Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 9 for 2019

The Vine Issue 9 – 2019

June 21, 2019
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Mr Mike Millard


Mr Mike Millard


Come and See Day – Saturday 29 June 11:00am – 2:00pm

It is a great pleasure to invite Pedare families and Old Scholars to our Come and See Day on Saturday 29 June to tour the new Middle School Mallee Building, the Banksia Junior School Classroom Building and the new Sports Centre. Senior staff will be in attendance to talk with you during the visit and student volunteers will be on hand to take you to the 3 different buildings as they are on opposite sides of our One College Campus.

The tour will take about 1 hour, and as we know these are busy times for families, especially those involved in children’s’ sport and other commitments, hopefully this timing will still allow you to come and view our exciting new facilities.

We look forward to showcasing the wonderful learning spaces now available for Pedare students and seeing you at our ‘open house’.

New Mallee Building

The students from Middle and Senior year levels are enjoying the wonderful learning spaces within the new building. The breakout areas and small group spaces are very popular and encourage a ‘university’ style approach by students to their learning. I have reflected on how positively the Middle and Senior students dealt with the disruptions during the first part of the year and the rewards for their patience and resilience are the wonderful learning spaces. With the final external landscaping project underway on the northern side of the Mallee Building, we can see the end in sight and we are very pleased with the quality of the build and the significant advantages we have achieved as a One College Campus.


One College Bonus 

One of the lovely things about all being on One Campus is the daily interaction we now have with the younger students in our care. This week, Year 1 student Liam was very keen to share the results of his home cooking with Mrs Paula Hanna, Mr Randall Pearce and myself.

I can attest that Liam is a champion melting moment cook when he brought in 3 biscuits for each of us. He was happy that I shared my quota with Mrs Karen Cameron, my Executive Assistant and Mrs Amanda Kleeman, our new Business Manager.

Very yummy thank you Liam.

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


It was smiles all round as we arrived to school on Tuesday last week to see the new Middle School buildings open for use! The Middle School students have moved into their long-awaited homes and are making the most of their beautiful new classrooms and break-out areas. A big thank you to everyone for their patience as we waited to finally receive the keys and I can assure you, it was worth the wait. To walk through and see the building now alive with students and to be able to see the collaborative learning taking place as well as opportunities for even further development brought a lot of joy. It allows the senior students to spread out during the break times and some of our play zones will become more user friendly. Congratulations to our builders Marshall and Brougham and the architects Swanbury Penglase who have delivered a high class, stunning building that is fit for purpose for Pedare now and into the future.

This week saw the Year 10 and Stage 1 examinations and we trust that our students prepared well and survived (for some) their first foray into the world of examinations. Semester 2 begins on Monday, with a large number of students in the Senior School changing their subjects and timetables. A new subject can be challenging but should also be looked upon as another great opportunity to learn from a new teacher and broaden your knowledge base. As always, we want our students to not only be enjoying their subject but to also be engaged in the subject matter. There is a very small two week window to request subject changes for Semester 2 and all requests must be submitted by the end of Term 2 through Mrs Anne Crouch who is located in Redgum.

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a tour of the new Helping Hand residential aged care facility that has just opened on the corner block of The Golden Way and The Grove Way. Myself and Mrs Debbie Hollister, the College VET Coordinator, were given an inside look at the day to day operations inside the facility. It was very impressive! The tour was organised to give all three campus schools a look inside to see how our students could provide benefit for the aged people in the home. Helping Hand also see a partnership with the three schools to provide a training ground for future workers in the health industry, food and hospitality, IT, physiotherapy, social work and the list goes on. Into the future, it is hoped that the ONE+ site will be offering a Certificate in Nursing pathways which will have a direct link to the Helping Hand facility.  We look forward to a successful relationship and know that our students will benefit from this.

Current Year 10 and Year 11 families will shortly receive notification about the subject selection process for 2020. Information will be distributed to confirm the dates for the Subject Information evening and subsequent course counselling sessions that each family will have. The Senior Curriculum Handbook has been updated for 2020 and the link to this will be sent at this time, but for those that are eager it can be found on the Pedare website.

Finally, good luck to our Stage 2 Drama students who will be performing their play ‘The Peach Season’ at the Golden Grove Arts and Recreation Centre tonight. I know they and Mrs Lyon have worked extremely hard to deliver this play to the highest standard. As this is a Stage 2 subject the production and presentation of the play is effectively the external exam for these students. We wish them well and trust that all of their hard work will pay off!

Mrs Lauren Brooks


 Mrs Lauren Brooks


Mallee Buildings

What an incredible week it has been watching the joy in our students’ faces as we all moved into the new Mallee buildings. The excitement and enthusiasm amongst them was palpable and the positive energy throughout the classrooms was wonderful to see. We are so grateful to be able to learn and work in our new facilities and look forward to creating magic within them. The opportunities are endless in the functional spaces; flexible classrooms, co-teaching and learning benefits, maker spaces, aquaponics, green room and robotics, are just some of the highlights. Furthermore, we look forward to being able to develop our already highly successful Music, Art and Sport programs within these new spaces, as we launch into our journey of innovation amongst our teaching and learning community. A huge thank you to the amazing staff, especially our property and grounds team, who have worked tirelessly to ensure these spaces are functioning perfectly for all our students.

A Powerful Message

Many of our staff members were blown away watching the powerful message delivered by former Melbourne Demons coach, Neale Daniher, several weekends ago. Neale has the incurable Motor Neuron Disease (MND). He has raised millions of dollars to fight MND and he continues to be an inspiration in the way he has conducted himself through such hardship, with positivity and seizing the opportunities. We have played his recent address to our students this week, as there are some incredible messages that can apply to all of us in our daily lives and here at Pedare.

Neale talks about taking responsibility for our choices and actions. By owning our choices and taking on the responsibility instead of finding someone else to blame, what emerges is the better side of your character. Middle School can be a challenging time for many of our students who are trying to find their identity and learn about themselves, whilst making connections with others and trying to find their place in the world. During this time, we expect our students may make mistakes from time to time; however, it is their response that is really critical. In moments of darkness or in challenging times, it is important that our students can reflect on a lapse of judgement, own their choices and find the strength and courage in their character to take responsibility.

Furthermore, Neale talks about finding the opportunity in any situation. It is truly inspiring to see a man who is fighting for his life, still finding a way to seize the day and have a positive impact on so many people in the community. Reflecting on our time at Pedare in 2019, it would have been easy to feel frustrated with the progression of our new buildings and become negative about some of the delays we experienced. But in the delay, we saw opportunity. It has been a real privilege to see our teachers and students seize these opportunities by becoming more creative, adapting to the changes and come together as a more positive and united team.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


“No one ever got dizzy from doing a good turn”    

This is another Church sign I read on the way to school over the past term. I am proud that, as an International Baccalaureate (IB) and Christian school, we see many small and big acts of kindness that see our students and staff taking action. Action is an element of the Primary Years Program (PYP).

Action is embedded in the philosophy of the IB and is promoted throughout all its curricular programmes. In the PYP, action is considered to be both an application of learning and an opportunity for students to engage in a form of contribution or service.

Many people think Action is easy to define. It is something you do, right? But Action is much more than that. Action is a part of who we are. If we want to change the world, we need to start with changing ourselves. But sometimes change is hard. How do we make changes to the way we think so we can help the world?

If we want children to make a difference in the world, we need to help them personalise the action they take and understand it is not just a mandate from their teachers and parents, but a life-long mindset they develop.

Taking action can happen at any age. It is all about how we as parents, educators, and the community, support children and youth as they begin the learning journey towards becoming adults that are change agents!

Every teacher wants their students to take action that makes a difference to and in the world. I believe the concept of action is more a state of mind than a product. Action can only make a resonating difference to and in the world when it is developed in tandem with a toolbox of explicitly taught skills, modelled behaviours, scaffolded plans and a gradual release of responsibility.

Teachers need to provide the scaffolded learning experiences that help students gain the skills (including how to collaborate and how to focus on solving challenges) and knowledge to take sustained and meaningful action.

I commend the Year 2 classes and their teachers for their recent work to gather canned food to support the good work of Tea Tree Gully Anglican Church who will ensure these donations support needy people in our local area.



Have you bought your tickets for the 13 The Musical yet? 13 is a hilarious, coming-of-age musical about discovering that “cool” is sometimes where we least expect it. Come and see our Middle and Senior School students shine in this performance. Please Click here for more information.

Tickets can be purchased through TRYBOOKING:

Contact Mrs Jude Johnson at the College for special group discounts when booking 20 or more tickets for the same show.




On Monday 17 June, Year 3s visited the Road and Cycle Safety Centre at Ridgehaven. As part of our Inquiry into ‘How Systems Connect Us’ we were able to see the traffic system, understand a little bit more about how it works and the importance of this system in our community.

At first, we walked around the course and discussed the signs and rules of the road. We were then able to ride our bikes around the track and explore the traffic system hands on. We had fun making sure that we were careful to stop at stop signs, give way, ride around the round-about the correct way and of course look out for pedestrians. It was fun stopping at the traffic lights and railway crossing.

The wonderful volunteers at the centre took us inside to learn and discuss safety rules.

Not only did we learn about the traffic system and why we need it to organise ourselves as well as getting to one place to another safely, we also demonstrated resilience as many of us tried riding a balance bike or a bike without training wheels for the first time.

On the bus ride back to school, many of us were pointing out to signs and systems along the road that we had just experienced first-hand on our bikes.

  • “I liked going on the dirt track” – Keith
  • I liked going past the traffic lights and stopping when it was red” – Simon
  • “I liked it when we learnt what stopped meant. STOP = see the other people” – Natalie
  • “I finally got it because I had never ever ridden a bike without training wheels” – Hanah
  • “I liked that it looked like a real road with actual rules and I like the dirt track” – Jobe

Ms Natalie Scalamera, Ms Rebecca Andary, Mrs Rikki Hendry – Teachers, Year 3




This week our Year 3 students were captivated when Mr Zankov, Digital Technology Teacher, ran a Robotics workshop. Our students were excited to see a coding system in action and to learn how to write their own code. The workshop was run as part of our inquiry unit “How system connect us” and it gave the students an opportunity to extend their coding skills and consolidate the mathematical concepts they have been learning this term. They navigated the challenges of team work and utilised their communication and inquiry skills to solve problems they had never encountered before.

They were left inspired after listening to some of the Middle School students share their robotics experiences. It was a fabulous day made possible by being part of One College.

Some student comment:

  • “It was so  much fun and I was one of the only ones to work out how to make the controller work” – Abraham
  • “The robot only moves if we program it to move” – Tegan
  • This is too fun to be maths. I don’t like maths.” – Phuong

 Ms Rebecca Andary – Teacher, Year 3




Pedare celebrated the VEX Season with its Inaugural VEX Launch Party last week. Students from Middle and Senior School were invited to come to the new Mallee Building, see the new VEX fields and get a donut off the VEX Donut Wall and a slice of pizza. The launch comes at a time when the new learning environments in the Mallee building come alive with STEM rich based learning. Robotics encompasses the four disciplines of STEM in a very authentic way to result in a final product – a very cool robot!

This year with One College the Junior School students will start to get involved in our extra-curricular robotic offerings and we look forward to hosting a number of schools from around South Australia at this year’s VEX Regionals held at Pedare.

Special thanks to Mat Franks and Natasha Filippi for helping setup and contribute ensuring a great event. We look forward to turning these launch events into a regular tradition at Pedare!

Mr Emil Zankov – Teacher, Digital Technologies




If your child is interested in robotics, RoboCamps will again be held during the July school holidays for Years 3 – 6. RoboCamps are run by experienced Pedare Technology staff and supported by our FRC Team 6204 members and VEX teams. For further information, please contact Julie Holland at



On Tuesday 11 June, Year 6 students participated in the Languages Challenge, working their way through 18 activities – solving puzzles, dressing up as German soccer fans, doing dance moves in Chinese lion costumes, asking questions over a walkie-talkie, using chop sticks, and many more.

It was an interesting and action-packed afternoon. Thank you to Guo Laoshi (Ms Guo) for organising the Chinese activities, and Mr Henriks and Mrs Gerow for helping on the day.

Ms Susan O’Connell – Learning Area Coordinator, LOTE




On Friday 14 June, Year 8s were visited by Old Scholar Georgia Lloyd, Class of 2018, who came to instruct them on the art of Hip Hop Dance. Students enjoyed learning how to do the great moves and steps required for such an energetic workout. This was all part of their Health and Physical Education Unit and was held in the new Blue Gum Sport Centre. Georgia will also return on Friday 28 June to give our Year 9s the chance to be coached in Hip Hop.




For his Community Project, Year 9 student, Samuel Shephard-Bayly, is collecting books to donate to the woman’s prison in South Australia. Samuel would like donations of young adult novels to be given to the prison library, as there is a shortage of books for the prisoners to read. All donations of books can be placed in a designated box in the Catford Library up until end-of-day Monday 24 June.

Thank you for your assistance of this worthy cause.



On Wednesday, 12 June, Defence students from the three campus schools enjoyed an excursion to Alberton Oval, to be a part of the ‘Power to be Positive’ program, a program specifically developed for Defence students.

Students enjoyed their day; participating in a ‘positive education’ program learning about mindfulness, gratitude, and goal setting ably helped by a number of AFL players including Brad Ebert, Paddy Ryder, Jack Watts, Zak Butters, Ryan Burton, Alipate Carlile and the legendary Russell Ebert! Students learned some skills on the inflatable Specky World, had a kick and catch with the players and an amazing lunch.

We are extremely grateful to Will Northeast, Youth Program Officer, who organised this event that included all the Defence students from schools that have the Defence School Mentor program – there were about 180 students to get organised! Will was well supported by his team at Alberton Oval, and it was quite a treat watching some of the footy players serve lunch to our students! Thank you to the Power Community Limited for fully sponsoring this event. The students loved their day and came home with an amazing ‘show bag’ which included a footy, hat and offer of some free tickets to future games! Thank you to Ms Belinda Noack and Mr Troy Urlichs, Army Chaplain, for coming along.

Mrs Linda DeBoer, Defence School Mentor, One + Campus




Extra-Curricular Sports feature articles and results below:

Sport Report


The next few weeks will see the last rounds of matches before the term break. All Pedare teams continue to represent the College well each week in various competitions.

Both Pedare Middle A and Middle B Basketball teams remain undefeated in their competitions. Benjamin Nairn and Ryan Pallant have been consistent performers for Middle A, while James Fry and Zac Griffiths are having great seasons in Middle B. The finals will begin next week for our Year 7 Basketballers with both teams well positioned to have a shot at winning the competition.

Pedare’s Middle AFLW team have been consistently performing well in their mid-week competition. Rachel Harrison has been dominating in defence and Ally Hynds has been the team’s leading goalkicker so far.

Pedare’s nine Netball teams are continuing to improve in the SADNA competition against some tough opposition. The Intermediates team is so far undefeated, with all girls playing well together. Pedare’s 8/9 and Open Netball squads are preparing for the program’s Inaugural Gold Coast Netball Tour in July. This is a fantastic opportunity for the girls to bond as a group, play against interstate and international teams and strengthen our ever-growing program.

The Boys and Girls Soccer teams have also had a great few weeks. The Senior Girls had their second win in a row (2-1), thanks to two great goals from Marissa Ahmadi, while the boys made it five wins in a row with a strong 4-1 home win in wet and muddy conditions against St Pauls.

Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Go Pedare

Mr Josh Willis – Director of Sport, 6-12





  • U/12 – Pedare vs Radioactive Cheeseballs – Loss 14 – 23
  • U/14 Blue – Pedare vs Athelstone Rebels – Won 29 – 5 (MVP Dylan)
  • U/14 Red – Pedare vs Trinity Taipans – Won 28 – 15 (MVP Dylan)

No other games due to Long Weekend


  • Red 10 – Pedare vs Sacred Heart Blue – Won 88.6 – 88.3 (MVS Holly)


  • AFL Middle Girls – Pedare vs Loreto – Won 28 – 2 (MVP Ally, Brooke, Emma)


  • Sub Junior 1 – Pedare vs Northeast Zodiac 1 – Loss 12 – 23 (MVP Kiera)
  • Sub Junior 2 – Pedare vs Tyndale – Loss 1 – 32 (MVP Charlee)
  • Junior 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 2 – Loss 45 – 62 (MVP Brianna, Onoseje)
  • Junior 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley – Loss 12 – 42 (MVP Jenna, Maya, Izabella)
  • Intermediates – Pedare vs Modbury Hawks 1 – Won 32 – 26
  • KO Netball – Yr 8/9 Girls SPiN Squad vs Charles Campbell, Gleeson, GGHS – Won

No other games due to Long Weekend 


No games due to Long Weekend 



  • U/12 – Pedare vs Prescott Titans – Won 19 – 18
  • U/14 Blue – No Game
  • U/14 Red – No Game
  • Middle A – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won 66 – 7
  • Middle B – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won 20 – 12 (MVP Zac, Max)
  • Middle C – Pedare vs Pembroke 3 – Loss 16 – 24 (MVP Levi, Matthew)
  • Senior 1 – Pedare vs Adelaide High – Won 51 – 35 (MVP Dylan)
  • Senior 2 – Pedare vs Gleeson – Loss 28 – 41 – (MVP Damien, Thomas, Tyler)


  • AFL Pedare 1 – Pedare vs Loreto – Loss 32 – 35 (MVP Whole Team)


  • Sub Junior 1 – No Game
  • Sub Junior 2 – No Game
  • Junior 1 – No Game
  • Junior 2 – No Game
  • Sub Primary 1 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 3 – Won 15 – 6
  • Sub Primary 2 – Pedare vs Hope Valley 3 – Loss 2 – 32
  • Primary 1 – Pedare vs Tea Tree Gully 4 – Loss 2 – 24 (MVP Grace, Imogen, Keeley)
  • Primary 2 – Pedare vs Golden Grove 5 – Won 66 – 7
  • Intermediates – No Game


  • Middle Boys – Pedare vs St Pauls – Won 4 – 1 (MVP Whole Team)
  • Senior Girls – Pedare vs OLSH – Won 2 – 1 (MVP Marissa, Madi, Dimple)
  • Open Boys – Pedare vs Banksia Park – Loss 0 – 3 & Pedare vs Endeavour – Loss 1 – 3




Code Camp July School Holidays


These July holidays Code Camp is returning to Pedare Christian College to teach your child to code, or to help them continue their coding adventure!

Code Camp is a great way to spend time over the holidays as kids have lots of fun with friends while learning important new skills including logic, creativity, problem-solving, app development and game building. It’s fun and engaging, and gets them prepared to take on the digital world of the future.

Tuesday 16 July to Thursday 18 July Pedare Christian College will be hosting Spark and Web Hackers.

Book now to take advantage of the $20 Early Bird discount (automatically applied at checkout when booking before midnight on Sunday May 26)  Bookings can be made via this link:




Winter Warmer Market


On Saturday 10 August the Tea Tree Gully Library will be hosting a Winter Warmer Market from 10:00am – 2:00pm. If you a local crafter, designer or artist who is interested in having a stall at this event, please click here to apply.




Don’t Throw It! Sew It


Turn those pre-loved op shop classics into new and original garments and accessories and know you are contributing to a more sustainable future that challenges Fast Fashion! Your original creations will be showcased in a fashion parade at the upcoming Youth Achievement Awards on 4 September 2019. The program starts in July at the Surrey Downs Community Centre at a cost of $20 for a 8 weeks and is for ages 14 -22 years. Bookings are essential. To view the full program and book: click here 




Tea Tree Gully Anglican


SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)

Meets Friday each week during school term at 7:30pm. Come for a great time of games, friendship and Bible discussion. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953.

Weekly Services – Check out our web site for more details.

Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion.

Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries.

Sunday@6pmYouth, young adult and those young at heart. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.