Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 5 for 2018

The Vine Issue 5 – 2018

April 6, 2018
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Mr Mike Millard


Mr Mike Millard


Easter at Pedare

The annual Whole College Easter Service assembly was conducted on Thursday 29 March by our Chaplain, Mr John Morton and the Worship team. The Worship team is a very enthusiastic group of students who want to be engaged in all aspects of our worship program in the Middle and Senior School. They lead the services, prepare and share prayers and reflections and contribute by developing material for the PowerPoint presentations. We look forward to 2019 when Junior School students will be able to join the Worship team.

The service was a very appropriate way for the Reception to Year 12 students to grow in their understanding of the Easter message of Jesus’ significant sacrifice for us and the hope his resurrection brings to the World. The service consisted of elements from the Stations of the Cross combined with student drama, musical and dance presentations. The students who performed came from each of the Junior, Middle and Senior schools. I have received many pleasing comments from parents and staff about the way students were so positively involved in the service.


One College Civil Works Commence

I am pleased to report the civil works for the Middle School have commenced with large machinery preparing the stepped footings for this new build. Early in Week 11, the civil team will move to the Blue Gum Gymnasium site and begin the task of digging the soil out to a depth of over 1.5 metres and then re-compacting the soil, layer by layer, in preparation for the footings.

At the end of Term 1, the civil company will commence the new Junior School and Child Care entrance, access road and parking areas. This project will be completed in an 8-week build, hopefully before the really wet weather of winter takes effect. Please be aware movement across the College oval will be restricted during this time with the only student pedestrian exit being near the Recreation Centre. I thank students and parents in advance for their patience as this part of the project is completed. This will be a short-term disruption with longer-term benefits for student and parent access to the One College.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


In Week 10, we saw Year 5 students and their teachers experience camping life with a 3-day 2-night camp at Douglas Scrub McLaren Vale. This camp is an extension from our previous sleep-over in Term 4 as Year 4 students, where they spent a Friday night in tents within the school grounds.

School camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop new skills, friendships and interests. The benefits of school camp are numerous, here are my top five:

  1. Development of social skills

School camp is a great opportunity to develop a range of social skills. Most activities at camp involve teamwork, which is great to strengthen established friendships and also to develop new friendships by connecting with children they don’t regularly talk with at school.

Through bonding activities, children develop supportive relationships not only with different children, but also with their teachers. At camp, children have the opportunity to learn about acceptance, caring and understanding.

  1. Development of independence skills

For many students, school camp is their first time away from family and home for a few nights. Parents are not there to remind their children to eat their vegetables, brush their teeth, or to have a shower.

Therefore, this is a great opportunity for them to grow up by learning how to take care of themselves and to do things on their own. Most children do rise to the challenge and learn to rely on themselves when they spend time away from home.

  1. Development of decision-making skills

Should I go with my friends or should I do the activity I really want to do? Should I have sneak in my iPad / iPhone or similar? Should I stay up or go to bed? Supervising teachers are not able to hover over each child all the time, so at camp, children are responsible for making more of their own choices.

  1. Increased environmental awareness

During camp, children are exposed to authentic nature-based experiences. Hands-on activities in the outdoors stimulate all senses and facilitate learning. Children become more aware of the environment, develop outdoor skills and appreciation for nature.

  1. Learning new skills

At school camp, children will be exposed to a range of activities they may not have tried before. When away from their parents, children are often more adventurous and willing to try new things.

Finally, school camps provide children with the opportunity to work with a variety of adults that will nurture experiential education, build intergenerational relationships and result in a different style of learning. Teacher involvement is, of course, vital to every successful camp, with the bonds between students and teachers strengthened away from the classroom. Our students have the opportunity to form relationships through first-hand experiences with trained, caring adult role models and experience a sense of achievement in a supervised, safe and positive environment as a result.

Please click here to enjoy the photos and reflections from our Year 5 students whilst on camp.

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


Congratulations to the Middle School students who participated in the First Robotics Competition (FRC); Angus McPherson, David Grande and Jayden Purdie. The FRC was held in Sydney with teaching staff Emil Zankov and James Walsh attending along with Senior and Middle school students to put our robot to the test. The students designed, built and programmed our robot over the past term for a number of competitive challenges over the weekend. Teams from all around the world compete and the time away was another wonderful learning experience for these students. Each year our team (and robot) gets better and better and with more students taking up this challenge each year even higher results await Pedare in the future.

We wish Andrew Richards and Rachael Young all the best for next term as they take some well-earned Long Service Leave. Andrew is travelling to the World Cup in Russia and we look forward to hearing about his travels on his return. Cate Jacka will replace Andrew Richards in his Year 8 Core Class and Georgia Hicks will replace Rachael Young for the first 5 weeks in her Year 6 class. Please join me in welcoming them to our community.

The soccer oval has been divided and one half has been allocated to the building of the new College gymnasium, we can’t wait to see it take shape. This, unfortunately, reduces the space for students to play at break times; however, students do have the larger football oval to use. Many Middle School students have already made their way over to this oval for activities at lunchtimes. The Senior and Middle School students are kept apart on the oval to ensure that all year levels have enough space to run around in.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable holiday and a reminder that Parent /Student /Teacher interviews for Middle School students which will be held in Week 1 and 2 of Term 2. Information about how to book interviews for your child/children’s teachers will be emailed in due course.

Mrs Gillian Edwards


Mrs Gillian Edwards


Our annual Easter Service was once again a memorable occasion and a time for us all to reflect on its message. It was also a wonderful opportunity for some of our Year 12 students, who have been at the College since Reception, to further develop their bonds of friendship with their Reception buddies. These students meet together several times prior to the Reception Commencement Service to establish important links between the youngest and oldest members of the student community.

Our student leaders have had several opportunities to develop their leadership skills this term; through their attendance at the GRIP Conference and Generations of Change. The Year 11 students will also explore the roles and responsibilities of leadership within the pastoral curriculum in their Community lessons.

The Year 12s have also attended an annual presentation that focuses on maintaining their health and well-being in this challenging year.

Congratulations to Katherina Mazai-Ward and Nathan White, Year 11 students, on their selection to attend the National Space Camp. Further information appears in this edition.

Best wishes also to Ashleigh Shattock, Year 12, as she represents the College and Golden Grove Lions Club in the State Final of the Lions Club Youth of the Year competition.

Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who have attended appointments for Senior School Parent/Teacher/Student interviews in the last two weeks of this term. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your child’s learning and progress as a very busy Term 1 draws to a close.

May the upcoming holiday break be a well-deserved time of rest, relaxation and reflection. We look forward to beginning Term 2 with a renewed sense of purpose.




As previously advised, Community Tops are now compulsory for all students and there have been many occasions already this year where students have been able to wear them.

If you have not yet purchased a Community Top for your child, Devon Uniforms have advised that they have a full range of sizes now in stock.

The new PE polo tops have also proved popular and they will be compulsory for all students from the start of 2019. Devon Uniforms expect more stock to arrive early in May, so order one for your child now if they do not already have the new PE Polo top.

Devon also now have in stock Pedare Sport Socks, ready for your child’s Winter sports and Physical Education lessons.

With cooler weather coming and the start of Term 2, a reminder that students should wear Winter uniform in Terms Two and Three. If you need Winter uniform items, Devon Clothing Uniform Shop is open 5 days a week and Saturday mornings.

Uniforms for Junior, Middle and Senior School students are available for purchase at:

Devon Clothing Uniform Shop

Shop 24, Clovercrest Plaza
429 Montague Road, Modbury 5092
Phone: 8396 6465.

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 12noon

Uniforms can also be ordered online:

The P&F Shop for clean, good quality second-hand uniforms will be open as follows:

  • Saturday 7 April 9:00 – 10:00 am
  • Wednesday 11 April 3:00 – 4:00 pm

The P&F Shop is located in ‘The Residence’ at the Middle & Senior Schools.

Parents will have noticed that there has been a minor change to some of our uniform items in that the gold stripe or gold in the logo has been removed.  While new items purchased will have the white stripe or logo without gold, both are still able to be worn.




Please read below some student reflections about their Year 5 Camp:

Shelter Building

“We collected sticks and started planning ideas for our shelter. The shelters had to be able to survive extreme weather like rain, thunderstorms and the sun. We were split into groups of four and collected sticks, logs and leaves. Each shelter looked different, some looked like houses, there were square, dome and triangular shelters. We needed to work as a team to construct the shelter, it was very challenging to find the right materials and to manoeuvre them into place.”

Cammo Games

“We firstly painted our faces and put on potato sacks which blended into the environment, we used the colours brown, green and grey. Next, we learned how to fox walk to avoid predators, you fox walk by stepping with the outside of your foot then rolling your foot in to make sure you don’t crunch any sticks. Then we played a Cammo game where we had a ‘counter’ who was the predator, and we had to hide in the surrounding bush while our predator looked for us. The time which we had to hide slowly decreased and became very tricky! It was exciting and scary at the same time.”


“At the start, we were given a map of the Campsite. Mel, our instructor, had put dots on the map indicating where we had to go to find a laminated card with a number and a shape on it. Once we had found all the cards, we had to return to Mel and tell her each of the 6 card details we had found. It was a team effort with one of the conditions was to complete the task together. We all thought it was challenging to read the map and remember the card details.”

Bouldering Wall

“We were put into pairs and one of us spotted the other as they were climbing. The hardest part of this activity was finding the hand and footholds as we went around. You need good upper body strength in order to hold on for enough time before you lose your grip. We learned that swapping your feet helped us move better along the wall. But it’s not just about physical strength, it also requires you to think hard about the best way to get along. Most of us fell off more than once, however, we all gave it another go.” 

Adventure Trail

“It was an obstacle course where we climbed and balanced on chains and wood. A lot of us found it hard because there was a lot of balancing and it was challenging. We got to do 2 laps. On the first lap we were a bit slower but on the second lap, we were really fast.”

Boomerang Making

“First of all, we were given cut out boomerangs and a sheet of paper. This highlighted where we filed out the places on our boomerang. It was quite hard to do, but we had to if we wanted to make it return to us. After we filed them, we used sandpaper around the edges and sides. Some of us then chose to either make it better or paint it. Some wanted to keep it for themselves or give it as gifts for others. Then we left it to dry.”




Thursday, 5 April

On Thursday, Week 10, the talented Music students once again shone in the annual Cabaret, a fundraiser for Generations in Jazz.  In preparation for both of these events, the Middle and Senior School Music students had the privilege of working with multi Aria award-winning singer and vocal coach Sally Cameron when she recently visited the College. Sally coached and mentored the Luminaire vocal ensemble and Middle and Senior School Choir on some of the finer points of singing, such as emphasising words within the lyrics of a song.

A more detailed article about the Cabaret will be published in a later issue of The Vine. To view a gallery of photos of the wonderful night, please click here 




Wednesday, 28 March

The Year 6 cohort began the College’s Easter celebrations by presenting a series of tableaux representing the Stations of the Cross: 14 events in Jesus’ life between the Last Supper and when his body was laid in the tomb. The presenters and audience alike maintained a sombre and respectful attitude of prayerful reflection. It was wonderful to see parents and grandparents able to join us for this moving beginning of our Easter worship.

Mrs Rachael Young – Teacher, Year 6




Friday, 9 March

On Friday of Week 10, Year 7s went on a Heritage Hike of the local Golden Grove area. This is part of their Individuals & Societies class which involved fieldwork and studying local signs of heritage. Students investigated the old Carter Ruins on Target Hill Road, were greeted by members of the old Golden Grove Uniting Church, learned first-hand about early founders of the area at the cemetery and made drawings and took notes.

This is part of the IB MYP inquiry which focusses on investigation and critical thinking skills. Students learned about their own community whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Mr David DeBoer – Coordinator IB MYP



Year 10 Media Art students are painting a collaborative mural with the theme ‘Diversity Inspires Creativity’ for the Senior School Courtyard. The dull, faded brick blocks are being transformed by the bright and colourful geometric pattern. Their idea is to represent the view of the Adelaide Hills with a wavy green line that flows across each of the walls. This term, we have been learning about the risks of illegal graffiti and the positives of commissioned public art. Before the painting started, students went through a number of stages to gain approval. Firstly, students met with Mrs Edwards to talk about their project, and then created concepts and learnt about safety using aerosol paint. Their ideas were then collated, and the final design was approved by Mr Millard and Mrs Edwards. Meanwhile, Year 10s practiced their aerosol skills in the +One Shared facilities. On Thursday 22 March, they began to paint their design.

A very big thank you to Mr Tymukas and Mr Adrian Powell for their help with equipment and supervision of the project. Thank you also to Mr Walsh for creating re-suable stencils with the laser cutter to make the final mural even more detailed. We plan to complete the mural by the end of Term 1 for everyone to enjoy.

Mrs Leah Grant – Teacher, Arts



Tuesday, 20 March

As part of their Religion Studies course Pedare’s Year 12 students visited St Peter’s Cathedral on Tuesday of Week 8.

In small groups, they were taken on a tour and provided with explanations of the history, the functionality of various parts of the Cathedral, and the stories depicted in the many and beautiful stained-glass windows. To enable their assignments to be completed, copious notes were taken by the students as they listened to their guides and took in the grandeur of the Cathedral. Their tour finished with a quiet reflective time sitting quietly in the nave, and they left having enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

Mr Lindsay Jackson – Deputy Principal



We encourage families to share their child/rens personal achievements from both within and outside of the College, as we understand learning doesn’t stop at the school gate. If your child has a special achievement, we welcome your submission. Articles of 100 to 200 words along with a good high-resolution photo can be emailed by clicking the button below.


Katherina Mazai-Ward


Nathan White

Congratulations to Katherina Mazai-Ward and Nathan White, both Year 11, who were successful in their application to attend the National Space Camp from April 17-21, 2018. The selected applicants take part in a number of excursions in Adelaide, including a range of activities at Hamilton Secondary College and visits to the Defence, Science & Technology Group and the RAAF Base at Salisbury. On Thursday 19 April, the applicants visit the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) in Melbourne. At VSSEC, students are involved in a program on Human Bioscience as they prepare for a Mission to Mars. VSSEC is a world-class specialist space-themed school education centre, which encourages excitement about learning science. Students are able to role play real space practices including mission briefings, flight control and simulated space exploration in hostile and dangerous environments.


Jasmyn Vo


Jithesh Venkatesh

Congratulations to Jasmyn Vo, Year 8, who received an A Grade for AMEB exam for Piano, Grade 3. Congratulations to Jithesh Venkatesh, Year 6, who received an A Grade for AMEB exam for Piano, Preliminary Grade.

Well done to both students.


Siddharth Dhayanand


Connor Brennan

Congratulations to Siddharth Dhayanand, Year 8, who has won a Gold medal for the Karate SA State Championships (12 & 13 years Kata) held on Sunday 25 March. Siddharth attained his Junior Black Belt in May 2017 in Jindokai Karate-DO Club.

Well done Siddharth.

Congratulations to Connor Brennan, Year 9, who has won ‘Best in Show’ (under 16s) in the annual Brickalaide exhibition for the third year in a row. Working with Cox Architects and for the Adelaide Festival Centre, Connor has put many hours into a scale model of the new design of Her Majesty’s Theatre. The new building features glass atriums, a third level of seating and new backstage facilities. The model comprises of over 40,000 parts, took five and half months to build, and measures 1m wide, 2m long and 0.8m high. Connor’s model will live in the Festival Theatre Foyer for the next 2 years whilst Her Majesty’s Theatre is renovated.

Well done Connor.



Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:


SPiN Trials



Extra-Curricular Fixtures are available on the Pedare App and on the College website.

Click here to view the Extra-Curricular fixtures online

Extra-Curricular Fixtures_web



Pedare’s Athletics team had a very successful day, finishing second overall, at the Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA Athletics Championships held on Wednesday 28 March.

