Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 17 for 2023

The Vine Issue 17 – 2023

November 24, 2023
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Mr James Tamblyn


The tragic death of Charlie Stevens last week, son of South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, has been followed by an overwhelming outpouring of grief and an acute sense of collective sadness, something rarely seen for a person otherwise unknown to us until the event that took his life. The loss of a son or daughter is an experience no parent should have to endure, but the passing of Charlie has had a visceral impact on so many over the past week. 

Through the years of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Commissioner Stevens played such an integral role in keeping South Australians safe, keeping us informed and reassuring our community that all that could be done was being done to protect our health and safety. For months on end he appeared on our televisions and on our devices daily, sometimes multiple times daily, updating us on actions and next steps, including lockdowns, remote learning, travel restrictions, shopping limits and a raft of other measures to navigate the most unprecedented of circumstances. 

He was the face of the people and the plan; a source of consistency and reliability amidst the turbulence. A trusted public servant dedicated to keeping others safe. In this context, it is little wonder that the public has been moved by Charlie’s death in the way we have. The Stevens family will remain in our thoughts and prayers through this incredibly difficult time. 

Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, in Ukraine and more recently in Gaza and Israel, thousands continue to be displaced, captured, horrendously injured or killed. Images of parents who have lost all their children, and every other member of their family, are commonplace. The horror of living through these experiences is unimaginable, literally, and because these events are happening so far away and to people we do not know, we are perhaps less susceptible to collective emotional responses like those that the death of Charlie Stevens has evoked this week. 

As members of a global community, we are called to do and give all we can to support our innocent international brothers and sisters caught up, through no fault of their own, in the conflict currently taking place, particularly at this time in the Holy Land. In this context, I draw your attention to Deputy Principal Mandy Hore’s article in this edition of the Vine and the opportunity to contribute to an emergency appeal for the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza through the Anglican Board of Mission. I thank you for your consideration of supporting this cause. 

They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ 

Matthew 25:44-45


Mrs Mandy Hore


Petworth news

The very first gathering of our newest Community, Petworth, was held last Monday. Current students and staff met for the first time for morning tea and to hear our plans for 2024. 

Among the first tasks will be to design a Community mascot, motto, banner and, of course, a team cheer. Involving the Petworth students in this will occur early in the new year, and everyone will have the opportunity to actively shape their community, including the many new students to Pedare who will be joining us in orange. 

Student voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities and education, contributing to decision-making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas. I am very much looking forward to this and engaging Petworth members to bring the community to life and make our sixth community a reality.

Petworth Morning Tea – Monday, 20 November

Al Ahli Hospital Emergency Appeal

Anglicans In Development (AID), with the Anglican Board of Mission (ABM), has launched an emergency appeal for the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, expressing their deepest sympathies for all those affected by the devastating conflict in Gaza and Israel. 

The ABM is the national mission agency for the Anglican Church. It is the channel through which Australian Anglicans participate in missions, both here and overseas. AID operates ABM’s Sustainable Communities program, working with church partners to deliver grassroots, community-driven development, and disaster preparedness and response.

Pedare, as a member of the Anglican Schools network, is supporting this initiative through both prayer and donations.

Students are invited to join staff for a time of reflection and prayer for those impacted by the current conflict in Israel and Gaza on Wednesday, 29 November, from 1.10 – 1.30pm in the Chapel.

Donation boxes will be available at both the Junior School Nativity on Friday, 1 December and the Year 3-5 Thanksgiving on Tuesday, 12 December.

For more information about the appeal, as well as a direct link for donations, visit:


Mr Josh Willis


Congratulations to our Stage Two students for successfully completing their final examinations for 2023. I would like to commend each of them for their dedication and hard work during the last weeks of their education at Pedare. Both our online and paper examinations went smoothly, ensuring a successful completion. The eagerly awaited results for our Year 12 cohort will be released on Monday, 18 December. 

Year 10 and Stage One examinations will be held next week. Students are advised to attend in formal summer uniform and ensure they are at their exam ahead of time. The Watte Centre and Catford Library will be available throughout the day for students to remain on campus and engage in study sessions for upcoming exams. For Year 11 students, this serves as their final rehearsal for the Stage 2 Exams next year. We extend our best wishes to all our students as they finalise their last assessments of 2023.

Looking ahead, our 2024 Year 12 students will partake in an Orientation Day on Friday, 1 December. This day provides an opportunity for students to meet their teachers and gain insights into the specific requirements of each subject. Some subjects may have holiday work assigned to ensure students are well-prepared for success in the upcoming year. All current Year 11 students are expected to attend from 8.35 am, and the day will conclude at 1.05 pm. Year 10 students enrolled in a Stage Two subject in 2024 are also required to attend, focusing on their specific subjects only.


