Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pedare is committed to providing a safe environment where each child is valued and nurtured. Our wellbeing programme aims to develop students’ potential and promote their social, emotional and behavioural well­being. Various resources and outside agencies support the learning at all levels.

We seek to foster respect for oneself and others, self discipline, self control and cooperation with, and encouragement of others. This promotes a safe environment that is conducive to learning, personal growth and positive self worth.

Each sub­school has a set of behavioural expectations specifically developed to be age appropriate for students and designed to reflect our College core values, which are:

Acceptance & Understanding • Commitment • Community • Compassion • Excellence • Faith • Integrity • Knowledge • Pride • Self Discipline • Self Worth • Service.

These expectations ensure responsible behaviours are modelled and explicitly taught in order to create a safe, respectful environment.

Student and Family Support

Supporting students is integral to our educational philosophy. For this reason the College has a full time Chaplain and a Student Counsellor available for students and their families.

A Defence Transition Mentor is available to assist and support Year 8 to 12 students with one or more parents employed in active service by the Defence Forces.

There is also a comprehensive network of professionals to whom families can be referred if additional support is needed.

Student Leadership

Students have numerous opportunities to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills at the College.

Each year a number of students volunteer to assist new Middle School students settle into the College. Trained as Peer Support Leaders, they help younger students develop improved communication skills, confidence and self esteem within a small group structure.

There are also a variety of leadership positions including College Captains, School Leaders and Community Captains in all three schools, as well as Academic, Arts and Sports Captains. In addition to these positions, various charity fundraising activities are also coordinated by student leaders.

To ensure students can raise issues of concern and develop creative recommendations to improve life at the College, students from each year level are also elected to form the Pedare Student Voice.

Christian Life

Pedare is a mainstream Anglican and Uniting Church school. All students participate in the Christian Life program which is part of the weekly delivery of curriculum. Christian life assists students to develop an understanding of the Christian faith and provides the opportunity to consider the place God has in their lives. This grounding gives students a basis for making informed and considered decisions and assists them to develop a sense of care and compassion for others.

All Pedare staff model the Christian ethos of the College. Daily devotions in Home Groups, classes and Worship sessions led by the College Chaplain support the Christian Life program.

The Community System

Our Community System promotes a sense of belonging for our students. Students who enrol at Pedare join one of five Communities, named after the original farms in the Golden Grove area: Brooklyn, Eldergreen, Greenwith, Hillcott and Surrey.

At the Middle and Senior Schools, the Community System is the core element of the Pastoral Care. Students are placed in vertical Home Groups with Middle School consisting of Year 6/7 and Year 8/9 Home Groups. There are separate Year 10 Home Groups, and vertical Year 11/12 Home Groups. These groupings cater for the specific needs associated with each stage of student development and provide further opportunities for students to build strong relationships and enjoy a safe and nurturing environment.