Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 5 for 2024

The Vine Issue 5 – 2024

April 5, 2024
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Mr James Tamblyn


My thanks to all community members for your support during the changes to our routine prompted by the Senior Learning Centre building site. Building site fencing has been in place for a fortnight now, and significant progress has been achieved in the initial demolition work. The Residence, home to founding Principal Geoff Catford and his family through the earliest years of the College, is now down, as is the adjoining car park.

The Residence was not only a home for the Catford family; it was the heartbeat of the College in the early years. Enrolment interviews, staffing appointments, family conferences, social gatherings, and worship were among some of the many activities that took place in the Residence before the College Office was built. I had the pleasure of sharing a final meal in the Residence with Geoff and Jan Catford, and their son Kim, late last year so they could reminisce on their time in the Residence prior to its demolition. We look forward to ensuring a fitting tribute to the Residence in our new Senior Learning Centre.

We have worked hard to ensure the preservation of the established trees within the building site, but it was unavoidable that a number have been lost to enable the new build. Rest assured that we are committed to replacing lost trees at better than a ratio of 2:1 once landscaping of the facility is complete.

Demolition of The Residence

Please accept my thanks and gratitude for your ongoing support of the College throughout Term 1. The first phase of the year is always a particularly busy time, and I hope the Easter period provided for you all a chance to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends.

The quality of a school cannot exceed the quality of its staff. I again take the opportunity to recognise the extraordinary work of our teachers and staff. I thank them all for their contributions throughout Term 1, and their ongoing commitment to work in partnership with our families in the best interests of our students.

In late April, we have seven Year 12 students competing in the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas. VEX Worlds is the largest robotics competition on the planet. Pedare has the only team from South Australia, which is a wonderful achievement. I wish all students competing, and the staff and families traveling with them, all the best for an enjoyable and successful experience.


Mrs Kat Elliott


Well done to all our students for a fantastic first term of 2024.

From day to day you have met various challenges, and as this term comes to a close you can reflect on how much you have achieved already. Just as water never tastes as good as when you are truly thirsty, a rest is enjoyed most after having worked hard. 

We have one more week of Term 1 to maintain our focus and make the most of every opportunity we have at school. I encourage students to have open conversations with their teachers about how they are progressing and how they can best meet their goals. Our recent Parent Teacher Interview evenings were really positive opportunities for families and teachers to explore how we work together as a community for the best interest of our students.

In this upcoming holiday, I hope you enjoy a well-earned rest and recharge for an even better Term 2.


Mrs Mandy Hore


To all parents and caregivers, I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed quality time with family and friends.

Another busy fortnight draws to a close in the Junior School. Among many highlights were:


Grandparents and Special Friends’ Morning:

It was a joy to welcome grandparents and special friends to our Year 1 classrooms last Wednesday, 27 March. Excited students warmly greeted their special family members and were thrilled to share their learning experiences and complete activities together.

Grandparents and “grandparent proxies” play important roles in the lives of young children. They are often caregivers, teachers and playmates, and for many families, grandparents also provide regular childcare. We are grateful for all you do and the positive impact you have on the special child’s development. Most of all, we are thankful for the love you share. Thank you – we loved spending our morning with you.

Year 1 Grandparent/Special Person Visit, Wednesday, 27 March

From Wednesday, 3 April to Friday, 5 April, Year 5 students and their teachers embarked on a 3-day camp to Douglas Scrub, McLaren Vale. This experience marks the culmination of the Junior School Outdoor Education program. Each annual camp is tailored to meet the developmental needs of the age group and to build upon the skills and challenges introduced in previous years. Camp provides a wonderful opportunity for children to develop new skills, including teamwork, while strengthening established friendships and fostering new ones. It is also a way to bond with teachers in a different context. For many children, camp is often their first extended time away from family and home. They learn more about taking care of themselves and doing things on their own. There was an opportunity to develop skills through authentic, challenging, nature-based experiences and hands-on activities. We are very proud of our Year 5 students’ resilience, care for each other, and their ‘have a go’ attitude. Please enjoy some photos from the camp below:

Year 5 Camp, Wednesday, 3 April to Friday, 5 April

I liked the adventure trail because the obstacles were cool.”

