Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 11 for 2020

The Vine Issue 11 – 2020

July 31, 2020
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James Tamblyn


Mr James Tamblyn


It was wonderful to welcome parents, grandparents and friends of the College to our Senior School Academic Assembly on Thursday. We have very much missed the on-campus presence of our parents in particular. You are such an integral part of our community and we are delighted you can now be with us here, physically, at the College.

To illustrate how much richer daily life at the College is with our parents present I used the analogy of my personal favourite, the ham and cheese croissant. In a ham and cheese croissant the three core ingredients work together beautifully to make a delicious treat which is complete; when this team of three ingredients come together the result is something far greater than the sum of the parts.

In the same way, our community is only complete, and operating at its optimum, when we can all come together, all the ingredients of our complete community; students, staff and families. In this context, we very much look forward to facilitating a wide range of events, performances and gatherings throughout Term Three where parents can join us to celebrate the growth and achievements of our students.

Thursday’s academic assembly was an opportunity to recognise those Senior School students who have achieved the benchmark that qualified them for an academic award. As a school, learning is our core business. Learning deeply, and learning together, is the very reason we exist. At Pedare, our motto compels us all to Let our Light Shine. To be the very best versions of ourselves.

To those present at the assembly I spoke about the fact that the students being recognised had achieved their success primarily on the back of their effort. Their commitment to their studies. This was obviously coupled with the talents and ability that God has blessed them with, but which without effort cannot, and will not, be translated into achievement. With the challenges that Semester One presented to us all, these students have done particularly well and demonstrated real resilience to achieve academically in the way they have.

I also pointed out that there are a number of Senior School students who weren’t recognised who have worked equally as hard as the students who were. This is a great life-lesson; a difficult lesson, but a great lesson, and one that we will all experience many, many times. The experience of giving your best and missing out. Giving your best and not being recognised.

Sometimes we will give all we’ve got and, in the end, where a judgement needs to be made between our results and a set of criteria, we end up not quite making the grade. Or not being selected in the team we worked so hard to make. Or missing out on the job we really wanted and prepared so hard for.

Disappointment is an inevitable part of life, but if we use these experiences to motivate us further, and if we continue to apply genuine effort towards our learning goals, success will come. I congratulated all those whose effort towards their studies over the course of Semester One has been exemplary.

Finally, I challenged all students to continue making real connections between their learning here at Pedare, and the opportunities they would like to explore outside of school; to develop a personal learning plan that meets their needs and their interests; and to use this planning to develop the habits and routines that support the attainment of the academic results of which they are capable, and upon which their future pathway options will be determined.

We continue to be very proud of our students’ effort and accomplishments, and their commitment to being the very best versions of themselves.

Whiteman Andrew Final


Mr Andrew Whiteman


A warm welcome back to you all as we begin Term 3. I hope that you and your families made the most of the beautiful sunshine that was on offer over the break. As we return, and as Mr Tamblyn has previously said, we are heartened by the news of restrictions being lifted, supporting our larger gatherings such as assemblies, worships, and Subject Information nights now on offer in our calendars. We continue to support all students and, in particular, our Stage 2 students who are on the final stretch of their academic journey.

You will have received notice of the upcoming SACE Subject Information evening being held in the College Chapel on Monday 3 August 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. We look forward to seeing many families there; however, we understand that not everyone is able to attend. For this reason, the College will record and make any presentations available online to you after the event. Senior Staff will be present to talk with students and parents about subject-specific information. This night was well attended last year with many valuable conversations had prior to students making their selections.

Mrs Hollister has been sending regular emails to Senior Students explaining the upcoming University Open Days. Many of these events will be held online in 2020 but are well worth the effort to attend.  Please contact her if you would like any further pathways or career advice or even speak directly with her at the Subject Information evening next Monday.

Mrs Lauren Brooks


 Mrs Lauren Brooks


Ignite Day

Pedare’s Middle School endeavours to achieve a balance between traditional approaches to education teamed with innovative, future focussed methods of teaching and learning. The latter, encompasses taking risks, trying new things and challenging ourselves beyond our own perceived potential.

For all of the difficulties the year 2020 has been, it has also brought clarity in areas perhaps humankind desperately needed. Some of these being gratitude, presence and the inevitability of uncertainty! As we progress through these uncertain times, perhaps it is our ability to thrive in the unknown, cope with change and become comfortable in uncomfortable moments in life that may yield success in the future. All of these elements have been thrust upon us as adults in 2020, but what an opportunity to build our students strength and resilience in the face of change and adversity.

Ignite Day was an opportunity to embrace a day of change. We completely eradicated our normal Pedare timetables for the day and wanted students to explore their personal interests, embracing a love of the learning process through curiosity, imagination, choice and creation. Students were supported by their teachers throughout the day on a range of personal projects, problem solving activities, school based tasks as well as a range of ‘out of the box’ electives that students could attend such as knitting, hip hop classes, yoga, meditation, creative writing, robotics, juggling, science experiments, maths games, creative arts activities and much more! It was heartwarming to see our Middle School students thrive throughout the day exuding high engagement and passion in their projects.

A huge thank you to our dedicated teachers who also took a risk on this day, stepping outside of our normal comfort zones and supporting our students so wonderfully that made this day such a success. We look forward to continuing to perfect these experiences for our students and providing more innovative opportunities in the future.

To view photos of our Middle School Ignite Day please click here.

Year 9 Community Projects

Congratulations to all of our Year 9 students for successfully completing their Year 9 Community Project. This is a significant body of work completed over the first six months of the year, as students work towards completing their IB MYP experience and prepare for SACE and beyond. The Community Project is significant for several reasons; giving students an opportunity to think outside of themselves to serve others, to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work and finally, to work independently.

Throughout the project, students participate in a self-directed inquiry task within a global context. This investigation allows students to enhance their communication skills, be responsible, enhance their knowledge on a broad topic and appreciate the process of learning through serving others. Students had to make decisions, solve problems, develop understanding and communicate with supervisors and members of the wider community.

We are so proud of our students. Many Year 9s experienced additional challenges this year and were required to adapt and change their project focus due to Covid-19 limitations. Through this, we saw many of our students rise above these limitations and produce exceptional results in completing their project to an even higher standard. We look forward to celebrating these students in due course and sharing with our Pedare community.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


Welcome back to Term 3. I hope everyone is refreshed from the term break and ready for the exciting times ahead.

A very warm welcome to our new students along with our 20 new Mid-Year Receptions in their little Red Hats, it is wonderful to have you join our Pedare community.

The Junior School calendar of events this term is sensational, some of the highlights include:

  • Father’s Day Stall and Breakfast – Thursday September 3
  • Student Free Day – Friday September 4
  • Kidz Biz Year 4/5 family Night – Tuesday September 8
  • Life Education Van on Site – September 14 to 18
  • Junior School Learning Journeys – Wednesday September 23
  • Head of Junior School Assembly / Awards – Friday September 25

More details about these occasions will be sent out closer to the event dates.

Reports / Parent teacher interviews / Learning Journeys

I trust that you found the Semester One Reports comprehensive and informative. As we head into this term, the teachers will be reflecting upon the achievements of Semester One and are planning for the enrichment of every student throughout Semester Two. We value the ongoing communication with you and the Parent Teacher Interviews held this week along with Learning Journeys scheduled for Wednesday 23 September, which are a great opportunity to explore various learning experiences together.

Lost Property

Please be reminded there are currently a number of items held in lost property. We ask that parents do visit the Junior School office to locate any lost items and as always, remind you to name all items as this assists us greatly to ensure each item is returned to the rightful owner.

Kiss and Drop

I have been informed and have witnessed some driving behaviour which I fear will put our students at risk. Therefore, I ask for our community to follow all signs and drive in the direction the arrows indicate and to drive to speed limit advertised.

I look forward to a productive and rewarding term ahead. Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any queries.


Year 12 Academic Achievement Award Recipients


Congratulations to the Senior School students who were recognised and awarded certificates for their Semester 1 Academic Achievements at Assembly held on Thursday 30 July .

Year 11 Academic Achievement Award Recipients

Year 10 Academic Achievement Award Recipients


On Wednesday 29 July, it was wonderful to see our Middle School students enjoy a day of various activities and tasks which they may not have experienced before. This was a great initiative and one we hope will continue at Pedare.


On Friday 24 July, it was lovely to see the Junior School come together for their first Worship in the Chapel for Term 3 after not being about to gather as a group for so long.

Students, staff and a small number of parent visitors were able to enjoy a wonderful service about the role of angels in the Bible. As God’s servants and messengers, they protect us and guide us throughout our lives.

Even Head of Junior School, Mr Pearce got into the spirit with his very entertaining concept of what represents an angel!

College Chaplain, Mr John Morton shared a great Bible story about Daniel who was thrown into a den of lions but survived because God sent an angel to protect him.

In addition to the story, students joined together in singing and were led by the captains with prayers for the College, the wider community and the world.

Parents are welcome to attend the next Worship on Friday 7 August at 9:10am with social distancing observed at all times.


“In 30 minutes I can help solve your daughter’s texting dramas…”

It seems like the moment you allow your tween or teen to start texting or messaging their friends – the drama begins. Brisbane author Rebecca Sparrow’s life mission to help girls flourish during their tween and teen years so she is inviting parents/caregivers to join her for a short, sharp 30-minute webinar  where she will go through 5 easy to understand tips for having a more positive experience with texting and messaging.

Texting and messaging friends can be a brilliant way to stay connected and in touch. By following a few simple guidelines – they can dial down the drama and dial up the fun and connection.

When: Monday 3 August at 7:00pm (Brisbane Time) Cost: $10 + GST. Everyone who registers will be sent a link for the replay if unable to watch it live.

Click here to register.


Gratitude can be an important tool in looking after our mental health.

Recognising and being grateful for the good things we have in our lives can help us to approach every day with hope and enthusiasm.

What are you thankful for today?


Cassia Iacob, Year 10, completed a three-day TAFE short course Sponge Cake Production and Decoration in early JulySuccessful completion of the course provided Cassia with the unit Assist Sponge Cake production, from Certificate II Kitchen Operations and she will be accredited 10 Stage 1 SACE credits.

Students are encouraged to participate in such taster courses to gain experience in various career options or for general interest. Please click here to view the TAFE VET for Schools course guide.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:


It was great to see sport back at the College on Saturday. Six teams across netball, basketball and soccer played home with some great first round results, only one team played away the Middle B2 Basketballers who had a strong victory over Adelaide High. Pedare is hosting the Catholic Year 9 B2 Netball competition in the Sports Centre every Saturday with five schools involved in the competition. It was a sight to see the girls moving up and down their home court, eventually running away with the win.

The Jackson Oval finally had its first extra-curricular use since Term 1 with the Middle and Year 10 Soccer teams, making use of the spectacular conditions and a home ground advantage. The Middle team went down by a goal after leading through the first half and the Year 10 team had a 3-goal win over Westminster. Shout out to Lachlan Dingley and Nik Knelias for a couple of stellar long-range goals in the Year 10 Soccer victory.

Good Luck to all teams in their Round 2 clashes this week!

Mr Michael Secomb – Director of Sport


The Open Girls had a Knockout Round on Thursday 30 July and drew Gleeson as their opponent. The winner of this game goes through to the next round. The first quarter ended with Pedare taking the lead 11-5. The girls shone on the court with Annaliese holding her position strong as Goal Shooter. The next quarter was a challenge with Gleeson closing the gap to 22 – 19 Pedare’s way. In the third quarter, Bella took to Goal Attack successfully shooting almost all of her goals. The final quarter was an absolute nail biter. Ella held on to what little breathe she had left in Centre and ran hard up and down the court.

In the final few minutes there was only one goal separating the team. The final score resulted victorious Pedare 43 to Gleeson 41. It was a great way to start our first round of netball knockout.



Week 1


  • Stars U10 – Pedare vs Prescott 3 – Won 11 – 10 (MVP Jayden)
  • Red – Pedare vs Pedare Boomers – Won 21 – 1 (MVP Scarlett)
  • Boomers U12 – Pedare vs Pedare Red – Loss 1 – 21 (MVP Tejveer)
  • Panthers U12 – Pedare vs Prescott Bobcats – Loss 6 – 42 (MVP Levi)
  • Year 7 Blue – Pedare vs Sunrise – Won 20 – 0 (other team a no-show)
  • Middle 1 – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won 59 – 24 (MVP Josh, Jack, Bailey)
  • Middle 2 – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won
  • Senior 1 – Pedare vs PAC – Loss 15 – 17 (MVP Ben)
  • Senior 2 – Pedare vs St Ignatius – Won 46 – 22 (MVP James, Michael)


  • Year 8/9 Girls – Pedare vs St Ignatius – Won 29 – 0 (MVP Imogen)


  • Roos U9 – Pedare vs St David’s United – Draw 2 – 2 (MVP Luca)
  • United U11 – Pedare vs SFX Saints – Won 3 – 0 (MVP Hudson)
  • Senior Girls – BYE
  • Middle Boys – Pedare vs Pembroke – Loss 2 – 3
  • Senior Boys – Pedare vs Westminster – Won 6 – 2 (MVP Eli, Sam, Kosta, Joe)




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is no longer able to meet together in their traditional Sunday format. As such, Sunday gatherings have been suspended but are currently meeting online using Zoom and YouTube  Service times are 8:30am, 10:00am and 6:00pm.

Please contact Dave Brown on for more details, or check their Facebook page for links.

If you are struggling and would like to talk with someone from the church during these trying times, please phone 8264 3736.



St Mark’s Anglican Church


St Mark’s Anglican Church currently have a 9:00 am traditional service and a contemporary service at 4:00 pm. Please email to advise if you will be attending either service for COVID-19 requirements.

St Mark’s Kids Club (for Reception to Year 4 students) has also resumed this term on Thursday afternoons at 3.30 pm starting from Thursday 6 August (meeting fortnightly). Please email if you would like to attend.

For further information about St Mark’s services and Kids Club, please visit the website at