Pedare - The Vine Newsletter Issue 1 for 2017

The Vine Issue 1 – 2017

February 10, 2017
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Mr Mike Millard


Mr Mike Millard


Welcome Back to 2017
I extend a very warm welcome back to Pedare students, parents and staff for what I hope will be a great year in the life of Pedare and give a special welcome to all new members to the Pedare community. We begin the year in a very positive enrolment picture with some full year levels across the Junior and Middle years, including new students in each of the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

The “Pedare Way” is to be very supportive of new students and I know our existing students will go out of their way to help and support them. This extends beyond the classroom, where we encourage new students to become involved in the many extra-curricular activities on offer. Pedare’s sporting and music programs do help new students establish friends and feel a part of the Pedare community. We want all new students to feel they have the chance to prosper, grow and most importantly excel in their learning at Pedare.

New Staff to Pedare in 2017
Each year we begin with new staff members and it is with great pleasure we welcome the following staff to Pedare:

  • Mr Andrew Whiteman – Head of Middle School
  • Mrs Nicola Fotheringham – Learning Leader Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Mrs Hayley Mayer – English
  • Ms Bianca Cameron – Food Technology
  • Mr Christopher O’Brien – Year 3
  • Ms Libby Aiken – Year 3
  • Ms Xiaoxue (Grace) Liu – Chinese

Developments of the Holiday Break
Over the summer break, several school improvement projects were completed with the key ones being as follows:

  • The Junior School toilets received a full upgrade with new plumbing, tiling and paint work
  • College Administration Entrance and Chapel Foyer areas were fully retiled and painted
  • Year 12 Common Room received a full renovation to create a more open and high quality study and gathering space adjacent to the Wattle Centre
  • Year 3 Classroom renovation to allow for a flexible learning environment.
  • We look forward to a busy “musical” year ahead, with many opportunities to grow the Pedare community.

Mr Randall Pearce


Mr Randall Pearce


On Tuesday 31 January, we welcomed in the new school year with 52 Reception students and 21 new students from Year 1 to Year 5, all of which made up the 303 students who enjoyed their first school day of 2017 in the Junior School. It was wonderful to see the many smiling and excited faces, hearing about their summer adventures and sharing in their hopes and dreams for the new school year.

On the first day, we conducted an assembly with students setting the tone for the year. During this assembly, I shared the following quote, “You make choices and your choice makes you.”

I also shared with the students; with each choice comes a consequence and inquired into how we can all make awesome choices by considering the following question:

  • What do I care about?
  • What’s important to me?
  • What kind of world do I want to live in?
    And most importantly,
  • Do my choices help create that world?… A better world.

So how do we make a better Junior School at Pedare and with this question in mind, we explored the following choices.

  • Manners – Please and Thank You are the two most important words
  • Greeting people with ‘Good Morning’ and giving eye contact
  • Including new students in your games
  • Litter – put your litter in the bin, help by keeping your area clean and tidy
  • Personal appearance – wear your uniform with pride

Over the holidays, much work was completed to improve our surroundings in the Junior School. I personally want to thank the property and grounds team for all their hard work.

This work included four new toilet facilities for students and two for staff and parents, which I am pleased to report have been very well received.

A new lawn was installed at the front of the Junior School, which was only made possible because of the kind donation from Mr Rick Dell’Oro of both loam and turf, many thanks to Rick and the team at Garden Grove and their continued support of Pedare.

The Year 3 classrooms have also had an upgrade, including new furniture, allowing the students to continue their learning within a modern, flexible and funky learning space.

I asked the students to consider all the hard work completed for their benefit and to respect this work by looking after and caring for these as if they were in their own homes.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2017.

Mr Andrew Whiteman


Mr Andrew Whiteman


Welcome back to the school year for 2017. I hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and were able to spend some time with your families and enjoy time away from the school routine. As the new Head of Middle School for Pedare Christian College, I have been looking forward to the first week of school for some time. It was wonderful to see all the smiling and excited students begin and the school really came alive very quickly. There was, as always, some nerves from the new students but it did not take long for them to feel right at home in our wonderful community.