Hunter W

Doing the hide-and-seek was extremely fun because we were running around and laughing all the time when people ran past us. Some people had really, really good spots, and some others had decent spots.”

William S

I liked making the boomerang because you can use all sorts of colours. You can also mix up colours to make different colours.”

Kayven I

I loved this experience that we had and how dedicated the staff were in keeping us safe and teaching us new things.”

Zara d V

I love how we got out of our comfort zone and I also loved how we got really dirty because no one usually likes getting dirty.”

Tessa E

I loved how they planned all our activities, and the activities were really fun to do.”

Connie M

I liked sleeping in my tent because you could hear every outside noise.

Zara R

Cross Country:

Our Junior School Cross Country event will be held on the last day of Term 1, Friday, 12 April. We are excited about the event and hope to see you there. Parking will be available in the Junior School car park. There is a designated parent viewing area with marquees erected for you to utilise if you wish. The Coffee Van will be located in the “Kiss and Drop” area for your convenience.

Lost Property:

There is a growing number of lost items in the Junior School Office. If you have misplaced a jumper, drink bottle or hat, feel free to stop by and check if it belongs to you.


Mrs Eliza Buckoke


Thank you for your engagement in the Parent Teacher Interview evenings. It was great to be able to connect with many families throughout the events. It was lovely to see the constructive conversations between parents, teachers and students.

Our Easter Worship was a lovely reflective service, showcasing the talents of our students through dance, music and drama performances. It was a significant occasion as we recognised the importance of Easter in the Christian faith, celebrating hope and renewal with our school community.

Middle & Senior School Easter Worship, Thursday, 28 March

Pedare was honoured to host the 2024 Northern Sustainability Student Leaders Forum on Wednesday, 27 March. Following our participation in the Sustainable Schools program last year, we expressed our interest in hosting this forum, which brought together approximately 60 students from eight schools in the northern side of Adelaide. Our students demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, engaging with confidence and passion for sustainability. This event has not only fostered meaningful connections with other schools but also reaffirmed our commitment to environmental stewardship.

There are so many opportunities for students to engage at Pedare. This week, we have had the Vocal Workshop and the Year 9 Specialist PE excursion. Next week, we eagerly anticipate a visit from author Phil Cummings, who will be collaborating with Year 7 students. I would encourage students to make the most of each opportunity that is presented to them.

Vocal/Band Workshop, Tuesday, 2 April

As we near the end of the term, let us continue to uphold the values of community, excellence and growth that define Pedare. I encourage parents to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns, as we remain dedicated to supporting the holistic development of our students.


Mr Josh Willis


There are many wonderful occasions throughout a school year, but the highlight for me is witnessing the connections made between our Year 12 and Reception students as part of our Buddy Program. This program allows the Year 12s to participate in playful activities alongside our youngest learners as they are reminded of the excitement that comes with learning and discovery. We are so proud of how our students have embraced this opportunity, and we look forward to seeing these connections strengthen throughout this year. 

Year 12 & Receptions – Buddy Program

Another fantastic event, and no doubt the highlight for many students and families, was the Year 12 Formal, held on Friday, 22 March. The Adelaide Convention Centre was the perfect venue on a balmy Friday evening, and students took the opportunity to capture memories with friends, families and teachers. The Formal committee, together with Ms Jan Robertson and Mrs Clare Piercey were outstanding in organising a wonderful evening.

Year 12 Formal, Friday, 22 March

As part of our educational response to the increasing prevalence of vaping among young people, the College is committed to providing education and awareness to students and families regarding the use of e-cigarettes. We are pleased to welcome Encounter Youth to Pedare on Monday, 8 April to deliver specialist Alcohol, Vaping & other Drugs Education seminars to students in Years 11 and 12. 

Encounter Youth aims to educate students, parents and teachers with strategies that empower young people to look after themselves and their peers. This evidence-based, harm minimisation program focuses on well-being and safety.  

More information about Encounter Youth can be found here.

Parents are invited to join a free online webinar on Monday, 8 April at 6pm. Please use this link to join. 

Students in Years 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to engage with Encounter Youth next term.


New Beginnings

As our College community reflects on Jesus’ death and Resurrection during Holy Week, the words “it is finished” resonate deeply within me. This is the greatest love story ever told! Jesus’ last words, “It is finished,” mark a finality that signifies the completed work of the Cross, ushering in new life for us all. We can do nothing more; it has all been done for us. Our task is to simply rest in the gift of love that Jesus’ death and resurrection offer.

Each day presents an opportunity for ‘new beginnings’, offering us different choices and the courage to start anew when we falter. It is crucial to view ourselves the way God sees us – “fearfully and wonderfully made!” Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds us to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Amid the complexities of daily challenges, I encourage you to embrace the gift of love bestowed upon you by Christ’s death and resurrection. Embrace His understanding of who you are and how He perceives you, finding solace in His constant and unchanging presence.

Ms Miriam Smith, College Chaplain


College Opening Hours

Term 1 will conclude on Friday, 12 April with normal dismissal at 3.15pm.

The College Office will be closed from 4.00pm on Friday, 12 April until Tuesday, 23 April.

The College Office will reopen on Wednesday, 24 April for normal opening hours, 8am – 4pm, apart from the Anzac Day public holiday on Thursday, 25 April.

 Students will return for Term 2 on Tuesday, 30 April.

2024 Cabaret

The 2024 Cabaret is almost here! Join us this Wednesday, 10 April, at 6:30 pm to support the annual cabaret hosted by our Music team!

Experience sensational musical performances, including solo pieces by Stage 2 Music students and Senior ensemble groups.

Tickets are $25 per person, and all sales will go towards the Generations in Jazz trip this May! Tickets are available for purchase via the Qkr! App.

Important Update – Operoo Forms

We are pleased with the progress of the new system, Operoo, which is streamlining our communication with parents regarding excursions, camps and your child’s medical management.

The support of families who have updated their child’s medical records and completed electronic consent forms promptly is appreciated.

To bring all of our Consent Forms into Operoo, early next week you will receive two more forms to complete:

  • ICT Agreement Form  
  • Photo/ Media Release Form

While you may have completed one or both of these previously in a different format, this process will centralise all forms for easy access for both the College and parents.

These forms are intended to be completed once during your child’s time at Pedare; however, you can change your instructions at any time by editing the form or contacting the relevant Head of School.

Please complete these forms by the start of Term 2, Tuesday, 30 April.

German Exchange Programme

Introducing Patrica P, or Patti, as we have come to know her. 

Patti is here at Pedare as this year’s participant in the SA/Bavarian (German) Student Exchange Programme. She is paired with Keira J (Year 11) and has been living with Keira’s family for the past term. In return, Keira will be heading to Germany at the end of this year to stay with Patti’s family over Christmas and New Year. 

During her time at Pedare, Patti has enthusiastically embraced student life, and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her with us. We will miss her dearly when she returns to Germany at the end of the April holidays. Some of Patti’s highlights from her time in Australia include holding a koala and visiting the Eyre Peninsula with German Exchange Students from other schools. I believe there are plans for her to attend a football match in the holidays, supporting the Crows, of course!

We wish Patti all the very best as she returns home and eagerly anticipate hearing about Keira’s adventures when she returns next year.

Dates have been set for the first meeting of the 2025/26 Exchange Programme, and our Year 10s are poised and ready. This is a fantastic programme and we are delighted with what appears to be a regular uptake of this opportunity.

Mrs Nicole Callen

2025 Music Scholarships

The Pedare Music Scholarship Program recognises individual musical talent, demonstrating the commitment of the College to the Music curriculum and the Musical life of the College.

These scholarships, open to instrumentalists and vocalists, will be awarded to students who display outstanding musical ability and a sound academic record. The College has a strong music culture with Concert Bands, a Stage Band, Choirs and a Jazz vocal ensemble, String Ensembles, a string quartet, percussion and guitar ensembles. The Senior and Junior Musicals are performed biennially. Applicants may have a contemporary, jazz or classical background in Music.

Applications for 2025 are now open and will close on Friday 21 June 2024 with auditions to follow.

For more information and an application form, please contact the Community Relations Manager, Julie Holland at the College Office 8280 1700 or e:

Sibling Enrolment – Ensure a Position will be Available

Have you enrolled siblings of children already attending the College? 

There is currently very strong demand for enrolments in all year levels at the College with waiting lists in most year levels for 2025 and 2026.

If you are yet to register an application for your child for 2025 and beyond, please contact the College Office as soon as possible to secure a place. 

Enrolment interviews are currently taking place for all entry year levels for 2026 and we are receiving applications for 2027, 2028 and 2029.

A separate enrolment application must be completed for each child in your family, otherwise placement cannot be guaranteed.

While we cannot guarantee a place for siblings, we do give preference to siblings of currently enrolled students. We understand the importance of maintaining family connections within our school and we strive to accommodate siblings whenever possible.

Please contact me for an application form or collect one from the College Office.

Mrs Julie Holland

Community Relations Manager / Registrar


Junior Shine Awards

Congratulations to the following students on receiving the Junior Shine Award for Term 1 at Assembly on Friday, 5 April.

Reception – Blair H & Jisha P
Year 1 – Audrey T & Darcy B
Year 2 – Amy W & Amelia S
Year 3 – Amreen D & Luke J
Year 4 – Halle B & Olivia W

JS Assembly – Year 2 and Junior Shine Awards, Friday, 5 April

National Age Qualifying Times in Swimming

Congratulations to Travis O (Year 10), who has achieved National Age Qualifying Times in swimming and secured a spot on the South Australian Relay Team as a Reserve, showcasing his exceptional speed and skill. Travis’ upcoming participation in the 2024 Australian Age Championships on the Gold Coast is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Well done, Travis!


Northern Sustainability Student Leaders Forum

Middle School

On Wednesday, 27 March, Pedare hosted the Northern Leadership Sustainability Forum, where students and staff from eight local schools gathered to share ideas and gain inspiration from each other.

The students were passionate about creating change in their local communities to ensure a sustainable future for all. 

Pedare Year 8 and 9 Sustainability students led with confidence as they guided the visitors around the College.

Mrs Jude Johnson

Year 9 Sports Science Excursion

Year 9 PE Specialists

Year 9 PE specialist class has been learning about the fitness demands associated with various sports and how to monitor and measure them to improve performance. To conclude this unit, we visited the Adelaide Crows training facility to understand how they monitor and develop players’ fitness.

The day began with an introduction to GPS devices, followed by a practical session where each student wore a GPS device to collect data. They played a football game on the Crows training oval while wearing the GPS devices. While the data was being uploaded, the students had a tour of the training facilities to gain insight into what a working week looks like for a Crows AFL and AFLW player. The facilities were very impressive and highlighted the range of equipment and facilities required for a professional athlete.

The final segment of the day was a Q&A session with the Crows Strength and Power Coach, who provided valuable information on fitness development and recovery.

We extend our gratitude to the staff at the Adelaide Football Club for hosting the Pedare students.

Mr Damien Hutchings

Internet and Social Media Presentation

Year 12 Society and Culture

During their exploration of the unit ‘Contemporary Challenges’ with a focus on technology, Year 12 Society and Culture students investigated the impact of social media and the internet on adolescents. They had the privilege of welcoming Bindy Taylor, an experienced life coach and senior consultant in Management, Communications, and Marketing, as a guest speaker. Bindy delivered a comprehensive presentation on the pervasive influence of social media on society, offering practical strategies for utilising online platforms positively, including for business marketing, advocacy, promotion and community building. We extend our gratitude to Bindy for her valuable insights, which left students buzzing with ideas.

Mrs Lauren Griffiths



The Pedare Extra-Curricular Team are excited to bring you a new portal, containing information and links all in one location to our Sports and Clubs program.

The Portal is updated regularly to bring you the latest news, announcements, updates, results and more of Pedare Extra-curricular activities and events.

SSSA Athletics Boys’ Team Secures Second Place

Pedare Athletics team performed at the School Sport SA (SSSA) Athletics Championship on Thursday, 4 April. The boys’ team secured a strong second-place finish on the track. In the high jump event, our athletes soared to impressive heights, with John’K K (Year 8) leading with clearances. Meanwhile, in the long jump, Ashton H (Year 10) displayed solid technique and landed remarkable distances. The track resounded with applause as our sprinters and relay teams crossed the finish line with a victory. As the dust settled, the Pedare Athletics team stood tall, gaining an overall fifth place for the day and hungry for greater success in the future.

Thanks to all who were involved in making this day possible.


Mrs Alana Tronnolone

‘Frohe Ostern!’ from German Club

Germany has many wonderful Easter traditions. Students in German classes learned about some of these traditions in class. However, in the German Club this week, we focused on the ‘Osterhase’, the Easter Hare. Similar to Australia, children in Germany receive chocolate Easter eggs from the Easter Hare on Easter Sunday, but in earlier times, the Easter Hare would bring coloured or dyed real eggs for the children.

One legend from Germany says that a few hundred years ago, during a particularly hard year, the mothers of a village realised that there wasn’t enough money to spare to celebrate Easter with their families. They came up with a plan to dye chicken eggs in lots of bright colours and create a special surprise for the children. On Easter morning, when the village children went out into the forest to play, they came across some strange and brightly coloured eggs that they had never seen before. The children ran around the forest collecting the eggs, wondering all the time where they could have come from. Then, one child saw a rabbit jump out from behind a bush. When she went to investigate, she found a pile of the coloured eggs. And so, the legend of the ‘Osterhase’ began.

German Club is growing, so come along! It is held on Wednesdays every ‘odd’ week of the term.

Mrs Nicole Callen




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church is a group of Christians who seek to serve Jesus in everything we do. Whether you are just visiting or looking for a Christian home, we aim to be a loving and supportive family for you.

On Sundays, we meet at the church at 8.30 am, 10.00 am and 6.00 pm. If you want to discover what the bible says Christianity is all about, join one of the numerous weekly bible discussion groups, or want to find out about our Kids Club (R-6) from 3:30-5pm and Youth group (Y7-12) from 7-9pm that both operate on a weekly basis during school terms.

Please visit our website ( or contact Rick Maude at for details.




Gully Church (Tea Tree Gully Uniting) – Banksia Markets


Gully Church hosts the ‘local and friendly’ Banksia Markets on the first Saturday of each month from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm at 600 Milne Road, Banksia Park. Stalls inside the hall and in the car park include produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, tools, bric-à-brac and lots more.

For more information, contact the Gully Church website at or email




Golden Grove Uniting Church


Golden Grove Uniting Church, corner of Crouch and One Tree Hill Road, Golden Grove, has a traditional service at 10 am on a Sunday.  Also, on the second and fourth Sunday of the month, we have a cafe-style church, a relaxed contemporary worship service at 6 pm in the Church hall.

Café Youth is a fun, interactive program for young people ages 14 and up looking to engage in topics of faith. Café Youth sessions start with a fun 30-minute activity based on the theme for the night, then followed by “Talk Time”, during which the group discusses a topic of faith while enjoying delicious snacks, refreshments and pizza! The cost for each session is $5.

For further information, please contact the Office at 8251 4298 or email  You can even check our webpage: