Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 6 for 2017

The Vine Issue 6 – 2017

May 12, 2017
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Mr Lindsay Jackson


Feasibility Study Update

During 2015, the College conducted a school-wide strategic review by surveying the community and conducting focus groups. Using feedback from the review, the College developed the “Strategic Direction Towards 2020” vision document, which was approved by the College Board early in 2016. This Strategic Document was then summarised into the booklet “Towards 2020 Pedare Christian College Strategic Direction” which was circulated to the College community during Term 1 of 2016. Click here to view the information.

A major item of the Strategic Direction was to conduct an investigation into the development of a ‘One College One Campus ’school. To action this part of the vision document, the College Board engaged Hardy Milazzo to undertake a Feasibility Study.

Updates on the progress of this study have been provided by Mike Millard, College Principal, through The Vine during 2016, for an example in The Vine Issue 16  and in the Board addresses at the 2016 Thanksgiving Services click here.

Progress as of March 2017

The completed Feasibility Study was presented to the College Board in March 2017, and provided details of the following 2 scenarios:

  • One College One Campus – master plans and estimated costs
  • One College Two Campuses – master plan and estimated costs

In early April, the College held 3 Feasibility Briefings, to communicate an outline of the Feasibility Study outcomes to the College Community:

  • Thursday 6 April to all staff held at the Middle/Senior School
  • Friday 7 April to all staff held at the Junior School
  • Monday 10 April to the College Community in the Wattle Centre.

At the briefings, an outline of the journey from the Review in 2015 to the results of the Feasibility Study in 2017 was presented and Mr Mark Watson, College Business Manager, spoke of the concept plans provided in the Feasibility Study.

For more information please find a copy of the PowerPoint presentation given at the Feasibility Briefings below.

In conclusion:

  • Both scenarios in the Feasibility Study present excellent outcomes and an exciting future for the College.
  • Both options are before the College Board for consideration, and at this stage, no decision has been made.
  • The Board are carefully and methodically working through both options and will provide an update on the outcome once the decision is made.
  • The College Board needs the support of the College Community as they consider the future of our College, and I ask that you keep the Board in your thoughts and prayers.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


Global Action in the Junior School

This year, when speaking to the students, I have shared how we all have the power to change the world and to make it a better place. This starts with little actions, as the song states “From Little Things Big Things Grow.”

Following this, I am proud to bring to the community’s attention to two Junior School students who have acted to make the world a better place. Lorcyn Murdey-Green 4H and Megan Prettejohn 5P.

Lorcyn Murdey-Green

During the April school holidays, Lorcyn decided to donate her ponytail to a charity that utilises hair donations by making wigs for young children who are having treatment for Cancer. It takes around 8 plaits to make a children’s hairpiece, so donations such as these are greatly appreciated.

Megan Prettejohn

A VERY big ‘high paw’ is for Megan who over the past few months has been collecting bottles and cans to raise money to buy toys for the cats and dogs in the care of the Animal Welfare League (AWL).

Megan has raised $52 through her collection and spent all of the money on toys for the animals. Some of the items Megan donated were, sausages-on-a-rope, tennis balls, tug toys and SO much more in her bag of goodies!

Well done to both of these girls you are such an inspiration to others.

Mother’s Day Assembly

On Sunday 14 May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. Mothers come in all shapes and forms. Some are teachers in our classrooms, some are foster mothers or adoptive mothers and some are step-mothers. Many women care for children that are not their own – some aunts, sisters, grandmothers and friends. All these women are willing and selflessly helping others and that is why we honoured them at our special Mother’s Day Assembly on Friday 12 May. Many thanks to the Parents and Friends Association and volunteers who, through our annual Mother’s Day Stall, gave the opportunity for the children in the Junior School to purchase a special gift for their mums.

Lorcyn Murdey-Green export

Lorcyn Murdey-Green

Megan Prettejohn export

Megan Prettejohn

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


Welcome back to Term 2. The holidays have come and gone and the first weeks of Term 2 show no signs of slowing down. The NAPLAN tests have been completed by all Year 7 and 9 students. These tests are the national literacy and numeracy tests that all children across Australia will sit at the same time. Unfortunately, and unavoidably, these tests do cause stress for some of our students. We have tried to convey to all our students the fact the tests are simply a test of a particular skill on a particular day. The students at Pedare have many gifts and talents and a standardised test cannot measure all of these.

The Year 6 students have been on Camp to Roonka on the River Murray. We certainly look forward to the many stories when they return. I am not too sure if any students have been game enough to get into the water, but I am sure warm clothes were a necessity. Camps are a wonderful chance for students to make lifelong connections with their classmates for it is the times away from the classroom they will remember the most. New experiences are an absolute must for any child to grow and develop a sense of wonder and taking students away from their regular routines (and electronic devices!) are what school camps are all about.

Parent, teacher, student interviews will again be held in the College Chapel in Week 3 and we encourage all families to make appointments to meet with their children’s teachers. On these evenings, teachers will be able to provide strategies to help your students improve their results and further explain the results that were sent home at the conclusion of Term 1. If you are unable to attend these evening or did not get a time that suited please do not hesitate to make contact with individual teachers to arrange a more suitable time.

I wish you all an enjoyable and successful term.

Mrs Gillian Edwards


Mrs Gillian Edwards


Welcome to Term 2, which promises to be as busy and full of opportunities as the previous term.

Senior School students, parents or caregivers should already have received the Term 2 Assessment Calendars via email. These are intended to provide students with a guide to the assessment tasks in each subject so that they can better organise their time and plan accordingly.

Year 10 students have received feedback on the drafts of their Personal Project reports and finalised them ready for submission. They are no doubt happy to see the completion of this challenge; but the skills they have gained as well as the understanding about their own learning will assist them as they move forward into Senior School.

The first assembly for this term saw our commemoration of ANZAC Day. The students are to be commended for the respectful way in which they responded to this occasion.

The first week concluded with a celebration breakfast for the Year 12s as we officially opened the newly refurbished Year 12 Common/Study Room. Students thanked the staff responsible: Mr Mark Watson, and in his absence, Mr Mike Millard, who gave the go ahead for this project; and Mr Rob Watkins, Mr Mathew Franks, and Mr Adrian Powell, who worked on it over a number of weeks. Their efforts have been greatly appreciated, as they were also responsible for the refurbishment of room SF3 during the term break.

As we commence a term that sees mid-year examinations for Years 10 & 11 and the end of one semester and the beginning of another, students are again reminded of the importance of the 4 Ps: Punctuality, Personal Organisation, Presentation and Performance.




Thursday, 4 May

On Thursday 4 May, the Middle and Senior School held an assembly which included a commemoration of ANZAC Day. Mr Jackson spoke about how it is not an occasion to glorify war, but a day of national pride and a time to remember and give thanks for the sacrifices that many people made. A sacrifice that in many cases resulted in the ultimate sacrifice – loss of life.  It is because of those sacrifices we live in the democracy and freedom that we do and we need to be thankful for that.

Ode of Remembrance

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old; age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Laila Moodley, College Captain also read a prayer for reflection:


Bless all those who wear the uniform, who serve our cities, our nation, our people. Thank you for the sacrifices they make so that we might have a better world to live in.

Bless their families and those they love. Thank you for the unending love and commitment of the families of our soldiers and for the firm hope they have in their safe return and the re-uniting of their family.

Lord, give our soldiers your great favor, this day and every day. Help us to take the time to remember those in this world who have fought, and who are fighting for our country. May our hearts always be thankful for their sacrifice and their service.

And Lord, thank you that we can be assured you never leave us, and you are with us always, in this life and the next.




College Chapel, 2–30 Surrey Farm Drive, Golden Grove

Monday 29th May 2017 at 7.30 pm


Parents, friends and old scholars of the College are cordially invited to attend.

The Agenda will include:

  1. a) reports from the Chair of the Board and the Principal
  2. b) the financial report for 2016
  3. c) the appointment of our Auditor

Eligible to vote

The following adult persons are automatically eligible persons who can attend and vote at a general meeting:

  • a parent of a present student of the College (as per the currently signed enrolment form)
  • a present staff or Board Member

Others who wish to vote

To be an eligible person wishing to attend and vote at a general meeting the following adult persons will need to have completed a Membership Application form:

  • a parent of a past student of the College shall be eligible to be a member of the College up to 31st December in the third year after their last child leaves the College
  • a former student of the College with a minimum of three years attendance shall be eligible to be a member of the College up to the 31st December in the third year after they have left the College
  • a former student of the College who has a current membership of the Pedare Old Scholars’ Association
  • a parishioner of a participating parish or church

Membership Application forms are available on the College website:  New membership applications will need to be received by the College (Board Secretary) by 4pm Friday 12th May 2017, to enable the College to process applications prior to the 2017 College AGM.

Copies of the Agenda may be obtained from the College Office, or by phoning 8280 1700, or on the College website Tea and coffee will be served following the AGM.

On behalf of the Board

Mark Watson

Board Secretary

1st May 2017



Year 1 museum of childhood 2017-cover


Wednesday, 10 May

On Wednesday 10 May, Reception and Year 1 students were visited by Alan Griffith from the Australian Museum of Childhood, a foremost museum in Educational reform.


Receptions enjoyed an incursion that explored our central idea through play. This term our central idea is “We are all connected within a community.” We are investigating what a community is, how we are connected and what responsibilities people have within communities. There was much excitement in the hall as children enjoyed role playing with many items to create small communities. After the session, one child commented…

“People who help each other make a community”

Mrs Kimberly McMahon, Reception Teacher

Year 1s

The Year 1s spent an exciting hour each learning through play-based activity using some amazing items from the Museum. Different stations were set up around Blue Gum Hall with each station containing an element of the community we live in.

The focus was to develop our understanding of the PYP Central Idea: ‘Communities develop systems to meet their needs.’ The Lines of our Inquiry are: Transport systems, Systems that meet people’s needs and Systems that connect communities.

The children have quickly grasped the concept of connection and dependence on one another. Alan Griffith stimulated play by questioning the different groups about connection, dependence and systems. The questions and discussion that emerged from the students as they interacted with each further supported and challenged their peer’s ideas.

We are looking forward to developing the Central Idea further as we explore these concepts together. 

Mrs Joy Ey and Mrs Elizabeth Morgan, Year 1 Teachers

Year 1 museum of childhood 2017-2
Year 1 museum of childhood 2017-4
Year 1 museum of childhood 2017-3
Year 1 Museum Childhood 2017-1

Year 2 Lab on Legs 11


Tuesday, 9 May

On Tuesday 9 May, the Year 2s participated in a CSIRO incursion. The theme was ‘How materials work.’ As the central idea in Year 2 is ‘Technology impacts our daily lives,’ it seemed like a perfect fit. Jean, the presenter, instructed students in creating different chemical reactions and facilitated discussion around an acid and a base. Students discussed conductors of electricity and tried to conduct electricity throughout different objects around the classroom. It was an informative and fun incursion for all.

Some student comments:

“I felt like a real scientist.” – Samaira

”I felt surprised when the mixture bubbled up like a volcano because I didn’t know it was going to happen.” – Madeline

“I felt happy and excited when we made mixtures that changed colour and fizzed.” – Kacie

“We discovered new things that we might not have known before.” – Isabella

“Scientists don’t try something once but they try lots of times.” – Jessica

“It was fun testing to see if electricity went through different materials.” – Ashton

“Everything is matter!” – Leo

“Science is fun but sometimes dangerous.” – Holly

“Science is cool.” – Katherine

Mrs Alisa Burne and Miss Jasmine Orlowski, Year 2 Teachers

Year 2 Lab on Legs 8
Year 2 Lab on Legs 6
Year 2 Lab on Legs 9
Year 2 Lab on Legs 5



Friday, 5 May

On Friday 5 May, the Junior School held their annual Cross Country. With perfect weather and nearly all of the Junior School students participating in the event, there was some strong competition amongst the communities, with Surrey being the eventual winners of the shield. The student’s enthusiasm and excitement were evident throughout the day and thankfully there were not many reports of injuries. Students who were winners in their categories also went on to compete in the Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA Cross Country Carnival held on Friday 12 May.

Congratulations to Surrey and well done to all those who were involved.

Murals at JS


Wednesday, 12 April

On Wednesday 12 April, the newest murals were launched at the Junior School. Students looked at the work of Australian Artist Margaret Preston for ideas to help with the designs based on Blue Gum flowers and gum nuts. The students involved in the designing and painting of the murals were: Izaak Brain 5P, Lysander Haliakis 5LP, Maddison Swan 4H, Alexander Hodgson 4K, Kayley Need 3A, Harrison Barnes 3O, Nicholas Dinevski 2B, Kaylah Knight 2O.

Mrs Karan Hudson, Enrichment Teacher

Pedare Generations in Jazz 2017


Friday-Sunday, 5-7 May

On 5-7 May, Pedare’s music students participated in their fourth Generations in Jazz. Highlights of the weekend included outstanding performances given by James Morrison, Grammy Award Winning Big Band leader Gordon Goodwin, Wycliffe Gordon, New York Jazz star Jassmeia Horn, Ross Irwin (trumpet for The Cat Empire) and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in both evening and daytime concerts in the large tent seating over 6000 people.

The students not only received feedback from the professional judges of the band and vocal competitions, but they also participated in workshops with the international guest performers, learning many valuable lessons about performing and developing their individual skills.

This year, Pedare gained 5th place out of 42 ensembles in the Vocal Ensemble Awards and 6th place out of 22 bands in the Stage Bands Awards. What an amazing effort and opportunity for the students and teachers to be a part of such a significant event. Congratulations on outstanding results.

Mrs Nadine Stroud, Director of Music R-12                                                                                                                                                                                                     




Wednesday-Friday, 10-12 May

On 10-12 May, the Year 6s enjoyed a 3 day camp at Roonka Water Activities Centre in Blanchtown. This was a camp of ‘firsts’ for most of the students. First time away from home. First time to be on camp. First time catching fish. First time pitching a tent. First time canoeing. First time building a raft.

This year, we had 27 new Year 6s at Pedare, so camps such as these are a great opportunity for students to get acquainted, build relationships and friendships, have new life experiences and have lasting memories of their time at camp.

Congratulations to the very proud Charlie Corney who caught his very first fish while away, fantastic effort.

Pedare Year 12 Aquatics 2017


April and May 2017

During early April and May, all Stage 2 Physical Education students went to West Lakes Aquatics Centre to complete their Practical Aquatics Assessments.

Throughout the PE course, students complete 3 practical units each worth 17% towards their SACE grade: Aquatics, Netball & Badminton or Lawn Bowls. Our Aquatics unit was completed over 3 days and each student had the choice of a particular activity: Kayaking, Sailing or Windsurfing.

This year, we had two Kayaking groups, one sailing group and one windsurfing group. They are assessed on many elements such as: technique, terminology, processes for emergencies such as capsizing, and leadership and initiative.

The sailors had 10km/h winds on day one and finished with some strong winds of 30k/h, which was exciting yet challenging. The strong winds made the man overboard challenge difficult, yet the students were able to save their “dummy” floating in the West Lakes marina and continue on with their “Jibing” and “Tacking” turns.

The kayaking group enjoyed the capsizing and deep sea rescues. With plenty of laughter during the team based activities and commenting on who was the calmest when sitting upside down in the water and searching for their partner’s kayak to save them. Their endurance paddle was very entertaining with a special mention to Tom’s obsession with AAMI stadium and trying to find Tex Walker.

The West Lakes Aquatic Centre Instructors were extremely impressed with the Pedare students and enjoyed seeing them improve over the 3 days.

Congratulations to the Stage 2 Physical Education students on their efforts and thank you to the Aquatic instructors for providing an excellent learning environment for our students.

Mr Damien Hutchings, Middle & Senior School Teacher



As the seasons change from summer to autumn, Pedare’s Eco Force students have been very busy with planting seeds and seedlings for the Middle School garden beds. The weather is perfect at this time of year for the students to plant the many different varieties of herbs and vegetables, some of which include parsley, mint, onions, potatoes, chives, beetroot and lettuce.


We encourage families to share their child/rens personal achievements from both within and outside of the College, as we understand learning doesn’t stop at the school gate. If your child has a special achievement, we welcome your submission. Articles of 100 to 200 words along with a good high-resolution photo can be emailed by clicking the button below.


Chelsea Blackman

Congratulations to Chelsea Blackman, Year 11, who is one of eight South Australians named in the national Netball under 17 squad for the second year in a row. Chelsea will attend the high-performance camp to be held in Canberra in September. The camp is an opportunity for Chelsea to develop and progress into the elite pathway of netball in Australia, as she benefits from specialised coaching to further develop her skills.

Chelsea plays for Contax in the Premier League, but her ambition is to represent Australia one day. Her hard work, which includes early morning gym sessions before school and her training sessions and games with Contax, will certainly help in reaching her goal.

Well done Chelsea, we look forward to following your sporting career.

Ryan Wood Principal's Scholarship 2017

Ryan Wood – Old Scholar

Congratulations to Old Scholar, Ryan Wood, Class of 2016 (College Dux), who has been awarded a Principal’s Scholarship and an Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Adelaide Scholarship Ceremony in Bonython Hall on Monday 8 May, attended by Mr Lindsay Jackson, Acting College Principal.

We wish Ryan all the best as he studies a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, as well as studying to complete a Diploma of Languages.




Extra-Curricular sports feature articles below:

 U9 Girls Netball



It is with great expectation and excitement the U9 Netball girls stepped onto the Golden Grove netball courts for their very first match on Saturday 29 April, as Pedare’s first SADNA (South Australia District Netball Association) team. A lot of hard work and training had gone into this first game and it was a privilege to watch the girls excel as a team. The new SPiN programme has been a positive and inclusive addition to Pedare’s Extra-curricular. Team building and confidence are important skills which the girls are developing together.

With a successful first win, we are looking forward to a fun and challenging season ahead.



Extra-Curricular Fixtures are available on the Pedare App and on the College website.

Click here to view the Extra-Curricular fixtures online

Extra-Curricular Fixtures_web


Week 1


  • U12 – Pedare vs Highbury Hornets – Won 26 – 6 (MVP Whole Team)
  • U12 – Pedare vs Highbury Hotshots – Won 32 – 8 (MVP N Warne)
  • U14 Red – Pedare vs The Heights – Won 34 – 30 (MVP R Jackson)
  • Middle – Pedare vs PAC 2 – Won 70 – 4 (MVP B Ashworth)
  • Senior – Pedare vs Trinity – Won 47 – 42


  • Junior – Pedare GG 4 – Won 32 – 27
  • Sub-Junior Team 1 – Pedare vs GT 1 – Won 14 – 11
  • Sub-Junior Team 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 4 – Loss 21 – 30
  • Primary – Pedare vs Hope Valley – Loss 6 – 8
  • Sub-Primary – Pedare vs Hope Valley – Won 16 – 0 (MVP G Terrington)


  • Girls – BYE


Week 2


  • U12 – No Game
  • U12 – No Game
  • U14 – Pedare vs Greenades – Draw 26 – 26
  • Middle – BYE
  • Senior – BYE


  • Year 9 Blue – Pedare vs Unley HS – Loss 90 – 92


  • Junior – Pedare vs Para Hills Wanderers 1 – Loss 11 – 52
  • Sub-Junior Team 1 – Pedare vs Pooraka Allstars 1 – Loss 12 – 23
  • Sub-Junior Team 2 – Pedare vs TTG 6 – Loss 16 – 30
  • Primary – Pedare vs Banksia Park 2 – Won 14 – 2
  • Sub-Primary – Pedare vs GG – Won 23 – 1 (MVP L Murdey-Green)


  • Girls – Pedare 2 vs Mary McKillop – Loss 0 – 7 (MVP J Shroeder)


Round logo

College Uniform News

There are some exciting changes coming to the College uniform.  A brand new polo top for Physical Education has been designed and we look forward to it being available at Devon Uniforms shortly.  The new PE top will be for Reception to Year 12; there will no longer be a different colour top for Senior School.

There is also a slight change to the track pants, mainly in the design (inclusion of a zip at the ankle) and fabric, and Devon Uniforms are awaiting the arrival of stock of these also.  The new track pants will also be available for all students, Reception to Year 12.

We understand that Devon Uniforms are out of stock in some sizes of the current PE top and track pants, so we ask for your patience while awaiting the new items.

Other changes to the uniform that you may have noticed already are that the gold lettering and stripes in the uniform are being replaced by white, in line with the College logo/brand.  This will apply to the Rugby top and bucket hat in particular.

Students may continue to wear their current uniform up until the end of 2019.

Parents will be advised as soon as these new items are available for sale.


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One+ Careers Expo – 2017

The One+ Careers Expo will be held on Wednesday 14 June at the Golden Grove Recreation and Arts Centre (Arts Theatre and Foyer) from 12:00pm – 8:00pm. The display includes: University Pathways, TAFE Options, Training Providers and Career Pathways. This event is open to students and families from the three schools, Pedare Christian College, Gleeson College and Golden Grove High School, and brings together a wide range of careers advisers with a wealth of information as students make decisions related to a career pathway.

The Careers Expo will be open from 12:00pm – 3:15pm to enable students in Personal Learning Plan, Workplace Practices and other subject areas to visit in class groups. The evening session is a good opportunity for parent and family groups to gain insightful information regarding their child’s career pathways. It is also an ideal time for students who engaged during the day session to re-visit.

Special guest speaker, Mr Ivan Neville, Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch Manager for the Australian Government Department of Employment in Canberra will be offering useful information to help students make informed career choices. Mr Neville will be available to chat with from 6:00pm – 6:30pm and 7:00pm – 7:30pm.

For more information, contact Mrs Debbie Hollister, Director of Senior Studies & Pathways on 8280 1700.


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Careers & Employment Expo

The Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo is a leading careers, training, education and employment event in South Australia. The event offers the opportunity for students, job seekers and career changers to connect with organisations for guidance, clarity and opportunities in relation to career options.

The Adelaide event will also include the Australian Defence Force Careers Expo, showcasing all the career opportunities within the Australian Defence Force.

Adelaide Careers & Employment Expo & Australian Defence Force Careers Expo

Friday 26 May – 9:00am to 3:00pm & Saturday 27 May – 10:00am to 4:00pm at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

Free Admission

You can find out more information about the event by clicking on the link:


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 Journey Kids Program

The Journey Church will be hosting a Kids program, ‘Winter Fest’ on Friday 2 June, from 5:00pm – 6:30pm. Cost is $5.00 for one, $8.00 for two or $10.00 for 3 or more children. For more information please contact Renee on 8251 7149.


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Soup @ St Mark’s

St Mark’s invites you to enjoy a free cafe style soup in a warm and friendly community atmosphere on Thursdays from 6:00pm – 7:00pm from May until August. Everyone is welcome! For more information phone 8289 4003 or email


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Tea Tree Gully Anglican

Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years R-6)

Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Our next Kids club is on from 3:30-5:00pm. More info can be downloaded from our website.

We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. See for more details or phone Rick on 8264 3736.

SWAT youth (Years 7-12)

Meets Friday each week at 7:30pm. Come for a great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. See   for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953.

Weekly Services – Check out our website for more details

Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion

Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month

Sunday@6.00pmYouth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.


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Rory’s Mother’s Day Competition

Rory’s is inviting students to nominate their mums or mums to nominate themselves (or other mums) to win 1 of 50 Rory’s School Lunches vouchers All entries go into a draw and the winners will be announced on Monday 15 May. To find out how to enter, click here.