A special welcome to all our new families to Pedare with a particular mention to the families of our Year 6 cohort who join the Middle School for the first time. The strong partnership between the school and family is a key to a successful education and I encourage you all to attend information evenings, the next being the Year 7-9 evening, which will commence in the Chapel on Monday 20 February. These nights offer a chance to be given some introductory information about the College and importantly, meet with your child’s core teachers and speak briefly with them about your child. If you are unable to make the evening, all staff are accessible by email or phone and I encourage you to contact them with any issues relating to your child.

At the opening assembly, I spoke to the Middle School students about setting some goals and defining what it is they want to achieve at school this year. Success means different things for every student, but what we expect is that all students put their best effort into their learning. In Home Groups and through our Communities the students will set some goals that they would like to achieve. I recall a quote stating that “Dreams without goals, are simply dreams, goals are made before you reach the Achievements and are only achieved through consistent effort”. I think this is a good way to look at the school year, not all things will be easy, but satisfaction comes from setting your goals and trying your best to achieve them. I encourage you to look through the Student Planner that students received on the first day. We ask that you sign the Planner each week and communicate with your child about their home learning and progress throughout the week.

Our school motto of ‘Let your Light Shine’ embodies what our community stands for; no matter who you are, everyone is able to put in their best effort. Our goal here at Pedare is to get the best out of each and every individual and I look forward to starting the journey in 2017 and the years ahead. Once again, I am excited about joining the Pedare community and working with you and your sons or daughters to help them achieve success in 2017.

Mrs Gillian Edwards


Mrs Gillian Edwards


Following on from our excellent Year 12 results last year, we are looking forward to continuing success for all our Senior School students in 2017.

The year commenced with a very positive atmosphere. We welcomed the Year 10s to Senior School, the Year 11s to SACE proper and the Year 12s to their final year of secondary schooling.

As in past years, Senior School adopts a particular focus. This year it is to THINK POSITIVE as indicated by the poster below. Students are encouraged to have a positive attitude towards their learning, their involvement in College activities and in their interaction with others. Judging from the smiling faces on Day 1, we are off to a good start.

During the holidays, there has been a lot of work done to renovate the Year 12 Common/Study Room. Whilst we are still waiting for the furniture to arrive shortly, so that students can take up residence, we are very grateful to the maintenance staff for the work they have done to improve the appearance of this area, in keeping with the décor of the Wattle Café. It will provide Year 12s with more adult and flexible social and learning environments.



Thursday 9 February

As is our annual tradition, we celebrated the achievements of the students who achieved an ATAR of 90 or greater. We congratulate these students, some of whom also achieved merits, for all their hard work last year. We also congratulate the Class of 2016 as a whole, as their median ATAR score of 79.1 was the highest achieved since 1998 and reflects their efforts to move their grades from Cs to Bs and Bs to As.

Thank you to Liam Alchin, who spoke with candour and gratitude on behalf of the members of the 90+ Club. He offered valuable advice to the students assembled.

Special congratulations to Ryan Wood for his outstanding achievements as Dux of the College.

We also inducted Sarah Arbery and Oliver Fulcher as the Academic Captains for 2017; a fitting reward for their excellent academic results throughout last year, and the Year 12 Class of 2017 were presented with their badges by Mr Millard.

Very best wishes to all the students, both past and present, as they continue their journey in 2017.

Academic captains 2017

Sarah Arbery and Oliver Fulcher

BROOKLYN Class of 2017

Class of 2017

ELDERGREEN Class of 2017

Class of 2017

GREENWITH Class of 2017

Class of 2017

HILLCOTT Class of 2017

Class of 2017

SURREY Class of 2017

Class of 2017



Thursday 9 February

It was my great pleasure to attend the SACE Merit Ceremony 2017 held at Government House, at which seven of our students received recognition. They were:

Sakura Tatewaki – Japanese
Jordan Stapleton – Workplace Practices
Amelia Combe – Psychology
Hannah Doyle – Research Project & Religion Studies
Benn Shephard – Psychology
Nozhat Hassan – Research Project
Ryan Wood – Chemistry, Physics, & Specialist Mathematics

Ryan was also one of only 25 students to be presented with a Governor of South Australia’s Commendation for Outstanding Achievement in the SACE. He is the first Pedare student to receive this award since the introduction of the new SACE in 2011 and was a most worthy recipient.

Our students presented themselves well, were a credit to the College, and thoroughly deserved this recognition of their hard work last year. It was lovely to be able to share this occasion with justifiably proud parents.

Students who achieved merits and an ATAR of 90 or more and who are now in the 90+ Club for 2016:
Ryan Wood (99.95) – College Dux for 2016
Merits: Physics, Specialist Maths, Chemistry – (Medallion from Royal Australian Chemical Institute), German & Mathematical Studies in Year 11 (Total 5 Merits)- 8 subjects at Stage 2 – all A+, High Distinction in first year German, Governor’s Award for Overall Excellence in SACE
Pathway: B. Engineering (Hons) Chemical (Double Degree), Adelaide University
Nozhat Hassan (98.55)
Merit: Research Project
Pathway: B. Science (Biomedical Science), Adelaide University
Benn Shephard (97.10)
Merit: Psychology
Pathway: B. Health & Medical Science (Advanced), Adelaide University
Hannah Doyle (97.00)
Merits: Research Project, Religion Studies and English Communications in Year 11
Pathway: B Arts (English & Creative Writing), UniSA
Madeline McCandlish (96.65)
Pathway: B. Psychology (Hons), UniSA
William (Billy) Fay (96.15)
B. Laws, Law/Arts (Double Degree), Adelaide University
Matthew Pullin (95.95)
Pathway: B. Mechatronics, Adelaide University
Guergana Sedeva (95.90)
Pathway: B. Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Adelaide University
Rachael Whittington (94.65)
Pathway: B. Podiatry, UniSA
Jasmine Collier (94.40)
Pathway: B. Laws, Law/Commerce (Double Degree), Adelaide University
Melissa Pullinger (93.75)
B. Creative Arts (Drama), Flinders University
Rebekah Morton (93.60)
Pathway: B. Social Work (Hons), UniSA
Amelia Hunt (93.35)
Pathway: B. Occupational Therapy, UniSA
Amelia Combe (93.15)
Merit: Psychology
Pathway: B. Health & Medical Science (Advanced) Majoring in Neuro Science, Adelaide University
Liam Alchin (92.85)
Pathway: B. Engineering (Hons) Pet., Civil & Structural, Adelaide University
Ellen Finley (92.40)
Pathway: B. Psychological Science (Cognitive Neuro Science), UniSA
Madison Simmonds (92.10)
Pathway: B. Engineering (Hons) Mechanical (Double Degree), Adelaide University
Hyemin (Kelly) Yun (91.65)
Pathway: B. Occupational Therapy, UniSA
Chris Zou (90.55)
Pathway: B. Actuarial Studies, ANU Canberra
Courtney Elliott (90.05)
Pathway: B. Occupational Therapy, UniSA

Ryan Governor of SA Com
Sakura Sace Merit 2016

Sakura Tatewaki
Merit – Japanese

Jordan Sace Merit 2016

Jordan Stapleton
Merit – Workplace Practices

Amelia Combe
Merit – Psychology

Hannah Sace Merit 2016

Hannah Doyle
Merits – Research Project & Religion Studies

Benn Sace Merit 2016

Benn Shephard
Merit – Psychology

Nozhat Sace Merit 2016

Nozhat Hassan
Merit – Research Project

Ryan Sace Merit 2016

Ryan Wood
Merits – Chemistry, Physics & Specialist Mathematics

JS SVC Term 1 2017


SEMESTER 1 – 2017

Friday 10 February

On Friday 10 February, the Junior School officially inducted the Student Voice Council for Semester 1 2017. These students have been chosen for their willingness to support and act on behalf of their fellow students They will make a promise to work to make our school community even better and in return we will make a promise to help them in their duties.

Mrs Clifton shared the story of Confucius and Leadership during the Assembly, identifying how good leaders should be kind, good speakers and listeners, be brave and dignified. The mark of a good leader is well balanced with the right amount of all these qualities.

Congratulations to the following students (in order as presented in assembly):

5LP: Ava Hughes, Dylan Shephard-Bayly
5P: Cody Dell’Oro, Tayla Ktisti
4H: Casey Elding, Lorcyn Murdey-Green
4K: Hayden Cluse-Robertson, Mia Ghamraoui
3A: Isaiah Halikias, Yan Fan
3O: Thomas Palmer, Elane Neethling
2B: Emilia Basic, Alec Wallace
2O: Ella Field, Tyson Soraghan
1E: Lily Wallis, Keith Hodgson
1M: Sophie Pullen, Henry Cockburn
RH: Isaac Field, Hannah Schulz
RM: Georgia Lebessis, Alex Johns

JS SVC T1-2017 5LP

Year 5LP

Ava Hughes, Dylan Shephard-Bayly

JS SVC Year 5P T1-2017

Year 5P

Cody Dell’Oro, Tayla Ktisti

JS SVC Year 4H T1-2017

Year 4H

Casey Elding, Lorcyn Murdey-Green

JS SVC Year 4K T1-2017

Year 4K

Hayden Cluse-Robertson, Mia Ghamraoui

JS SVC Year 3A T1-2017

Year 3A

Isaiah Halikias, Yan Fan

JS SVC Year 3O T1-2017

Year 3O

Thomas Palmer, Elane Neethling

JS SVC Year 2B T1-2017

Year 2B

Emilia Basic, Alec Wallace

JS SVC Year 2O T1-2017

Year 2O

Ella Field, Tyson Soraghan

JS SVC Year 1E T1-2017

Year 1E

Lily Wallis, Keith Hodgson

JS SVC Year 1M T1-2017

Year 1M

Sophie Pullen, Henry Cockburn

JS SVC Year RH T1-2017

Year RH

Isaac Field, Hannah Schulz

JS SVC Year RM T1-2017

Year RM

Georgia Lebessis, Alex Johns

SPIN promo 2017


Wednesday 15 February (coming up)

“Assisting students to reach their personal best”

With a long-standing history and association with Netball and the increasing demand and interest for a competitive and integrated netball programme, Pedare has committed to providing a Special Interest Netball Program and has received endorsement as a Netball SA Specialist School.

The Pedare Specialist Program in Netball (SPiN), allows all students to develop specific netball skills whilst maintaining a focus on academic study. It is an integrated educational program focusing on the essential elements of Netball, building towards successful performance across all sports.

For more information regarding SPiN, please join us on Wednesday 15 February, 2017 at 6:00-7:00pm in the Wattle Centre, at the Middle & Senior School.

The launch night is open to all Pedare students from Years 3-12, and their parents / caregivers.

Special guests Fiona Themann from the Adelaide Thunderbirds and Charlotte Veart (Pedare Old Scholar, Class of 2014) from Tango Premiere League will be available on the night for Q & A and to sign autographs.



Liliana Carletti

Special Commendation Dirt TV

Congratulations Liliana Carletti, Year 9, who was presented with a special commendation (writing) from Minister Koutsantonis for her video, ‘Thank you Mining,’ after entering the DirtTV Video Competition in 2016.

The Dirt TV Competition video submission was to create a compelling 2-3 minutes video clip that profiles the benefits that the resources section (mining and energy) bring to society.

Liliana’s video was inspired by the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ when she and her brother Oliver, Year 5, wondered what a world without resources might be like. Liliana said, “We like the movie so much we thought, what would happen if we stopped mining altogether? Would it be like The Hunger Games?”

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Student Achievement

Tamishka Brass – Performance Award

Congratulations to Tamishka Brass, Year 12, who received a High Distinction and the Prize in Voice and Communication, Certificate of Performance at the Awards and Showcase held at Adelaide University last December.


Extra-Curricular Fixtures


Extra-Curricular Fixtures are available on the Pedare App and on the College website.

Click here to view the Extra-Curricular fixtures online

Extra-Curricular Fixtures_web


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Parents are reminded to obey road and parking signs in College car-parks to ensure the safety of all students. We have had recent reports of cars not slowing down near pedestrian crossings and this poses a risk to students. Please slow down near the student crossings and abide by speed limits to ensure student safety; police speed detection devices also monitor these areas from time to time.

Junior School

Further to the re-design of the Junior School car-park late in 2015 to improve traffic flow, parents are reminded to NOT park in the teacher spaces, loading zone and disabled car-parks. Drivers are asked to be patient, drive at the signed speed and look out for children. Do NOT park in the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone and drive to the last park before allowing your child to alight from or enter the car.

Middle and Senior School

As most parents would know, there are two entrances to the campus and traffic should move freely through both. There is a ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone at each entrance, and we ask that parents do not park in these areas to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. If you are using the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zones, please ensure that you move forward into the last park available before allowing your child to exit or enter the car as this allows other cars to park behind you. Those areas marked with yellow lines are ‘no parking’ areas, and parents are asked to respect this for the safety of students and to allow the flow of traffic. Parents should not use car-parks designated for disabled and Rory’s.

Parents can park at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre car-park for their children to walk across the oval to the College; however, are reminded that students should not enter the College along with the driveway to the Child-Care Centre due to safety reason. Access to the College along this driveway is not permitted to parents.

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Marriage Course – TTG Anglican

Each year one of our founding parishes, TTG Anglican, offer the Marriage Course. This well-regarded course is run in a very sensitive and affirming way, respecting the rights of couples to privacy and providing a comfortable and enjoyable setting.

If you’ve been thinking about making a small financial investment in the most important relationship in your life, take a moment to consider the information attached or go to the church link.

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Parenting Toolbox Courses – Clovercrest Baptist Church

For those wanting to learn new strategies and skills for successful parenting, Parenting Toolbox courses are being run at Clovercrest Baptist Church in Terms 1 & 2. Select the course relevant to your stage of parenting and gain valuable insights and encouragement!

Click here for further information.

Our College Chaplain, John Morton, facilitates the 12-18 years course and would be happy to answer any questions you have about these courses.

Round logoAsh Wednesday Service

St Mark’s Anglican Church will hold an Ash Wednesday Service for College staff and families, together with St Mark’s members to be held at Pedare Christian College Chapel on Wednesday 1 March 2017 from 7.30am – 8.00am. Join with others to observe the commencement of Lent, a time when many Christians around the world prepare for Easter with a season of reflection and repentance. The Rev Mark Hawkes will lead the service, which will include Communion and the opportunity to receive the sign of the cross in ash for those who value that tradition.
For more information contact Mr John Morton (College Chaplain) on 8280 1700 or

Dance Images logo



Dance Images

Please note Dance Images will be utilising the Pedare Chapel for Dance lessons commencing this year. For further information on their dance lessons, please click here.

Kids Club at St Mark’s

The Church of St Mark’s is running a fortnightly Kid’s Club Thursday afternoons for primary school age children. Sessions are from 3:30pm-5:00pm at 160 Wynn Vale Drive, Wynn Vale at the cost of $2 per child.
Click here for further information.

Tea Tree Gully Anglican

Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years R-6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and Bible time. Our next kids club is on Friday 3 March from 3:30-5:00pm. The craft this week is making a ‘finger Friend puppets. More info can be downloaded from our web site. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. See for more details or phone Rick on 8264 3736.

SWAT youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7:30pm. Come for great time of games, friendship and Bible discussion. Next meets on Friday 10 February.
We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. See for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953

Weekly ServicesCheck out our web site for more details
Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion
Sunday@10: Family service and children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month
Sunday@6.00pm: Youth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program, but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.


Please click here to visit the College Calendar for a full list of College events

Junior School

  • 15 February 6:00pm – 7:00pm – SPIN Launch Night – College Chapel
  • 16 Febraury 9:00am – 12noon – SAPSASSA Swimming Time Trial Day
  • 17 February 8:50am – 9:20am – Worship  – Blue Gum Hall
  • 17 February 9:30am – 10:30am – Parent Rep/Volunteers Morning Tea  – Blue Gum Hall
  • 24 February 8:50am – 9:20am – Year 2 Assembly – Blue Gum Hall

Middle & Senior

  • 15 February 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Robotics Club
  • 15 February 6:00pm – 7:00pm – SPIN Launch Night – College Chapel
  • 16 February – ALL DAY- Middle & Senior Swimming Carnival
  • 16 February 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Robotics Club
  • 20 February 8:30am – 3:15pm – Grip Leadership Conference
  • 20 February 6:00pm – 7:00pm – Year 7-9 Middle School Parent Information Night
  • 21 February 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Robotics Club
  • 21 February 7:00pm – 9:30pm – Yr 12 Meet The Teacher Evening
  • 22 February 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Robotics Club
  • 22 February 7:30pm – 9:00pm – P & F Committee Meeting
  • 23 February 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Robotics Club