Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 15 for 2020

The Vine Issue 15 – 2020

September 25, 2020
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James Tamblyn


Mr James Tamblyn


The theme of this week’s Middle and Senior School Assembly was balance. Led by our Hillcott and Surrey students, we explored strategies for achieving a balanced life. In this context I spoke about the value I find in PERMA, Martin Seligman’s theoretical model of happiness. This model, which continues to evolve, identifies five elements essential to the attainment of happiness; Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. I find this model particularly useful whenever I feel that my balance isn’t quite right. I refer to the framework often.

Positive Emotion involves remaining optimistic and pursuing activities that bring pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Engagement occurs when we are completely absorbed by what we are doing in that moment, creating a state Seligman refers to as being in ‘flow’. Relationships requires a commitment to connect closely to others, achieved largely by treating others with respect, kindness and understanding. Meaning is quite simply doing things that matter, achieved for me through a commitment to my faith and by prioritising the needs of others. Accomplishment is achieved by setting goals, working hard, making sacrifices, executing effort and ultimately experiencing success that follows.

Further to this, the PERMA model now incorporates a PLUS element which reflects the imperatives of being physically active, living optimistically, eating well and getting adequate sleep. Being out of balance might manifest itself in feelings of tiredness, sadness, lack of motivation, intolerance, lethargy, confusion or uncertainty, amongst others. For me, when any of these feelings emerge, I find it useful to refer back to the PERMA framework, and often I am able to identify where an imbalance might exist.

My thanks to all our staff, students and community members for your contributions to a very successful Term 3. The term has been busier than normal, with many activities and events postponed from earlier in the year being rescheduled into an already tight calendar. We are most grateful for the support and understanding of our families as we have modified events or limited guests in the context of COVID-19 expectations. I hope the term break provides an opportunity for you all to spend some quality time with family, and we very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to commence Term Four on Monday 12 October.

Whiteman Andrew Final


Mr Andrew Whiteman


Slowly paddling along the beautiful River Murray last week in a Kayak with our Year 10 students was perfect for several reasons. Firstly, our Year 10 cohort were outstanding for the entire 3 days and really made me proud to be associated with a school that produces such respectful, energetic and truly grateful students. Our students certainly needed to step out of their comfort zone for the Outdoor Education Experience, where tiredness, teamwork, diet and regular creature comforts were all put to the test. I am pleased to say they all passed with flying colours and not once was any student left behind. Students were willing to help when others found it hard, they helped set up tents for others and were genuinely looking out for each other. I do hope that, once they get past all of their tiredness and regular camp grumbles, that they will look back on this once in a lifetime experience as a positive 3 days where they demonstrated resilience and the ability to tackle challenges head on. Some of these lessons may not be realised until later in life, but trust me, they are certainly worth it!

I thank all of you for your ongoing support over the past term. When we look around the country and across the world it makes us appreciate where we live and the safe place that South Australia has provided. Our team of staff have worked very hard to ensure all our students are cared for and supported in these uncertain times. Thank you to our families who have attended events and followed all the new Covid Safe protocols that we have in place. Our community is a special one and we continue to look at ways to involve our families more in events. This term has showed us that, even when making adjustments to events, we can still have a positive outcome. As the year starts to draw to a close next term, some of our end of year events may also need to change due to the current environment.

Our Year 12 students head off into their final Term 3 break this week and we wish them well in the next months as they complete their school journey here at Pedare. This week they have successfully completed their trial examinations and workshops. Students will receive these results back and, for some, it will give them confidence that they are on their right path, for others it may show them that there is more work required for the end of year SACE examinations. Our very first online trial examination was held on Monday and thank you to all our Psychology students who were involved. Pedare is again looking at more ways to replicate the online SACE examinations for our students and next year we are exploring providing more of our Stage 2 tests and trial examinations in an online environment.

A few reminders:

  • Term 4 begins for all students on Monday 12 October
  • By the end of week 1 all students must be wearing the Summer uniform including the College Hat.
  • Year 12’s final day at the College will be Friday 23 October and more specific information will be provided about the important events held next term.
  • Spring Carnival will take place on Thursday 22 October, students will be provided details via their Community Coordinators and Home Group Teachers
  • Year 10 and 11 students’ final day of lessons in Term 4 is Wednesday 18 November, examinations continue until the 27th November

Have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.


 Mr Josh Willis


In Week 10, the Middle School has had a focus on “Sweeping the Sheds”. This is a phrase adopted by the All Blacks (New Zealand National Rugby Union team). The All Blacks are the most successful sporting team in the world and not because they necessarily have the best players. Before leaving the dressing room at the end of a game, some of the most famous names in world rugby stop and tidy up after themselves. They literally and figuratively ‘sweep the sheds’. This cultural mantra is a tradition that says that no individual is bigger than the team and its ancestors. It’s an example of self-discipline and not expecting someone else to do your job for you.

I spoke to the Middle School about ways they themselves can “sweep the sheds” in their life at school and at home and the importance of never being too big to do the little things that need to be done. We are also encouraging all of our students to leave their legacy and be stewards of the future by thinking about what they can do today, for future students to enjoy. “Plant trees that you will never see”.

International Baccalaureate – Middle Years Programme

Middle School Captains, Maya and Charlie have spoken to the Middle School about developing “Inquiry” into their everyday learning. They have encouraged students to develop their natural curiosity for local and world issues and to “love learning”. This is one of the many skills we hope to continue to develop across all subjects and develop independence in their learning as students move through the middle years.


This week, students from Year 8 displayed their term long projects relating to the theme of Leadership. Students were able to develop a project of their choice, which enhanced important leadership skills. There were some amazing pieces of work displayed including books on organisation, podcasts on leadership, murals, wellbeing websites, coaching videos and much more. Leadership is a quality that we encourage and support all students to develop during their time at Pedare. We look forward to seeing what our students can produce in Term 4 SPARK lessons.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


Year 4 Stalls

On Tuesday 15 September, our Year 4 classes sold variety of items to the Junior School community. This was part of one of their transdisciplinary unit of inquiry that has seen much learning that covers many curriculum areas. Over the past few weeks, students have been Entrepreneurs inquiring into many aspects of a successful business. This learning has been made relevant with a loan (float) of $20 from the school.

The IB and PYP are perfect vehicles to allow our teachers the scope to present the curriculum in a way that makes the learning relevant, significant, challenging and engaging.  Teaching entrepreneurial skills to students is an important area of development for our children.

As such, learning provides our students with the knowledge to develop their own business. This includes helping them learn about core business areas such as sales, finance, marketing, accountancy and management, as well as broader ranging skills such as effective communication, adaptability and maintaining confidence.

The advantage of teaching these skills over more traditional subjects is that they are not uniquely relevant to an entrepreneurial career path. You can be an entrepreneur in any field, so it stands to reason that the skills needed for starting your own business would also be desirable in terms of being an employee.

Within the Australian Curriculum Humanities and Social sciences (HASS) / Economics and Business it states the rationale: 

The Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business empowers students to shape their social and economic futures and to contribute to the development of prosperous, sustainable and equitable Australian and global economies. The study of economics and business develops the knowledge, understanding and skills that will equip students to secure their financial futures and to participate in and contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of the economy, the environment and society.

According to the Australian Curriculum this learning starts in Year 7!  So, I congratulate the Year 4 teachers and their students for their Lemonade stalls and the fantastic learning that has taken place this week and over the term.

International Teacher’s Day

In preparation for International Teacher’s Day, which falls during the term break on Monday October 5.

The following poem in my view sums up our staff:

One hundred years from now

It won’t matter

What kind of car you drove

What kind of house you lived in

How much money you had in the bank

Nor what clothes you wore

But the world may be a little better

Because you were important in the life of a child.

Each and every day a tremendous amount of trust is placed in staff at Pedare. In response to the questions; “What is the most important thing in your life? What do you treasure most, care about and see as vitally important?” 99% of parents will answer, their children! More important, significant and treasured to them than their car, their house and even their partner! Not only do you as parents place the welfare of the most prized aspect of your life in our hands, we as teachers are also charged with educating them and preparing them for the future.

We thank you for that continued trust and the ongoing relationships we form with your child, children and family.




Monday 26 October 2020 at 6:00pm

College Chapel, 12-30 Surrey Farm Drive, Golden Grove

Parents, friends and old scholars of the College are cordially invited to attend the 35th Annual General Meeting of Pedare Christian College Inc.

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Clause 17 of the Constitution of Pedare Christian College Inc. of the intention to propose a number of motions, as special resolutions, to amend the Constitution.

Copies of the Agenda and details of the proposed special resolutions may be obtained from the College office, by phoning 8280 1700, or on the College website, 2020 Annual General Meeting

Members wishing to attend are required to give notice of attendance by 4:00pm Monday 19 October 2020. Notice of atten can be given by contacting the College office or emailing the Public Officer,


The 2020 Book Week will be held between Friday 16 October to Friday 23 October. The theme this year is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds and students will once again have the wonderful opportunity of dressing up as any character from their favourite book for the Parade. Book Fair will be held in Week 2 of Term 4 in the Junior School Library from Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October. Further details about Book Week to follow…



Congratulations to the following students on receiving a Head of Junior School award for Term 3 at Assembly on Friday 25 September.

Sam Casey – RC

Archer Kociolek – RO & Jamie Tran – RD

Eddie Childs – 1B & Abigail Schulz – 1M

Tayla Watson – 2B & Violet Valadian – 2BE

Lauren Bogan – 3N & Alam Jawanda – 30

Elisha Carter – 4A & Sienna Craig – 4C

Dakota Illman – 5P & Bailee Illman- 5B


Students were once again excited to showcase their learning on Wednesday 23 September.

This year our Learning Journeys included the Year 5 Exhibition. This is our second attempt as a school to complete this process and learning. Indeed, much learning has taken place both by students and teachers. Students have gained knowledge, and whilst that is important, they have also learnt how to work and thrive as a group, how to work together, how to compromise, and also make decisions that may challenge one another. As teachers, we are learning how to facilitate this process, allowing children to fail safely in an environment that is kind and caring and one that is not high stakes. Well done to all involved.

It is always wonderful to open the school and the classrooms, for the children to act as guides and for them to share with you how much they learn and their love for our school.


As part of our Unit of Inquiry lessons for How We Organise Ourselves, Year 4s had to create a business. They had to decide if they were going to sell ‘goods’ or deliver a ‘service’.

Next, each team had to write a letter to Mr Pearce to apply for a loan of $20. They had to come up with a concept which would sell, a company name and logo. Some teams had their initial loan request denied and had to redraft their letter to make sure their concept would be approved.

Year 4s also visited the Golden Grove Shops where each team was responsible for buying their own supplies and handling their money.

After weeks of hard work, the big day had finally arrived! It was time to ‘Open for Business’ and sell their products to the other Junior School students. Every team did extremely well, and many stalls even sold out before the end of lunch. At the close of business, we had made almost $1000 in sales.

Students will now vote on how to spend the money.

Well done, Year 4!

Ms Simara Conroy – Year 4 Teacher


On Wednesday 23 September, Year 5 students held their Exhibition, a celebration of the culmination of all the learning the students have experienced on their PYP journey through the Junior School. Over the last five weeks students have been working collaboratively on a selected area of interest from the global Sustainable Development Goals. They developed their own units of inquiry into the Central Idea, “Knowledge and effort can lead to change”, and in groups, shared their research, action and reflections with the Junior School classes and the parent community.

We are so proud of the depth of understanding students demonstrated, and the way they engaged with the community to share their knowledge and reflect on the learning process.

Ms Marika Brown & Mr Andy Peartree – Year 5 Teachers


On Thursday 24 September, the Chapel came alive to the brilliant sights and sounds of Pedare’s talented students at the Roaring 20’s Cabaret. Music students from the Stage Band, Luminaire Vocal Ensemble, Prelude Vocal Ensemble and the String Quartet presented incredible group and solo performances dressed in stunning formal 1920’s inspired outfits. The Year 12 Music students performed many assessment pieces for their SACE studies and the evening was nothing short of a spectacular success. The Cabaret was a fundraiser for the Australian charity The Smith Family which was chosen by the Pedare students.

My thanks go to all who attended the evening in support of the music students and to Mr Gerald Pederick, Mrs Morgan Bramble and Mrs Belinda Carter for all their dedication to bringing this evening together. It was a delight to be able to bring this performance to the community.  

Mrs Nadine Stroud – Director of Music R-12


On Wednesday 23 September, 24 Year 9 Chinese students went on an excursion to the Chinese Buddhist Temple in Ottoway as well as Chinatown. At the Temple, we learnt about the Chinese Buddhist values and the history behind Buddhism, where the Monk, Shifu, led us meditation which allowed us to challenge being focused. All of the students displayed the IB Learner Profile, Open-minded, as we explored a different culture and we were open to trying new things that we would not typically do, such as meditation. In Buddhist culture, fruits represent purity and that there are consequences for your actions. Once our time at the temple was finished, we gave the Monk a gift of fresh fruits on behalf of Pedare Christian College and we thanked him by bowing, a respectful gesture.

After visiting the temple, we headed off to Chinatown where we ate lunch at Dumpling King in the Chinese food court. By this time in the day, everyone was extremely hungry, and we indulged in traditional Chinese cuisine. For many of us, it was our first time trying some of the foods they offered to us, but we ended up enjoying the food that we had tried for the first time. Once we had finished eating our lunch, we went on a Chinese scavenger hunt in small groups where we explored the Chinese restaurants that were in the vicinity. The scavenger hunt was followed by some time to ourselves exploring and shopping in the markets. Gong Cha and Chatime were go-to shops for drinks and shops selling all sorts made a bargain by selling hats, sunglasses and other accessories to some students. Whilst exploring these shops, many of us purchased some of our favourite Chinese snacks, some of which we had been introduced to in our Chinese classes back at Pedare.

Overall, our experiences on this excursion has been able to extend our knowledge of Chinese culture and language. Our understanding of Chinese culture was further enhanced as we engaged in traditional Chinese meditation and as we ate our lunch it gave us a greater insight into what Chinese people eat on a daily basis. The excursion was enjoyed by all who attended, and we are very grateful for being given the opportunity to visit this part of Adelaide.

Some student comments:

  • “My personal favourite part of the Chinese excursion was going around the market, as I was able to explore many stores that demonstrated different cultural aspects of South-Asian culture.” – Sneha Aryal 
  • “I had a great time on this excursion where I learned to use different IB learner profiles, like open-minded and thinkers, because I had to be open minded about the meditation because I thought I would not like it. I had to be a thinker when thinking about how to spend my money in a smart way and on useful things.” – Rylee S
  • “After our visit to the temple, we enjoyed a large variety of foods from Chinese cuisine, my favourites were the dumplings and scallion pancakes. After our large and delicious meal we participated in a Chinese challenge that demonstrated our knowledge of the culture and language as well as developing it.” – Mia W
  • “Once inside the Main Hall, we were able to sit down and take in the rich decoration. Miss Chua introduced us to Shifu Shi Zhenjin, who was a monk at the temple. He explained many aspects of Buddhist practices and customs which can be found around the world, including the spirituality and daily lives of the monks.” – Adele J
  • “When we first got to the temple I thought that it may be boring but it was very interesting listening to the people explain the decorations and how they built the temple by researching and visiting different places to ensure that the temple resembled other traditional temples. It was also interesting to be able to find out about Buddhism and how they live their lives.” 
  • – Chloe S
  • “Chinatown was my favourite part of the excursion as we got to choose groups and then eat,  all of the food was really good and then we got bubble tea which was also very good. The free time was fun as we could go have a look at all the stores and the different types of shops.” – Georgia N
  • “All in all, I believe that the Chinese excursion was very therapeutic. We started off driving to the temple. I’ve been here many times, and I have been taught the same meditation type before. I learnt a lot of new aspects of Buddhism that I didn’t know. I found that coming back to this place made me feel a sense of nostalgia from when I was younger.” – Vivian C
  • “My friends and I got to freely walk-around the Chinese market and the environment was beautifully diverse full of respectful and polite individuals. Myself and my classmates enjoyed this excursion very much it was so much fun learning about Chinese culture and religion.” 
  • – Marissa A

Maya McInnes, Year 9


On Wednesday 23 September, Year 9 German students participated enthusiastically in our German Day In. They took part in a German language Schnitzeljagd (scavenger hunt), solving puzzles and riddles, learning to dance the Schuhplattler (slap dance), making German hats and filming skits. There was also a very exciting game of Indoor Fußball, poster-making, a giant Kahoot and a lunch of Würstchen and Sauerkraut (which everyone tried). The afternoon finished off, in keeping with the soccer game, with a film about Germany winning the World Cup in 1954 – “Das Wunder von Bern”

Danke vielmals to Year 10 students Kiara, Alina, Kelsey and Jenna who helped out with the Schnitzeljagd.

Some student comments on the day:

  • “The Schnitzeljagd was interesting, tested our German knowledge and was quite fun. The kahoot was my favourite because it was competitive, engaging and everybody participated. I also enjoyed making the poster to promote languages and the movie was a good insight into some of Germany’s history.”
  • “The scavenger hunt was really good. Working in a group with others turned out to be helpful as we could help each other out with words that we weren’t sure of. The soccer game was hard but really enjoyable as we were matched with people on a similar skill level to us. The lunch was really tasty with some of us discovering a new-found appreciation for Sauerkraut! The film was interesting with several important characters getting significant character development in interesting ways. The reporters’ constant bickering was interesting and the ending was very satisfying.”
  • “I really like how it was in groups as it made it a lot more fun with friends, especially the scavenger hunt. The film was actually a lot more interesting than I thought.”  
  • “The schnitzeljagd was decently fun.”
  • “I liked how we could go off in groups by ourselves and do different things.” 
  • “The football was fun as well as the Schnitzeljagd. Mittagessen was quite yummy.  The kahoot was good and the film was very entertaining.”
  • “The hats were good.” 
  • “The sauerkraut was actually tasty!”
  • “The Fußball was very good and interesting. I liked the kahoot as it was fun and competitive.”

Ms Susan O’Connell – Learning Area Coordinator, LOTE


Year 10 and 11 Media and Visual Art students combined for an excursion to the Adelaide CBD on Tuesday 15 September 15. We began with a thorough tour of the Art Gallery of South Australia, practicing social distancing as we explored the current exhibitions. Students discussed how work is displayed and the value of art in our culture. Highlights of this experience included being immersed in the ‘Chromatopia’ exhibition which is an exploration of why artist use colour with large scale artworks in a range of mediums.

Students interacted with the performance artwork ‘Seeing Through Darkness’ incorporated and students engaged well with the innovative display at the ‘Love in the time of COVID-19’ exhibition. After lunch, students then toured the Jam Factory and Samstag Gallery spaces where they were exposed to a range of glassware, ceramics, architectural installations, film, painting and mixed media. We had a very successful day, full of inspiration, sunshine and adventure.

Students should be commended for their behaviour and enthusiasm.

Mr Tom Tymukas – Learning Area Coordinator, Art/Technology & Mrs Kai Benyk and Mrs Leah Grant – Media and Visual Art Teachers


On Tuesday 22 September, a group of our Year 10 and 11 students joined with students from Gleeson College and attended the annual ‘Creative Writing Workshop’ run by the University of Adelaide. This year the workshop was run online, and despite not being able to interact with the presenters in person, students were given a lot of helpful hints to improve their writing. Short, 10-minute sessions were run by several of the University’s Creative Writing faculty members, on topics such as Haiku Poetry, creating characters with strong motives, and writing strong dialogue.

The students who chose to attend have been able to reflect on some of the skills learned, and will be able to implement these techniques in their own creative writing.

Mrs Sarah Bloomfield – Learning Area Coordinator, English


Our Year 11 Essential English class has been studying restaurant and café reviews.

