Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 4 for 2018

The Vine Issue 4 – 2018

March 23, 2018
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Mr Mike Millard


Mr Mike Millard


Shave for a Cure

I heartily commend the Junior School students, staff and families for raising $8500 for Shave for a Cure last Friday. This is a significant amount of money that will be able to advance research into cancer. Our brave Junior School team of Mrs Melissa Clifton, Mr Randall Pearce and Mr Russell Hopper inspired the community to dig deep for such a worthy cause.

Such events bring our College community together and importantly show students they can make a difference in the lives of others. Service education such as this helps Pedare students build affinity and compassion. Well done to all at the Junior School on achieving such a positive outcome.


Middle and Senior School Athletics Carnival

I have received many positive comments from parents, students and staff about the Middle and Senior Athletics Carnival which was held at Tilley Reserve Little Athletics Club on Friday 16 March. Pedare students really embrace the spirit of the day by proudly wearing their Community Tops and being very engaged in the events. The Year 12s celebrated their last ever College Carnival, by dressing up in costumes and really enjoying the camaraderie within their year level.

Congratulations to the Greenwith Community for their first place on the day in what was one of the closest outcomes for a number of years. Each Community really focussed on making sure they had all events filled and the level of participation this year was very pleasing. My thanks to the Sports Department of Mr Josh Willis and Mrs Emma Hart for all their hard work and organisation behind the scenes to ensure that Pedare students had a very positive and enriching experience.


Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


Our days tend to be so busy. Days, weeks, even months seem to fly by and we are left wondering where the time has gone. During the last several months, have you made a promise that you could not keep because the time just escaped you? Even if this has not happened to you, some words of wisdom can make a difference.

Benjamin Franklin is known for a number of achievements. One such accomplishment is a set of phrases, or quotes, that have served as words of wisdom for many over the years. In today’s hectic times, remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Well done, is better than well said.”

The meaning of these words is fairly easy to understand, but they serve as an excellent reminder to us. The thing we DO for others are so much more important than the things we SAY to others. In other words: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” So simple… but so very important to the relationships we are trying to build every day.

Take a few moments today and think back to the things you have said to others lately, including your family members. Is there something you could have done for that person which would relay the same message?

So, this week, think about what you can do for your family, friends, acquaintances, fellow church members, business contacts, and the many others you come into contact with each week.

Is there something you could do for them, even something little, to let them know they are appreciated? The impact of your actions can be much longer-lasting than the impact of your words alone.

World’s Greatest Shave  

On reflection, our achievement as a Junior School, through the generosity of our community to raise over $8,500 is a shining example of the “Well done is better than well-said” theme.  Pedare community’s actions did speak louder than words and through a simple gesture of shaving 3 people’s heads, our community has made the world better for families who are experiencing hardship due to leukaemia.

Mrs Clifton led the World’s Greatest Shave, it was her little idea that grew into a big community event, follows the “from little things big things grow” theme.

Thank you for Mrs Clifton and her efforts, I am sure you agree she looks amazing! Thank you for the kind emails and facebook posts they are treasured.

Learning Journeys 

We look forward to Learning Journeys commencing in Week 9 – Wednesday the 28 March. These are a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate their learning with parents and family.

All year levels will open their classroom and inviting parents/caregivers to share in the learning. It involves classes showcasing completed work to their special guest. Each child will have the opportunity to share and reflect upon their different learning experiences, work, learning environments and classroom experiences.

We believe Learning Journeys are valuable to the students, giving them the experience and enabling them to develop many different skills, including; responsibility, reflection, choice and control of their learning through self-evaluation

Year 5 parents please note, following Learning Journeys, Emily from Wilderness Escape will be offering a parent presentation from 6:30pm to 7:15pm.

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


This week I had the pleasure of visiting the Year 7 camp which took place at the Woodhouse Activity Centre at Piccadilly in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Our students were treated to some wonderful outdoor experiences and were building skills that will last a lifetime. Mr Michael Secomb, the College Camp Coordinator, does an outstanding job to provide challenging and memorable experiences in all our College camps. Teachers spend time with each of the year levels before they go on a camp to outline the importance of students stepping out of their comfort zone when they attend a camp. For some, the camping experience is easy, for others it is a real challenge and all students are reminded that it is okay to feel nervous about deviating from our normal lives. Students spend time in groups organising activities and planning their meals for the overnight expeditions. It is here that the life-long skills of negotiation, planning a meal, shopping, compromise, personal responsibility and the most important one of all, remembering the food, are all put to the test. Students build resilience as they are away from their families and not only get used to having to do things that they don’t normally do, but they enjoy them! There is no TV, no iPhone, no screens, no homework and the students, although reluctant at first, get used to not having them and interact with each other. It is on these camps that life long memories and friends are made as sometimes, students are placed in uncomfortable situations and come through the challenge better for the experience. As you can probably understand I am a big supporter of our camp program and am delighted that our students get to enjoy such a variety of camps through their time here at Pedare. The educational experience for students at the College is only enhanced by the compulsory camp program. If you have any questions related to a specific camp please contact the Camp Coordinator Mr Michael Secomb at the College.

Year 9 student leaders attended the camp on Tuesday where they supported and encouraged Year 7 students during the exciting high ropes course. Having the older students giving advice on how to overcome fears and sharing their own experiences from previous camps gave our younger students confidence to try new things. As scary as the top of the ladder looked, or as horrifying as the ‘leap of faith’ seemed, it was great to see so many boys and girls step out of their comfort zone and conquer their fear of heights. The jubilation and adrenaline flowing through the students as they reached the ground was an inspiring sight. The phrase ‘ I want to go again’ was heard from many and it was particularly pleasing to hear it from those who thought they would never climb 10 metres up a tree let alone walk along a single 10cm wide wire!  Well done to all the students and a big thank you to the staff for their time on camp. Ms Cameron, Ms Murby, Mr Gale, Mr Goodall and Mr Raymond.

With the current building program underway our Year 9 leaders put their heads together and decided that Year 6 and 7 students needed some organised activity at lunch times. The leaders are running lunchtime activities over the term for students who would like to be active at break times. Unfortunately a portion of the soccer oval is shortly going to be making way for the construction of the College gymnasium and new Junior School Buildings. The photo attached shows the Year 6 cohort playing a game of ‘Capture the Flag’ which was played for Community points. All the students had a great time and were very eager to win points for their Community. Thank you to our leaders for organising such a fun activity and we look forward to the other challenging activities that they come up with. I believe that this week Football will be our game of choice as the AFL season launches.

Congratulations to Greenwith who were victorious at the College Athletics Carnival last week. It was a very close finish and thinking how only 9 points could separate the top 2 teams was amazing, its only 1 race difference! A wonderful time was had by all the students and, although the weather was a little unkind at the end of the day, there were still plenty of smiles.


Mrs Gillian Edwards


Mrs Gillian Edwards


All senior students received a Senior School Planner at the start of this year. Now is a timely reminder to encourage the students to use this Planner – not just to record homework, due dates etc. but also to read the learning and well-being advice that is included for each week of the year. So far, these tips have included the following: prioritising skills, best conditions for home study, note-taking, time planning and organisation, well-being and resilience. Some of this material will be addressed through the pastoral curriculum; but there is a wealth of information available, especially on pages 6 – 23, which students can independently access to help develop and monitor their skills and support their emotional and physical well-being.

Resilience was certainly an attribute developed by the Year 10 students and staff on their recent camp. The conditions were very warm and challenging but the groups worked well together to achieve the desired outcomes. Well done to all concerned.

The Year 10 Media Arts class, under the supervision of their teacher, Mrs Leah Grant, have worked through the process of designing a series of murals to be painted on the free-standing, upright blocks within the Wattle Courtyard. Following consultation with Senior Management and Building and Grounds, they are about to commence the project. We look forward to seeing the final product as the students put their learning into practice.

It is heartening to see our students taking advantage of the learning opportunities recently advertised through the One+ Campus, including the Ready 2 Apply session and the coding workshop.

Congratulations to all who participated in last week’s Athletics Carnival. The Year 12s certainly enjoyed their final carnival and the opportunity to come dressed in a wide variety of interesting costumes. The willingness of students to support their Community through getting involved in events, and the manner in which they encouraged their peers, speaks volumes of the positive culture at Pedare.



REMINDER: On Thursday 29 March, after the special R-12 Easter Service for Junior, Middle & Senior School, students will be dismissed early prior to the Easter break. Junior School will be dismissed from that campus at 1:30pm. Middle & Senior School will be dismissed at 1:00pm. If you are unable to collect your child/ren at those times, please click here for more information about OSHC, buses and after school hours in the Catford Library.




Thursday, 7 March

In Week 6, Year 5 students went on an excursion to The Centre of Democracy and Parliament House as part of their unit of inquiry into ‘How we organise ourselves.’ With the central idea of ‘Systems organise the lives of citizens’ in mind, the students developed their understanding of how democracy was established in South Australia and the path that it has taken over the years.

After a tour of Parliament House, the students took great joy in acting out the introduction and passing of a bill in the Legislative Council Chamber. The students each had a role to play and were able put forward their argument and vote on whether or not the proposed bill should be passed, all while being kept in line by the speaker!

On reflecting on this valuable learning opportunity, some Year 5 students have shared their thoughts:

  • “I thought it was really interesting to see how our Parliament works”Angus
  • “It really made you feel like a real politician”Callum
  • “It was so exciting walking into Parliament and seeing where all the bills are being passed”Emily
  • “It was really fun going to learn about the history of democracy”Bella
  • “It’s so amazing seeing where all of our state laws are made”Isaac
  • “I hope this excursion stays in Year 5 forever”Brodie
  • “It was interesting seeing why women couldn’t vote for a long time”Antony H



Friday, 16 March

Congratulations to the following winners of the Middle & Senior School Athletics Carnival:

  • Greenwith – 1767
  • Eldergreen – 1758
  • Brooklyn – 1665
  • Surrey – 1664
  • Hillcott – 1405

All Age Community Relay winner: Eldergreen

Fast 5 Girls

  • 1st – Isabella Bogan
  • 2nd – Teagan Murdey-Green
  • 3rd – Sakura Tatewaki

Fast 5 Boys

  • 1st – Mitchell Phillips
  • 2nd – Connor Pullinger
  • 3rd – Kyle Alchin



Wednesday, 14 March

In Week 7, Year 6s enjoyed an incursion with the ZOOSSA Zoomobile. We are currently studying animal adaptations and how adaptations help animals survive and thrive in their environment, and it was very valuable (and very cute!) to get to see the animals up close and hear about their adaptations. We met a blue-tongue lizard, an olive python (a few students beat a strategic retreat!), a stick insect, a ring-tailed possum, and a quokka.

Thank you to Michelle from ZOOSSA for a great experience.




Monday – Wednesday, 19-21 March

As part of the Outdoor Education Program in 2018, Year 7 students had the opportunity to further develop their outdoor learning through their year level camp at Woodhouse Activity Centre. During the three-day experience, students participated in various activities. At times, individuals found themselves outside their comfort zone, either swinging through the trees, riding a bike and cooking their own dinner. With the help of their peers, Middle School leaders and the staff, students were able to tackle these challenges head-on and learn they are capable of so much more.

Coming back to the College from the wilderness, students have discussed the height and difficult nature of the high ropes course. Students practiced their trapeze skills, while trying to conquer their fear of heights or just overcome what instructors nickname, ‘Elvis Leg’ (shaking of one or both legs, while in the air). The introductory Mountain biking sessions saw some students ride a bike for the first time and some for the one-hundredth time, all students gave it a go, and some planned to get back on their bikes on the weekend. The hike brought its own challenges, with students undertaking the Mt George walking trail from Bridgewater to Woodhouse, through some of the leafiest parts of the Adelaide Hills.

All in all, students always enjoy the experience for their own reasons and come away having learnt a thing or two about their own capabilities. They also realise there is so much more to know about their peers and how positive interactions with people close to them can enhance their world they live in.

Mr Michael Secomb – Camp Coordinator




Tuesday, 20 February

A new addition to the Senior School experience is the Year 10 Camp Capabilities which in its second edition in 2018, has had a location change to the picturesque Loch Luna and Moorook Game Reserve in the Riverland region on the Murray River.

Students from the Year 10 cohort undertook the challenge of building a large raft using lengths of timber and barrels for flotation. Testing out their creations was the fun and, at times, frustrating part for many students, however teams pushed through the challenge and found a solution which benefited all and allowed them to make their destination. Shelters to sleep under were built out of the rafts, but many opted to sleep in open tents, so they could fall asleep under the stars.

The flip side to the experience was the serene kayaking in the backwaters of Loch Luna, which provided students with some respite and the chance to take in the amazing scenery the Murray River has to offer. Although it provided its own challenges through a few wrong turns and an out of water walk for some groups.

All in all, it was a long and tough few days on the water but a great start to Senior School for the Year 10 cohort. Students will find the challenges they overcame on camp together will progress their personal development and help to set them up for a successful education experience over the next few years.

Mr Michael Secomb – Camp Coordinator 




What an exciting and busy start we have had to the year in Music! Not only have we started our class bands, extra-curricular ensembles and individual instrumental/vocal lessons, we have been packing and moving to our new Music location behind the College Chapel. There is a real buzz around Music at the start of 2018, with new beginnings for all of us.

We welcomed many new students to our ensembles this year and it is a joy to see Pedare Voices growing to 50 students and the Intermediate Band starting off the year with a record 28 students.  Along with this, we have started both a Guitar and Percussion ensemble in the Middle School.  On the Junior Campus, Year 4 and 5 students have started their journey of learning a new instrument for the semester, working out how to bow and blow their notes, as they discover something different that may, for some, become a lifelong joy.

Preparations for the 2018 Generations in Jazz competition in Mt Gambier are well underway.  Luminaire Vocal Ensemble and Stage Band have been rehearsing their challenging repertoire since Term 4 last year and they are starting to get very excited for the amazing weekend of Generations 4-6 May.

As part of our major fundraiser for the trip to Generations in Jazz, we have our annual Cabaret Evening coming up on Thursday April 5 at 7:00pm in the College Chapel. 

“Diamonds are Forever” will be a sparkling night of entertainment as many of our talented students take to the stage performing solos as well as the Generations in Jazz pieces. Limited tickets are still available and can be purchased by clicking here.


Year 11 and 12 Music Fringe Excursion

This year, for our Year 11 and 12 Fringe excursion, we decided to support a local theatre company, Theatre Bugs, with their performance of Little Shop of Horrors.  Old scholar, Paige Dobie (Class of 2017), played the main role of Audrey, and we loved watching her perform with so much maturity, talent and humour! The whole show was very professional, with an excellent ensemble as well as some brilliant acting and singing by the main cast. Year 11 and 12 music students loved the show and were impressed by the talent of some very young students. We are so proud of Paige for being part of such a fantastic show.

My hope for all of our music students in the future is they can find ways to be a part of music communities beyond school, to continue sharing their love of creating and performing.

Mrs Nadine Stroud – Director of Music R-12


We encourage families to share their child/rens personal achievements from both within and outside of the College, as we understand learning doesn’t stop at the school gate. If your child has a special achievement, we welcome your submission. Articles of 100 to 200 words along with a good high-resolution photo can be emailed by clicking the button below.


Madison Smith, Year 8


Ella Forrester, Year 10

Congratulations to Madison Smith, Year 8 and Ella Forrester, Year 10, who were both recently selected in the Northern All Star softball teams after 12 game trials were held over four fortnights.

There are four All Star teams in total; Northern Junior, Northern Senior, Southern Junior and Southern Senior.

These teams will play off in a 3-game series on 8 April at Barrett Reserve West Beach. The winner of this series in both Junior and Senior will travel to Singapore to represent Australia in the Asia Pacific Cup. If successful, the teams will win an all-expenses-paid trip to travel and play in the USA for the World Cup.

This will be an amazing experience for the two successful teams who get to represent their country overseas.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:

Junior Netball – End of Season

6/7 Cricket – Mark Cosgrove



Extra-Curricular Fixtures are available on the Pedare App and on the College website.

Click here to view the Extra-Curricular fixtures online

Extra-Curricular Fixtures_web



As the 2017-2018 summer season draws to an end, our Netball teams have been celebrating in various ways…

The Sub Primary 1 & 2 teams participated in a Round Robin Netball Carnival on Friday 16 March. A wonderful result was achieved by the very enthusiastic girls with the teams winning 6 out of the 8 matches played (plus a draw). However, the most excitement of the night was due to the participation medals all the girls received from SADNA (South Australian Districts Netball Association). Well done to everyone.

The Junior and Sub Junior 2 teams decided to celebrate the end of season with a night of fun at Latitude. The girls enjoyed the wall climb, sky walk, performance trampolines and put their excellent netball skills to use in a hilarious game of dodgeball.

All coaches and managers would like to thank the teams and parents for their hard work and determination this season and wish all the girls luck in the upcoming winter season.

Mrs Angela Maltby, Coach/Manager – Junior Netball Teams



The Year 6/7 Cricket team had special guest coach, former Redback player, Mark Cosgrove join their training session on Tuesday of Week 8.

Mark has represented Australia, South Australia, Glamorgan, Leicestershire, the Sydney Sixers and Tasmania. During his career, he made 35 first-class hundreds and 78 fifties. This was a great experience for the team who enjoyed learning about cricket from a professional perspective. Mark stayed after the session to sign autographs and pose for team photos. Thanks go to Mark for giving his time in support of the 6/7 Cricket team.



Week 6


  • U12 Blue – Pedare vs Pedare Red – Loss 18 – 21 (MVP Stephen)
  • U12 Red – Pedare vs Pedare Blue – Won 21 – 18 (MVP Whole Team)
  • U14 Blue – Pedare vs Trinity Tigers – Won 16 – 7 (MVP Whole Team)
  • U14 Red – Pedare vs PSX Swish – Loss 18 – 23 (MVP Whole Team)


  • 6/7 Boys – No Game
  • 8/9 10B  – No Game


  • Sub Junior T1 – Pedare vs Pooraka Allstars 1 – Won 38 – 14 (MVP Onoseje)
  • Sub Primary T1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 3 – Loss 7 – 23
  • Sub Primary T2 – Pedare vs Tango 5 – Draw 3 – 3


  • Primary – No Game
  • Middle C – No Game
  • Senior – BYE


  • Open 1 – No Game
  • Open 2 – No Game
  • Middle (mixed) – No Game
  • Open B Girls – No Game
  • Open C Girls – No Game

Week 7 


  • U12 Blue – Pedare vs Prescott Rush – Loss 8 – 29 (MVP Stephen, Tiancheng)
  • U14 Blue – No Game
  • U14 Red – No Game


  • 6/7 Boys – Pedare vs Westminster – Won 4/89 – 10/54 (MVP Ryan, Zac, Nick, Ben)


  • Sub Junior 1 – Pedare vs Newton Jaguars 4 – Loss 30 – 41 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Sub Primary 1 – Finals
  • Sub Primary 2 – Finals 


  • Primary – No Game
  • Middle C – Pedare vs Gleeson – Loss 48 – 56 (MVP Kosta, Jashan)
  • Senior – Pedare vs Concordia  – Won by Forfeit


  • Open 1 – No Game
  • Open 2 – No Game
  • Middle (mixed) – No Game
  • Open B Girls – No Game


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Journey Kids

The Journey Uniting Church have programmes running for children and youth on Friday nights in Term 1. Some of the activities include: Games Night, Photo Rally, Wheels Night, PJ Disco. For more information about Journey Youth, Kids Club and Freshman (Year 5 & 6), please click here.


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Tea Tree Gully Anglican

Generators Kids Club 2017 (Years R-6)

Come and join us. Generators Kids Club meets Fridays each fortnight fro great games, craft and bible time. Our next Kids Club is on Friday 6 April from 3:30-5:00pm. The craft this week is talking sock puppets. The Term 1 program can be downloaded from our website. For information about 2018 Kids Club, phone Rick on 8264 3736 or click here

SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)

Meets Friday each week at 7:30pm. Come for a great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. Next meets on Friday 6 April. For information about 2018 SWAT Youth, phone Dave on 0403 723 953 or click here.

Normal Weekly Services – Check out our website for more details.

Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion.

Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month.

Sunday@6.00pmYouth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.


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Soup at St Mark’s

Join St Mark’s Anglican for soup on Thursdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm from May to August. Enjoy free cafe style soup in a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. For more information phone 8289 4003 or email


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Gourmet BBQ at St Mark’s

St Mark’s Anglican Church, Wynn Vale will be hosting a Gourmet BBQ and Wine Wall on Friday 7 April beginning at 6:00pm. Tickets for the BBQ are $12.50 with the wine wall corks selling on the night for $10.00 each. For more information or to buy a ticket please phone Margaret on 0429 446 919.