Congratulations to:

  • Emily Howie (High Jump, 4x100m relay)
  • Jack Williams (100m, 200m, 800m, 4x100m relay)
  • Tri Nguyen (800m)
  • Daniel Growden (4x100m relay)
  • Zack Piercey (4x100m relay)
  • Hamish Pullen (4x100m relay)
  • Marene Greyvenstein (Shot Put, Discus)
  • Harry Slater (Shot Put, Discus)

Congratulations to the students who made the final of the 100m:


  • Alicia Dow
  • Daniel Growden
  • Emily Howie
  • Zack Piercey
  • Dylan Shephard-Bayly
  • Jack Williams

Congratulations to the students also made the final of the 200m:


  • Jack Williams
  • Tyler Edwards
  • Rylee Schroeder
  • Chloe John
  • Zack Piercey
  • Emily Briggs
  • Lorcyn Murdey-Green



Thanks go to Kaitlyn Bryce, from the Adelaide Thunderbirds, for her assistance with training and supporting our Netball trials and squad selections this week. Kaitlyn stepped in due to the absence of Fiona Fowler, Pedare’s Specialist Netball Coach, who is competing in the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.



Week 8


  • U12 Blue – Pedare vs Highbury Hornets – Won on Forfeit
  • U12 Red – Pedare vs St David’s Hoops – Loss 29 – 5 (MVP Gideon, Damon)
  • U14 Blue – No Game
  • U14 Red – No Game


  • 6/7 Boys – Pedare vs St John’s Grammar – Won 8/128 – 5/111 (MVP Whole Team)
  • 8/9 10B  – Pedare vs Pembroke – Loss 51 – 63 (MVP Ben)
  • KO Round 2 – Pedare vs Trinity Gardens – Draw (MVP Whole Team)


  • Primary – Pedare vs Blackfriars – Won 22 – 8
  • Middle C – Pedare vs Pulteney – Won 8 – 2
  • Senior – Pedare vs Immanuel College – Loss 4 – 8 (MVP Zac, Tyler)


  • Open 1 – BYE
  • Open 2 – Pedare vs St George College – Loss 0 – 3 (MVP Ethan W)
  • Middle (mixed) – No Game
  • Open B Girls – Pedare vs Mary Mackillop 1 – Won 2 – 1 (MVP Caitlin)
  • Open C Girls – Pedare vs Kildare 2 – Won 2 – 1

Week 9 


  • U12 Red – Forfeit
  • U12 Blue – Forfeit
  • U14 Blue – Pedare vs SFA Panthers – Loss 4 – 17
  • U14 Red – Pedare vs SJP – Won 16 – 14

Cricket – No Games due to Easter Break

Tennis – No Games due to Easter Break

Volleyball – No Games due to Easter Break


Round logo

Journey Kids

The Journey Uniting Church have programmes running for children and youth on Friday nights in Term 1. Some of the activities include: Games Night, Photo Rally, Wheels Night, PJ Disco. For more information about Journey Youth, Kids Club and Freshman (Year 5 & 6), please click here.


Round logo

Tea Tree Gully Anglican

Generators Kids Club 2017 (Years R-6)

Come and join us. Generators Kids Club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time from 3:30-5:00pm. The Term 1 program can be downloaded from our website. For information about 2018 Kids Club, phone Rick on 8264 3736 or click here

SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)

Meets Friday each week at 7:30pm. Come for a great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. For information about 2018 SWAT Youth, phone Dave on 0403 723 953 or click here.

Normal Weekly Services – Check out our website for more details.

Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion.

Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month.

Sunday@6.00pmYouth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.


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Soup at St Mark’s

Join St Mark’s Anglican for soup on Thursdays 6:00pm to 7:30pm from May to August. Enjoy free cafe style soup in a warm and friendly community atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. For more information phone 8289 4003 or email


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St Mark’s Afternoon of Entertainment

St Mark’s Anglican Church, Wynn Vale, will be holding an ‘Afternoon of Entertainment’ on Saturday 5 May, from 2:00pm. You will be entertained by some of our local acts displaying their varied talents. Sure be a lot of fun. Tickets cost $10.00 and can be purchased by phoning Margaret on 0429446919.