On Monday, 14 September, they were able to visit our local Fasta Pasta for lunch, in preparation for writing their own reviews. Students enjoyed having a meal together and bringing out their inner food critic! 

Mrs Sarah Bloomfield – Learning Area Coordinator, English


Congratulations to Siddharth Dhayanand, Year 10, who has won the Winners medal (Singles & Doubles) in NETA (North East Tennis Association) winter competition 2020 under A4 Division Grand Finals held on Friday 11 September at Para Hills Tennis Club.

Well done Siddharth.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:


Since our last update of Pedare’s Oz Asia Club, we have been focusing on Asian Cuisine. We were very fortunate to be given instant noodles donated by Savour of Asia, a website selling Asian cuisine and ingredients. Students learnt to add various healthy ingredients to make a quick and easy Asian meal.

In other sessions, the group has been very busy with cooking a variety of dishes including; Thai fried rice, Chinese Hokkien noodles, spring rolls, Thai money bags, Vietnamese cold rolls, San Choy Bao (Chinese lettuce wrap) plus many more.

Oz Asia has been attracting up to 30 students at each session and have even been trying some of these delicious recipes at home. Students also explored the tradition behind each dish.

Mrs Siew Ng– Chinese Teacher



Week 8


  • Stars U10 – Pedare vs Prescott 3 – Won 38 – 8 (MVP Amelia)
  • Year 6 Red – Pedare vs GS Nets – Won 30 – 22
  • Boomers U12 – Pedare vs SFX Dunkers – Loss 16 – 39 (MVP Edward)
  • Panthers U12 – Pedare vs Kings Thunder – Loss 22 – 33 (MVP Charlie)
  • Year 7 Blue – BYE
  • Middle 1 – Pedare vs Pembroke Navy – Won 51 – 15 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Middle 2 – Pedare vs Pulteney Grammar – TBA
  • Senior 1 – Pedare vs St Peters White – TBA
  • Senior 2 – Pedare vs Nazareth 1 – Won 41 – 22 (MVP Michael, James)


  • Roos U9 – Pedare vs St Davids Storm – Won 8 – 0 (MVP Isaac, Luca)
  • United U11 – Pedare vs Messi – Loss 5 – 1 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Middle Boys – Pedare vs St Ignatius – Forfeit
  • Senior Boys – Pedare vs St Michaels – Won 5 – 1 (MVP Whole Team)

Week 9


  • Stars U10 – Pedare vs Prescott 2 – Won 25 – 5
  • Year 6 Red – Pedare vs Kings Thunder – TBA
  • Boomers U12 – Pedare vs Prescott Bobcats – TBA
  • Panthers U12 – Pedare vs GS Shooters – Loss 16 – 32 (MVP Rafael)
  • Year 7 Blue – Pedare vs Stradbroke Sizzlers – Loss 28 – 433 (MVP Thomas)


  • Roos U9 – Pedare vs St Davids Thunder – Loss 3 – 1 (MVP Christian, Will)
  • United U11 – Pedare vs St Davids Juventus – Draw 3 – 3




Tea Tree Gully Anglican

Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is a group of Christians who seek to serve Jesus in everything we do. Whether you are just visiting, or looking for a Christian home, we aim to be a loving and supportive family for you. We meet at the church at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 6:00pm in person. If you can’t join us just yet, we’ll continue to stream at 8:30am and 10:00am online using Zoom and YouTube  Service times are 8:30am and 10:00am.

Please contact Dave Brown on for more details, or check their Facebook page for links.

If you are struggling and would like to talk with someone from the church during these trying times, please phone 8264 3736.



St Mark’s Anglican Church


St Mark’s Anglican Church currently have a 9:00 am traditional service and a contemporary service at 4:00pm. Please email to advise if you will be attending either service for COVID-19 requirements.

St Mark’s Kids Club (for Reception to Year 4 students) has also resumed this term on Thursday afternoons at 3.30pm (meeting fortnightly). Please email if you would like to attend.

For further information about St Mark’s services and Kids Club, please visit the website at