Rory’s Lunches

Pedare uses Rory’s School Lunches to operate and supply the canteen with food. At both Pedare and Rory’s, we believe all students should have access to healthy nutritious food to support their growth and learning. That is why Pedare has an agreement with Rory’s who employ a team of qualified chefs to prepare fresh, delicious and healthy meals.

Because the food is delivered daily, it is not necessary to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life. The food is cooked the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices to boost the flavour of the food. Some students can be fussy about eating healthy foods, so Rory’s incorporate them into their dishes, such as the Napolitana sauce, packed full of veggies and is so delicious students will not notice.

Ready, Set, Go!

Rory’s School Lunches menu complies with the South Australian government’s Right Bite Easy Guide to Food and Drink. It’s a traffic light system:

Green – Green foods can be eaten every day. They include foods that have lean cuts of meat, low fat cheeses or dressings, and are lower in saturated fat and sodium.

Amber – Amber foods are more processed than green foods (they may contain higher levels of fat, sugar and sodium). Parents and students are encouraged to choose carefully from this selection. Amber products should not dominate your choices.

Red – Red foods are highly processed, energy dense and nutrient poor. Remember, red foods are an occasional food, so therefore limit your intake and don’t eat them every day.


Pedare and Rory’s School lunches are excited to launch the new payment app Qkr!  Please note if you have used Qkr! previously, you will be prompted to update your child’s class.
Qkr! by MasterCard is a secure payment app for schools and can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone and iPad or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets.
It is a convenient way to pay for you to order your child’s lunch from the Wattle Cafe using your smart-phone anytime, anywhere.

Please Note: the cut off time each day for placing lunch orders through the Qkr! app is 8:30am.  Food is delivered fresh each day therefore orders after this time are not able to be delivered.

  • Step 1. Download Qkr! – On your Android phone or iPhone. iPad users can download the iPhone app.
  • Step 2. Register  – Select your Country of Residence as ‘Australia’ and follow the steps to register.
  • Step 3. Find our school – Our school will appear in ‘Nearby Locations’ if you’re within 10km’s of our school or search for our school by name.
  • Step 4. Register your child – When first accessing our school you will be prompted to add a student profile for your child/children. This allows you to make orders and payments for them.

Junior School

Pre-ordered lunches for Junior School children are delivered to classrooms at 12:50pm to allow 15 mins in-class eating time before they go out to play.  All Junior School lunch orders must be pre-ordered via the Qkr! App.

  • R – 2 children are unable to access the Wattle Café at recess and lunch time but limited snack items, including drink and ice blocks / ice-creams, can be ordered via Qkr! and delivered to the classroom with lunch orders.
  • Students in Year 3 – 5 can access the Wattle Café at lunchtime only from 1:15pm and purchase snacks and treats including drinks and ice blocks / ice-creams, but lunches must be pre-ordered via Qkr! There will be a designated line for Year 3 – 5 students to enter the Wattle Café, and limited access to some menu items.

Contact details
If you require specific dietary or allergy information please contact the Community Relations Manager, Julie Holland, on 82801700 or email

Middle & Senior School

Middle & Senior School students can pre-order lunches via the Qkr! App and collect their lunch order from the Wattle Cafe or select and purchase from hot and cold options available by self-service.

The Wattle Café is supervised at both recess and lunch and entry monitored and numbers limited to avoid overcrowding.

Important to remember

  • 8:30 am – Pre-order using the Qkr! App

Contact details
If you require specific dietary or allergy information please contact the Community Relations Manager, Julie Holland, on 82801700 or email