Mrs Eliza Buckoke


Our Year 8 Outdoor Education Experience to Hindmarsh Island has been ongoing throughout this week. Half of the students went from Monday to Wednesday, while the other half commenced their camp experience on Wednesday. Students have been enjoying a range of outdoor activities, including surfing, kayaking, Trangia cooking and team-building activities. What a wonderful way for students to step outside their comfort zones and create special memories with their peers.

Year 8 Outdoor Education Experience at Hindmarsh Island, 20-22/22-24 November

During Week 5, we celebrated PE Week with various activities. The special Assembly featuring guest speaker Laura Hodges, who shared insights from her impressive 20-year basketball career, was truly inspiring. We also held our Middle and Senior School Cross Country event on Thursday, and it was great to see everybody getting involved and contributing to their Communities.

PE Week Assembly with Laura Hodges – Thursday, 16 November

MS/SS Cross Country – Thursday, 16 November

The Junior and Middle School Music Recital Evening showcased remarkable talent, with students bravely taking the stage for solo performances. We extend our appreciation to the Music staff and specialist tutors for their invaluable encouragement and guidance.

JS&MS Music Recital Evening – Wednesday, 15 November

A big congratulations to Stella A, Emily H, Mia N and Natalie P from Year 7 for making it to the State finals of the National History Challenge. Their achievement was celebrated at a ceremony at Scotch College, and we are immensely proud of their dedication and success.

Looking ahead, please keep an eye out for details about our upcoming end-of-year events. We’re excited to welcome our new Middle School parents on ‘Welcome Night’ (Monday, 4 December), followed by the ‘Welcome Day’ for students the next day. Additionally, our Year 9 Graduation Ceremony is scheduled for Week 8, on Thursday, 7 December, at 9am.

As we approach the end of assessments for the year, I encourage all students to persevere and give their best effort in these final stages. Remember, your hard work and dedication are building the foundation for your future success. Keep pushing yourself, and know that your efforts are truly valued.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let’s finish this year strong!


Mr Randall Pearce


Year 5 Exhibition – Wednesday, 22 November 2023 

Year 5 leaves its mark on Pedare students. Firstly, it is the last year of Primary, representing the leap towards the Middle Years Programme (MYP). It marks a before and an after in the Primary stage as students face the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition, the first major public exhibition of their long and extensive inquiry learning process. 

The PYP Exhibition is not just another short-term project, a presentation on a topic, or just a usual event. This extensive research project builds the foundational skills they will need as they enter the MYP and beyond. It is the last step of hundreds of little steps leading them to a culminating milestone event, marking the end of their time as PYP students.  

Year 5 students worked on the exhibition throughout the term. The process involves hours of discussions, debates, questions and reflection on a transdisciplinary theme. It is an opportunity for students to implement several weeks of research, analysis and critical thinking to solve real-life problems through their innovative projects. 

At Pedare, our focus is on the process, rather than the product; the expedition, rather than the final day of the Exhibition. The visible part of the PYP Exhibition is the display of all the projects where students present their research, their process of inquiry, and their creative projects to the Pedare community. It is the part that we get to see, but let’s not forget that there is a lot of effort behind it, weeks of work, research, analysis and preparation.  

Initiated by students, PYP action is authentic, meaningful, mindful, responsible and responsive. The action could be:

  • a change in attitude
  • a consideration or plan for action in the future
  • a demonstration of responsibility or respect for self, others and the environment
  • a commitment to leading or participating in a youth advocacy group
  • an engagement in school decision-making or an expression of support in community, local and global decision-making.

As a culminating project, the Exhibition has required students to draw on their learning throughout the PYP. As our Year 5 students move forward to Year 6 and the MYP, they do so with the confidence that they have gained many skills, the ability to inquire and research, work collaboratively, and choose and develop appropriate action.

Many thanks to Miss Brown and the Year 5 teaching team for their hard work and dedication to this significant event in the lives of our students.

Year 5 Exhibition – Wednesday, 22 November


Christmas Giving Tree Donations

The annual Christmas Giving Tree collection is up and running in the Middle and Senior School, with some generous donations already under the tree. If you would like to contribute to our efforts to assist Uniting Care Salisbury in making Christmas a bit more special for those in need, you are welcome to drop off any gift donations to either Catford or Lomandra Library by Thursday, 7 December. Please don’t wrap presents; however, gift bags or boxes are welcome.

End-of-Year Thank You Event

The College will be hosting a special morning tea to thank all of our registered Volunteers for their invaluable support throughout the year. If you have volunteered at the College and would like to attend, please RSVP via the link below.

When: Wednesday 6 December, 10-10.45am

Where: Pedare OSHC Building

RSVP required


Health and Physical Education Week

Monday-Friday, 13-17 November

In Week 5, the College celebrated Health and Physical Education Week with the theme “Move with Purpose.” The focus was on creating awareness of how regular physical activity serves as a powerful antidote to stress, contributing to positive wellbeing. Engaging in exercise triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters, reducing stress hormones and fostering a sense of euphoria. Physical activity also enhances sleep quality and redirects thoughts away from stressors. Whether through brisk walks, vigorous workouts or calming activities like yoga, incorporating exercise into daily routines is a holistic approach to stress reduction and overall wellbeing.

Throughout the week, a variety of activities were provided to allow all students from Mid-Year Reception to Year 11 to integrate additional physical activity into their busy schedules.

A big thank you to our special guest, Laura Hodges, for coming to Pedare and sharing her valuable experiences with our students and staff.

Mr Damien Hutchings

Staff Vs Year 11 Volleyball – Monday, 13 November

Staff Vs Year 11 Netball – Wednesday, 15 November

PE Week Morning Movement – Wednesday, 15 November

JS Sports Day – Friday, 17 November

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Excursion

Year 4

Year 4 students had an incredible day during their recent visit to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The air was filled with excitement as the students engaged in a Space Botany Workshop, walked along the Food Glorious Food Trail and visited the captivating Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition.

During the workshop, students were enthralled by the futuristic concept of building a sustainable Mars base for humans to survive. They discovered the challenges in space gardening and explored what is involved in surviving a full 365 days in space. The experience inspired them for their Unit of Inquiry, where they built a moon base. 

The Food Glorious Food Trail was a hands-on exploration of the journey from seed to table. Students were able to see the natural growth of edible plants and even had the opportunity to pick some plants to feel and smell.

The day concluded with students immersing themselves in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition. The stunning visuals captured by talented photographers showcased the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Mrs Hannah Vlahos

Shrek The Musical Excursion

Year 9/10 Music and Drama

Year 9/10 Drama and Music students attend the “Shrek the Musical” dress rehearsal, presented by the second and selected first-year students of Adelaide University Elder Conservatorium Music Theatre on Wednesday, 15 November.

Mr Christopher Bond



The Pedare Extra-Curricular Team are excited to bring you a new portal, containing information and links all in one location to our Sports and Clubs program.

The Portal is updated regularly to bring you the latest news, announcements, updates, results and more of Pedare Extra-curricular activities and events.


Singacup 2023

Congratulations to Harry G (Year 7), who was selected to play for Carrusca Football Academy in the Singacup, Asia’s Premier International Youth Football Tournament, held in Singapore recently. Harry’s U14 boys performed exceptionally well and finished in 5th place out of the 23 teams from Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, India, Philippines and Malaysia.


Christmas Family Fun Day

All are welcome to join the free community event, the Christmas Family Fun Day, hosted by Gully Church on Saturday, 2 December, from 8:30 am to 1 pm at 600 Milne Road, Banksia Park.

For more information, visit:



Tea Tree Gully Anglican


Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is a group of Christians who seek to serve Jesus in everything we do. Whether you are just visiting or looking for a Christian home, we aim to be a loving and supportive family for you. We meet at the church at 8.30 am, 10.00 am, and 6.00 pm in person. If you can’t join us just yet, we’ll continue to stream at 8.30 am and 10.00 am online using Zoom and YouTube  Service times are 8.30 am and 10.00 am.

Please contact Dave Brown at for more details, or check their Facebook page for links.

If you are struggling and would like to talk with someone from the church during these trying times, please phone 8264 3736.




Gully Church (Tea Tree Gully Uniting) – Banksia Markets


Gully Church hosts the ‘local and friendly’ Banksia Markets on the first Saturday of each month from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm at 600 Milne Road, Banksia Park. Stalls inside the hall and in the car park include produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, tools, bric-à-brac and lots more.

For more information, contact the Gully Church website at or email




Golden Grove Uniting Church


Golden Grove Uniting Church, corner of Crouch and One Tree Hill Road, Golden Grove, has a traditional service at 10 am on a Sunday.  Also, on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, we have a cafe-style church, a relaxed contemporary worship service at 6 pm in the Church hall.

Café Youth is a fun, interactive program for young people ages 14 and up looking to engage in topics of faith. Café Youth sessions start with a fun 30-minute activity based on the theme for the night, then followed by “Talk Time”, during which the group discusses a topic of faith while enjoying delicious snacks, refreshments and pizza! The cost for each session is $5.

For further information, please contact the Office at 8251 4298 or email  You can even check our webpage: