I decided to draw it. The blossoms were so pretty! It is a living thing.” – Stella
  • “I enjoyed seeing the duck in its habitat.” – Charlie

Ms Rebecca Andary, Ms Natalie Scalamera, Mrs Rikki Hendry – Teachers, Year 3



Year 12 – Academic Achievement Recipients


Congratulations to the Senior School students who were recognised and awarded certificates for their Semester 1 Academic Achievements at Assembly held on Thursday 1 August .


Year 11 – Academic Achievement Recipients


Year 10 – Academic Achievement Recipients



In Week 10 of Term 2, Year 7s learnt about forces. They visited Goldenfields playground in Golden Grove to put their learning into action! They investigated inertia, momentum and the movement of pendulums on the swings, friction and aerodynamics on the slides, centre of gravity on the balancing boards and centrifugal force and angular momentum on the “spinning thingies”. They also came up with their own mini investigations and questions to test. Comments from the students included:

“It was enjoyable and still education. It shows us we can have fun while learning. It was the best type of flexible learning. – Angela

“It was very fun and exciting to find out what forces are at the playground. I hope we could do something similar again.” – Abbie

Ms Rachael Young – Teacher, Year 7




On Friday 26 July, girls from the Year 8 cohort were chosen by the Adelaide Crows Football Club Community Program to participate in a training session with Sarah Allan, Crows AFLW player. The session took the girls through kicking, handballing and tackling which many of the girls absolutely loved and showed tremendous tenacity when performing their skills. The session is aimed at the promotion of the AFLW league, pathways and increased participation in women’s sport across the board. We look forward to students having more opportunities to interact with elite athletes through our Health and Physical Education and Extra Curricular programs in the future.

Mr Michael Secomb –  Health and Physical Education Learning Area Coordinator




In Week 10 last term, Year 9 German students enjoyed a change of pace and experienced a taste of German culture. They savoured delicious German Kuchen and Strudel, and then settled down to watch the film “Amelie Rennt”, the tale of a teenage girl coming to terms with her asthma and finding the courage to meet a personal challenge.

Students then devoured Wiener Würstchen with great enthusiasm, and some even found the Sauerkraut to be more appetising than they had expected!

Ms Susan O’Connell – Learning Area Coordinator, LOTE



On Thursday 1 August, Stage 1 Business Innovation students recently had the opportunity to attend the Adelaide University ThincLab Demo Day at the National Wine Centre of Australia on North Terrace. Students were able to listen to seven of the program’s graduate teams present their final 5-minute pitches then mingle with the entrepreneurs to learn more about their businesses, how they developed their ideas and their entrepreneurial journey.

Students also visited MOD at UniSA where they interacted with the range of exhibits which looked at the concept of enjoyment and were encouraged to consider factors that contribute to pleasure and wellbeing.

Students will be able to use their experiences on this excursion to help them with their major project this semester in Business Innovation. They will create a plan for a business which will provide unique fundraising opportunities for schools. Students are required to research the needs and wants of their customers, propose an idea, test it with stakeholders and outline how the business will operate. At the end of the semester, students will be required to pitch their ideas to a panel.

The Stage 1 Business Innovation subject is new to SACE this year. This subject allows students an opportunity to work collaboratively to solve real world problems. The subject is specifically designed to support students in their development of 21st century skills that will be applicable across all careers, and better reflects contemporary business practices. We look forward to also introducing the new Stage 2 Business Innovation course into the college in 2020.

Mrs Kirstin Davenport – Senior School Business Teacher




On Tuesday 30 July, seven Senior School Captains and Aidan Huynh, Year 11, participated in the Generations of Change conference along with students from four other local schools. During the day, students watched performances by the ActNow Theatre group, which challenged their thinking on racism and encouraged them to identify and act if they witness racism. Students also listened to music performances and poetry to help gain insight about this issue. Several thought-provoking clips were shown which also helped people to see that racism can be subtle yet have a significant effect. During the final session, each school discussed how they could use the day’s information and the leaders devised ideas that can be used for a Community lesson in the next few weeks.

Mrs Ingrid Moodley – Community Coordinator


On Tuesday 30 July, Pedare hosted the One+ Talent Show & Arts Exhibition in the College Chapel.

This was the third year of the three schools coming together for the Talent Show and it was a wonderful addition to include a showcase of student artwork to the evening. It was clear that people enjoyed looking at the huge variety of artwork on display and were full of admiration for the work of these young artists. There was the opportunity to vote for a favourite piece and the ‘People’s Choice Art Award’ went to one of our own, Year 10, Lachlan Thornton.

Each of the three campus schools presented four acts and the audience was entertained with pianists, dancers and a range of singers performing songs from musicals, classics and their own compositions. Our four talented entrants, Aavi Puri, Charlie Corney, Adele Jansen and Jonathan Ruigira performed with confidence and class and we were very proud to have them representing Pedare. At the end of the night, the placings were taken out by acts from Gleeson and Golden Grove; all very popular wins.

This is a great occasion for the three schools and we are grateful for the support of our local politicians who support the running of this event. Money raised from the night is shared between the three schools and we look forward to our financial support for Mpugwe Primary School, Uganda, increasing from the proceeds of this event.

Thanks to our Arts Captains, Aavi Puri and Jiamai Tan, for their role in organising this event and Mr Tom Tymukas for his part in preparing the art display. Kate Dewis, Year 12, did a wonderful job sharing the role of compere with students from Gleeson and Golden Grove, and Mrs Rebecca Williams was a member of the judging panel.

And a big thank you to everyone who supported this event in any way – giving young people the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in such a collegial environment is an encouragement and inspiration to us all!

Mrs Jan Robertson – Assistant Head of Senior School



Congratulations to India Goodall, Year 4, and Eddie Goodall, Year 2, who recently competed in the State Cross Country Championships at Carisbrooke Park. Eddie competed in the Under 8 race over 1km and India competed in the U10 race over 1.5km. India and Eddie finished second in their respective races winning a silver medal each. Well done to you both.


Congratulations Madison Smith, Year 9, who was recently successful in her application to be a Tea Tree Gully Youth Library Cadet. During the six week program, Madi and the other cadets were involved in transforming the library’s youth collection and learnt about how libraries operate. On completion of the cadetship, the girls have been invited on as mentors for the next group of students. Well done Madi.


Congratulations to Oliver Shephard-Bayly, Year 11, who won first place in the 2019 Australian Geography Competition (AGC) for South Australia. The AGC is a joint initiative of the Australian geography Teachers’ Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Inc. Oliver’s prize is a special Certificate and a book voucher. Well done Oliver.


Congratulations to Cooper Murley, Year 11, who has been selected for the U/16s All Australian AFL team after his performance in the National Championships representing South Australia. Cooper also played for Norwood U/18s in the SANFL. Well done Cooper.


Congratulations to Old Scholar Chelsea Blackman, Class of 2018, who made her debut for the Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Team and played against the Melbourne Vixens last weekend. This is the first time Chelsea has played for the Thunderbirds. We wish her well and hope we see more of Chelsea on the court.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:

Sport Report

Sport SAPSASA soccer


Sport returned last weekend with the first matches of the term across our winter sports.

Middle Boys Soccer

The Middle Boys Soccer team continued on their winning way, with a 10-0 win against Unley High School. Coach Panagopoulous was pleased with the good passing and impressive finishing in front of goals. The boys have now won six games in a row and have continued to get better and better with every game.

Our Basketball teams have also had more success with all strong wins from both year 7 teams, Middle A and Senior 2. Middle B also remains undefeated with only a few games to go for the season.


SAPSASA Basketball

In Week 1, our two SAPSASA basketball teams traveled down to Hillcrest Stadium to compete against six other schools in a round robin format. After losing the first two games, our girls team did wonderfully well finishing very strongly by winning their remaining four games. This was a great result considering the team had only two players who had previously played basketball. The improvement the girls showed from their first to last game was astonishing.

Our boys team performed exceptionally well going through undefeated and advancing onto the next round late in September. The team showed great determination and perseverance during a game late in the day, which was tightly contested. Highbury were pressing, but our boys stood up and executed well down the stretch to eventually win by 3 points. Every player who represented Pedare on the day scored, which was celebrated.

All players supported from the sidelines enthusiastically representing Pedare with class. A special mention to the parents who helped and supported the team throughout the day.

Mr Brandon Kowalick & Mrs Rebecca Williams



At the end of last term, Pedare Soccer players from Year 6 and 7 competed in the Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA Soccer Carnival at Tilley Reserve. Pedare had two boys teams and a girls team compete across the two days. There were many goals scored from all Pedare teams with all teams recording wins against local schools. Thank you to Mr Raymond and Mr Secomb for taking the teams out for the day and well done to all the players involved.


Gold Coast Netball Tour

In the first week of the school holidays, two Pedare teams from the Specialist Program in Netball flew to Surfers Paradise to compete in the World Sport Netball Carnival. The week consisted of three preliminary days of netball, followed by finals on Sunday.

The girls also had the opportunity to enjoy the many activities the Gold Coast has to offer, including Surfing, Theme Parks, Shopping and the Crows vs Suns match.

There was some fantastic Netball played across the week, with both teams being placed in the top division, after strong performances on the first two days. The Senior girls finished 5th overall in division 1 (out of 20 total teams) and showed determination and skill in a very high quality field of opposition.

The 8/9 girls made it through to the Grand Final of their division, facing off against Revelations Netball Club from New Zealand. The game was exciting and fast paced, with the scores level at half time. A see-sawing second half saw Pedare gain the lead in the final minutes, winning the match 23-22, a wonderful achievement and reward for their hard work.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to bond as a group as well as play against interstate and international teams.

Some highlights from the girls on the trip were:

  • “The beach day was really fun, Dreamworld and the Outback Spectacular. I also loved sharing an apartment with girls who I usually don’t hang out with and I now have a great friendship with them.”
  • “My highlight was meeting new people at the carnival such as the New Zealand girls.”
  •  “The highlight of the trip for me was the beach games and being able to go to the theme parks. I liked being able to play and improve my netball with my friends and make new friends with other students as well as people from other states and countries.”

Thank you to Mrs Hayley Mayer for her work in organising this opportunity and thank you to Mrs Zerner and Mrs Ireland for spending time away from their families to supervise the girls on the trip.

Mr Josh Willis – Director of Sport 6-12





  • U/12 – Pedare vs Prescott Titans – Loss 20 – 22
  • U/14 Blue – Pedare vs Athelstone Rebels – Won 28 – 22 (MVP Brooke)
  • U/14 Red – Pedare vs Rostrevor 6/7 A – Loss 26 – 29 (MVP Whole Team)

No Other Basketball Games Played due to School Holidays


  • AFL Pedare 1 – No Game


  • Sub Junior 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 2 – Loss 15 – 40 (MVP Kiera)
  • Sub Junior 2 – BYE
  • Junior 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 1 – Loss 24 – 57
  • Junior 2 – Pedare vs Banksia Park 2 – Loss 17 – 47 (MVP Inseo, Maya, Jenna)
  • Sub Primary 1 – BYE
  • Sub Primary 2 – Pedare vs Para Hills Wanderers 1 – Won by Forfeit
  • Primary 1 – Pedare vs Northeast Zodiac 2 – Loss 1 – 40
  • Primary 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 6 – Loss 7 – 16
  • Intermediates – BYE



  • Sub Junior 1 – Pedare vs Para Hills Wanderers 1 – Loss 9 – 42
  • Sub Junior 2 – Pedare vs Tea Tree Gully 4 – Loss 1 – 53
  • Junior 1 – Forfeit
  • Junior 2 – Pedare vs Tyndale 2 – Loss 25 – 35 (MVP Izabella, Maya, Abby)
  • Sub Primary 1 – Pedare vs Tango 2 – Won 24 – 1 (MVP Madeline, Natalie, Sophie & Elisha)
  • Sub Primary 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 4 – Loss 1 – 5 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Primary 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 3 – Loss 2 – 20
  • Primary 2 – Pedare vs Para Hills Wanderers 1 – Won 17 – 7
  • Intermediates – Forfeit 




  • U10 Boomers – Pedare vs Keithcott Knights – Loss 2 – 32
  • U12 Panthers – Pedare vs Prescott Titans – Loss 12 – 42 (MVP Dallas, Kayley)
  • U12 Stars – Pedare vs U12 Year 5/6 – Loss 3 – 33 (MVP Jasmine)
  • U12 Year 5/6 – Pedare vs U12 Stars – Won 33 – 3 (MVP Rohan, Nathan)
  • U14 Blue – No Game
  • U14 Red – No Game
  • Middle A – Pedare vs St Peters College – Won 63 – 20 (MVP Ryan P, Michael, Riley)
  • Middle B – BYE
  • Middle C – Pedare vs St Peters 2 – Loss 12 – 14 (MVP Levi, Joshua)
  • Senior 1 – BYE
  • Senior 2 – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won 23 – 20


  • AFL Pedare 1 – Pedare vs SIC 4 – Forfeit


  • Sub Junior 1 – Pedare vs Campbelltown Comets 2 – Loss 9 – 46
  • Sub Junior 2 – Pedare vs Para Hills Wanderers 3 – Loss 3 – 19 (MVP Mia)
  • Junior 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 2 – Loss 32 – 56
  • Junior 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 4 – Loss 0 – 20
  • Sub Primary 1 – Pedare vs Northeast Zodiac – Won 21 – 4 (MVP Elisha, Stella, Sophie, Isabella)
  • Sub Primary 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 3 – Loss 0 – 23
  • Primary 1 – Pedare vs TTG 4 – Loss 2 – 28
  • Primary 2 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 5 – Loss 7 – 13 (MVP Jasmine, Elena, Samaira)
  • Intermediates – Pedare vs Golden Grove 2 – Won 53 – 18


  • Middle Boys – Pedare vs Unley High – Won 10 – 0 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Senior Girls – Pedare vs Loreto 1 – Loss 0 – 2




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)

Meets Friday each week during school term at 7:30pm. Come for a great time of games, friendship and Bible discussion. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953.

Weekly Services – Check out our web site for more details.

Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion.

Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries.

Sunday@6pmYouth, young adult and those young at heart. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.