Devon Clothing

Shop 24 Clovercrest Plaza
429 Montague Road, Modbury North 5092
Phone: 8350 7930

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pam

Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm

Order online at https://onlinestore.devonclothing.com.au/shop-by-school/pedare-college/

Online Order

College Uniforms are now able to be ordered online by clicking on the link below. Payments can be made by credit card securely on-line.

Once ordered, you can arrange for your order to be delivered or picked up at a nominated address or collect from Devon Clothing. Please click on the link below to order on-line or book an appointment for a uniform fitting.

Second-Hand Uniforms

Please visit the Pedare Second-Hand Uniform Buy / Sell Facebook Group. This page is solely to buy and sell pre-loved Pedare uniforms.

Wearing Your Uniform Well

At Pedare, we place a high value on the personal presentation of our students.

Wearing the College uniform engenders a sense of belonging, cohesion and equality, and helps to create a safe environment for learning and personal growth.

When worn correctly, our students demonstrate their commitment to the values and culture of Pedare, as well as pride in their personal appearance.

We expect our students to take their own responsibility for wearing their uniform correctly, together with the support from their families and members of the College staff.

College leadership reserves the right to make final decisions regarding uniforms and grooming.